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 The Thread of 507-Part 1

 I wrote the basis of these pages on 30th August, 2012, as an email to the partner of my medium friend Paul Edghill.  But I decided it was too long and never sent it.  There seemed no point.  Most people don't read long things.  So I just sent a short note.  But later decided it was a good basis for an article following the thread of 507 as it also illustrates so well the cross-thread repeats...  more at The Background to the Thread of 507 So I expanded it....and kept the original format


Please print this off and show it to Paul. Paul's work is all about hearing voices and seeing visions. My work is about hearing voices and being shown codes and numbers, codes and numbers which both link to the past and predict the future.

At the back of my mind as you were telling me about Paul's latest problem, I had a strong recollection that the number of patients affected in NZ was significant. I remember noticing it when I read the article but I did not know anybody who had an artificial hip, or so I thought. I vaguely remembered that the number was either 557 or 507 I thought the latter more likely.

The First 507
Last night I edited a webpage about the first ever occurrence of code 507 in my life. Koestler and World's End . I got a job with a group of private colleges which ran Law and accountancy courses.  even that was so very appropriate.  ( Thought - Paul Led me to Ric  Greer  - his reference Great Accountant)  .  I moved into the company flat at 507A Kings Road Chelsea SW10, the wrong part, not where the people who matter live.  The Nigellas and the Saatchis live further up King's Road in SW3.  But 507A Kings Road a flat above a shop, is just a couple of blocks down from the world's End pub.  Round the corner is the World's End council estate.   I was actually in the process of editing that Koestler page  it when Paul rang me last night. I had just found some pictures of Worlds End pub signs on Google. I mentioned to Paul about the World's End pub in Chelsea. He remembers it..   But I knew nothing about codes then.  I was just involved in research into Spiritualism, which cones back to Paul, very much a medium chosen to help me understand things about both Spiritualism, mediums, destiny and design.

The Second 507
This morning I wrote an article about the second occurrence of 507, our Egyptair tickets to Egypt, my first ever trip to the Land of Eternity.   We flew out on Egyptair MS778 on 9th October 1986 and back on MS779 on 31st October.  It is curious that since 2006 code 778 has meant 'Official deception' and code 779  has meant 'The truth - the real thing' .  And 31st October came to be linked to the 'Hand of Pharoah's Daughter' .  Our ticket numbers were incredibly significant.   We understood as much about the Codes of Fate then as the rest of you know today, absolutely nothing.  But it was all there recorded, waiting for us to discover it.  We did, when we were meant to.   No one else has shown the slightest interest in 27 years since.  Nobody else cares.  Are they just self-obsessed or intellectually challenged? Or is there almost no-one out there with an enquiring mind.  Is the fascination with zombies in Hollywood now because they are catering for so many?  Are the Androids the users of the smart phones, not just the operating system.  Or are we simply mad?  Mind if we are mad, why does so much evidence suggest we are right?

My ticket number was 077:4213:623:503:5.    Jenny's was   077:4213:623:507:2.  They were made out by two different women, clearly at different times.  The first woman must have been interrupted after doing my ticket.  Was it a call of nature or was she told to go and make coffee for the boss?  Someone else clearly did another totally separate booking next before finishing off ours.  That must be why Jenny's ticket is so far from mine.  But it all pointed to our future, a future about which we didn't have the faintest inkling.  503 is the Code for The Diagrams of Truth  - linked in to Dan Brown's 2000 novel Angels and Demons - but taken far further by my 2007 book The Diagrams of Truth.  Jenny never read either of Brown's novels.  She didn't even see the films.  The da Vinci Code was shown free to air for the first time on  3/8/8.  We had been out to her Uncle Joe's 40th Birthday party  and she wasn't that well by then.  She went to bed when we got home.  I watched the film alone.  It was to be a pointer to my future, struggling on with the codes but with Jenny's death at the heart of them. But was it destiny all ?  Uncle Joe had worked at Waikato By-products as the effluent treatment chemist in 1993, four years before me.  He just wasn't as good at it.  Sometime in 1994 he was replaced by an Auckland firm of consulting engineers, for whom I worked briefly in 1995.  They were still in charge in charge when it all went wrong just before Easter, 1997. And it all linked in to Lockerbie, the Last Judgement and Mary Magdalen  Then I got the job of fixing it.  The coincidences come thick and fast.  Everything is destined, planned, known.  Our book publishing address at the time was PO Box 388 Drury.  And 388 factors to 2.2.97.   The Post shop woman chose it.  It meant nothing to me until later that day at Waikato by Products when the voice said 'Find the factors'. It was 24th April, 2002, the eve of Anzac day, NZ's Remembrance day - a 'Lest we forget - NZ' reference if you like. 

