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The Threads and Powers of 557 over 25 Years

Is it all just chance?  Or is it precise intelligent design?

Was I 'looking for it' ?  Or was I led to find it?   It is up to you what you believe!  You Choose, if only for now.

Certainly just like the man in the street, few journalists are very interested in evidence.  Its all far too complicated, can't be summarised in a couple of paragraphs.  An old reporter said to me in 1988  "You have to write as if its for a ten year old. You won't go far wrong."  The trouble is most reporters today seem to have ended up with the attention span of ten year olds. Its rather like their TV counterparts.  If you can't summarise it in thirty seconds, it doesn't matter.   So far it has taken me 30 years .... and I got a First from Oxford before Oxford devalued the currency of Firsts in the 80s.

See also  The Thread of Coherence 557  on  our earlier 2007 site, Is God Real ?

See also Back in Time DWF 557 Papakura station 7th May 2014  a Code 507 repeat on The Doomsday Enigmas.


557   21.12.88 The Lockerbie air disaster was predicted by code 557 in Advent 1988, just after a.  Second Coming link, our being led to se an Apocalyptic thriller film.  The Seventh Sign, which introduced or rather repeated Code 229 in a slightly different context.
27.11.08 Repeat double 557 prediction code  for Air New Zealand Airbus crash off Perpignan 4:46pm.  Eve of Advent 2008. Second Coming link.  29th anniversary of Air New Zealand's worst ever disaster, Flight TE901 on Mt Erebus 28th Nov 1979.  Erebus - Destiny- Daughters of Erebus - The fates.  Other threads that day link to another big vehicle weighbridge -  Great Balance.  On death all are Judged -  Now Code 446. Code repeated US Air crash on Hudson River NYC 15.2.09
31.5.09 Code 557 again predicts Airbus Crash - No3 Air France 447 South Atlantic
30.6.09 Code 557 again predicts Airbus Crash - No4 - Yemenia 626 off African coast
5570   January 1936 In January, 1936, the LMS Railway in Britain produced a Jubilee class loco with the name New Zealand.  Its number was 5570.  In 1948, it was renumbered 45570. It predicted my future as a trainspotter and my second wife, Jenny, a New Zealander and the woman central to the Second Coming.  Edward VIII came to the throne on 20/1/36.  He is a principal actor on the stage, a critical figure in the Codes of Fate . In February 1936 the magazine Prediction was published.  It was through its 50th anniversary issue in February 1986, that I met Jenny.

On 23rd December 1988 all the British daily papers carried huge spreads about the Lockerbie air disaster.  Only one paper didn't.  It was our local weekly  Scottish borders paper the Hawick News.  It had been printed too soon.  It was edition no 5570













I arrived at Waikato By Products in Tuakau to give an expert opinion on a waste water treatment plant disaster.  That day the docket numbers on the large vehicle weighbridge that is used to record incoming meat waste and outgoing blood and bone meal reached 5570-0, very much an appointed number.  The calibration date of the balance was 21st December, 1996, the 8th anniversary of Lockerbie.  Live update :As I started to type this I must have mis-hit some key and I started to create a link to Waikato By Products at 1.03pm  - a Flight 103 connection??  See Live update at End of this page  For another 557 coincidence link and image of docket see Born Again Christians

The weighbridge symbolises the great balance on which all are Judged on death.

Live update:  I went to that meeting because of a phone call the previous evening, 25the March.  I was meant to be in Tauranga that day for my then current job appraising the Chapel St sewage works.  But Tuakau was almost en-route.  I never got to Tauranga again for another week but instead I got a new client, a job that was to last for the next eight years.  My power meter this morning, 29th July, 2013 read 25397kwh. For more on this new job so closely tied into Easter and the true story of Christ see Mary Magdalen - Easter - NZ



















The final effluent flow-meter at Waikato By Products showed 557,000m3 just before 4pm.  (It is now 5:57:42pm 3rd August, 2013 as I add in the section I had missed. )   Why is that significant?  Because it provides powerful evidence of  destiny and intelligent design over centuries. (5:58:43) In Bram Stoker' s inspired 1903 novel The Jewel of Seven Stars (6:00:13)........This morning I realised I had left out one of the c major 'Powers of 557'.  I come to reorganise this site at just the right time to start adding this missing power at 5:56pm  Now it is.....6:02:57- the times there indicate 'AO' , 'Second Coming', ' example re  Diagrams of Truth') .  Only this morning I wrote a long article about the meaningful coincidences woven over the past few days in 2013, around that important anniversary......... the Great Experiment takes place at 3am in Cornwall when Mr Trelawney at al. attempt to restore to life an ancient Egyptian Queen, dead for 37 centuries.  That novel is as much a foretelling of the future as was Futility the novel by Morgan Robertson , five years earlier which foretold the sinking of the Titanic.  The only difference is that I alone was chosen to witness the bringing back to life of a real Egyptian Queen Ankhsoun pa Aten...in my Chelsea flat, the SW3 one, not the World's End one in SW10.  See Ankhsoun , Daughter of Ra.  But Stoker's original ending is closer to the truth of what is yet to come. 

It is all another page waiting to be typed, or another book chapter waiting to be produced.....was this one of the things of which Ankhsoun spoke in her story of 1986.....that none may know, save one.   But then who really cares about reality or truth, today, or God.  Where is the profit in God?  You can't move in 'Universities' for wretched courses in non-subjects like business studies or media studies.   That's where the punters are and today's universities are like all the rest of today's big businesses, totally money driven.  All that matters in this world is profit and what greedy investors want....more...more...more....ever more for absolutely no effort on their part whatsoever.  Some years ago, my sister summed up the belief system of those people who so control today's world.  "I've worked hard for my money.  Now I expect my money to work hard for me."   You can bet a pound to penny that that quote came from one of her  'investment advisors' .

But however little the world at large cares, fresh threads have been woven in the past month around our local newspapers - The Papakura Courier for instance on 31st July had a photo of a student at  local school who is actually called Nefertiti.  She is named after Ankhsoun's mother from 33 centuries ago .......and the New Zealand Herald had its front page headline for 31st July - The Hand of God in New Zealand Schools.   It was actually an article aimed at trying to eliminate religion in New Zealand's schools..... And it was a woman  by the name of Kara who told me about this local  Nefertiti, who is in her son's class at school.  I met Kara 'by chance' as I tried to delve into the Papakura's past regarding the South Auckland mileposts.... Or was it chance?  And why is Kara significant?   In 1981 a film was made loosely based on The Jewel; of Seven StarsThe Awakening  moved Bram Stoker's to tale to modern day London and various major changes were made to the characters.  The beauty and ingenuity of Bram Stoker's story was lost.  Amongst the many changes was the name of the queen.  Tera became Kara.  ka Ra in Egyptian means 'the soul of Ra....'  By 'chance' On 31st July, 2013 the NZ Herald edition number was 45569.  On 1st August it was 45570.  The reasons are simple.  Its not 'out by one' as at first it seems. Note the 45570 link in the second power of 557 above - 5570

Note the same Waikato By Products connection in the preceding 'Power of 557....55700.  That linked to Easter and Mary Magdalen..  557,000 some four years later, linked to Ankhsoun. 

One final thing to think on:  The Waikato By Products flow meter had to be 557,000m3 on that date at that time in 2001.  In Bram Stokers's book Queen Tera is restored to life.  Seven weeks  after the flow meter read 557000 m3, the War of Terror began.... Think about it - Its the same sound -  Tera...... Terror.......And nuclear war is to come.... the final outcome from the War of Terror... The emphasis now on Down to a Sunless Sea is a chilling pointer to a terrible future for very, very many.































Mars, the red planet, made its closest approach to the earth on this date. The distance was 55.7 million km.  Mars was the Roman god of war.  This approach now warns that God is at war with man.  We are now in the final battle odfg Armegeddon.  It is a battle for control of the earth by good or evil.  It is obvious that evil has almost completely  triumphed when you look at how all that is bad in man holds sway.  Greed, selfishness, deceit and corruption are the cornerstones of both market forces and democracy.  The veneer is thin.  With dictatorships,  there is no need for any veneer at all.  And look at so many of the people , of every race and creed, ...selfishness, deceit, drunken-ness, gambling, promiscuity,  depravity, perversion...Its the new normal.....and the rich are amongst the worst.  Everyone has to be 'tolerant' and 'inclusive' and 'non-judgemental', keeping up with the changing times....But  God does not fit in with man's corrupt rules...That is why that date was also carefully chosen. 

It was 'by chance' the date 'chosen' for Armageddon Day, World War III in the inspired novel by Raymond Leonard. The Nostradamus Inheritance  Nostradamus also figures prominently in The Codes of Fate.  It was my finding that novel in a charity shop in Salisbury -  23/8/91 and reading it soon afterwards, that led to my having the idea to walk from our Paris hotel near Gare St Lazare to Notre Dame Cathedral on the morning of Sunday 17th November, 1991.  We only got as far as the Church of the Madeleine.  We were meant to.  That was the appointed place. That chosen place and date connected, Mary Magdalen, whose spirit had been sent to tell  me the story  of Christ, the first Coming and Ankhsoun pa Aten, whose spirit had been sent to tell me the truth about her father, the Heretic pharaoh, Akhenaten.  He was the man sent by God in the 'generation' before.   

It was not until a year after Jenny had died and Ankhsoun had died for the second time that I was caused to realise that she had in fact been the Second Coming, the only person in human history ever to live twice.  So it all fitted as to why I was asked to read the lesson that morning in that great church warning of the signs which would predict the End of the world - see Mark 13, 24-37.  It was another prophecy of my future, my destiny to spend the next 22 years trying to warn mankind of the reality of God and the imminence of The End.  It has been an exercise in total futility. But God knew it would be.  Now after the Second Coming, all that remains is the final curtain, after the final Hammer of God from space - See The threads of 946 .  Note the most recent warning in February 2013-  'Let there be light'. 

For more 557 threads see 557 The Thread of Coherence.  But these threads are a just a few of so many
Live Update re Waikato by Products l;ink  Human error  vat 1:03pm  Ref Pan Am 103.   But human error ref computers is now regularly linked to the coming nuclear war and especially Code 626, by chance also the flight number of the 4th Airbus crash IY 626  See also Threads of 626


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