742 is another 'Armageddon Code'
derived from the initial Lockerbie equivalence


557 :  739 Lockerbie
558 :  740 Nuclear disaster/ Egypt/death/Muslim World
559 :  741 Prophecy - Gulf war
600  : 742 The Six o' Clock Bus - A Guide to Armageddon
The sequence 557 - 558 - 559 although initially in space changes over to time for 600. ( Then 742 re-emerged strongly in March 2013 in connection with 'The lost symbol of 62666 and then with the crash of Asiana flight 214, a Boeing 777 registration  number HK7742 destroyed in landing badly at San Francisco after a flight from Seoul on 6th July, 2013)

Jenny's ticket was 507 the code for World's End.  That is because she was the 'medium ' for the Second coming.  Through her, the Lost Queen of egypt was restored to life.  Her spirit had been sent to me through Jenny in a trance between 8th and 30th June 1986.  But she came 'fully' in mid- July 1986 in a chosen place that authenticated her coming very precisely.  And the Second Coming heralds the End of the world.  Thats why it was Jenny's ticket long before either of us knew anything about codes.  And for 23 years I only saw Ankhsoun's presence in my life as incredibly powerful proof of both life after death and the existence of God.  It was far better proof than any medium had ever before managed to obtain.   But it was not until April 2010, over a year after Jenny and Ankhsoun's death that I was caused to put it all together.  Only then did I realise she had been the Second Coming, the only person in Human history to live twice ... and die twice, the second time with rather less trauma. 

It was almost exactly three months earlier that had found the tickets on 27th January 2010.  I hadn't seen them for many years.  I was clearing up and found them with a beautiful card Jenny and Ankhsoun had sent me.  That made me feel so very sad.  But the tickets showed that everything is as God intends, as Ra intends.  Was it just chance that 27th January was the only day in my life I ever missed.  We left London on 26th January and went back in time to Los Angeles.  Then flying over the Dateline it became 28th January.  So the 27th January, 1995 never existed for me. We were on our way to New Zealand when we emigrated here.

A while later, I noticed that 27th January started to be promoted as Jewish Holocaust Memorial day.  ( But on 2nd May 2013 I suddenly found a copy of Trinity's Child and began to read it, It was the second nuclear war book - WWIII - emphasised to me in the space of five months.  Down to a Sunless Sea had been emphasised first on 12/12/12.   Trinity's Child ends as the B52 on its last legs crosses the dateline at the equator... North and south and both zero, where "yesterday becomes tomorrow and today does not exist'  Was that 1995 journey intended to imply that Isreal will be a key element in the coming nuclear war, as it is in Down to a Sunless Sea.) 

The Third 507  - The Diagrams of Truth
As I finished writing the article about our Egyptair tickets, the idea came to me to add another third webpage about the third occurrence of 507 but then I realised that is on the Internet already. So I will adapt it to make the pattern clearer.  That third occurrence was strongly linked to 9/11 and the fall of the Twin Towers, the prophecy of its occurrence coming nine years in advance, when I managed a  sewage works at what purported to be an RAF base in England, the US Air Force spy station RAF Chicksands. I originally wrote Koestler & World's End page on 11th September 2007, the sixth anniversary of 9/11.  But on closer inspection, I find that that 9-11 prophecy article does not go into detail about Code 507 although its occurrence  is discussed The Diagrams of Truth, the second book I gave Paul to read.  Our Voice of God website  summarises part of that book . I gave it to him before he went to Christchurch the first time but he has not got round to reading it. That book explains the meaning of the third 507.

RAF Chicksands, the American Spy Station is at a most significant cross-roads.  It is as though it was chosen so many decades ago, long before the American military saw Britain as its Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier.  It is at the junction of the A507 with the A600, where  World's End meets Armageddon.

This is taken from an old 1986 map. The roads are very different now.  Chicksands had an access from both the A507 and the A600.  I used both.  It doesn't show the Elephant cage Antenna, a Stonehenge in steel which the Americans used to spy on everybody, friend and foe alike. 
Its all gone now, turned into washing machines or Japanese cars.  Thought they lost the war?  Perhaps they are just more competent or less lazy.  ( Nothing changes though as Edward Snowden's recent revelations have made clear.  Only the technology gets ever more clever and the webs of evil more all-enveloping.)

The current road layout  from Google maps shows how the road layout has completely changed  The 'crossroads' has gone.  But perhaps the new sign is significant too.  The A600 now forms almost a triangular form. 
Suddenly I see a vision of the road layout which then becomes ca radiation symbol.....

It was 12:35 am on 30th July when I had that vision.  Perhaps it was a crossroads before 9/11.

But after the American's chose everything is inevitable.  But then, more and more I am led to see that it has long been so, at least since the Manhattan Project was conceived.

 That was why I was given the Chicksands job in the first place, even though I dislike all militaries....I had to see the real power behind the 'British Throne' and given the prophecy codes for 9/11,  exactly nine years in advance And after 9/11 the British chose most unwisely to play their usual role of loyal and unquestioning lapdog. But perhaps they daren't do anything else. It was all another indication of the reality of Britain's 'independence' from Uncle Sam.   Afghanistan, Iraq and back to Afghanistan  and all in a mere 12 years.....How time flies when you are enjoying yourself. 

Now 600 just collides with 507.  There is no crossing.

Suddenly I realise it is a Mercedes sign - Another Code 558 - Dianas death prophecy crossed with Muslim World. 3:03am 30.7.13.   557 to 558 perhaps... Lockerbie to Mecca again??

Mercedes Badge
This current map from Streetmap uk gives a clearer comparison with the original 1986 map. It shows how the road layout has completely changed, by-passing Shefford.  But perhaps I had to look at Google first to get the kinks that mattered.  And is Google et al, Facebook etc not involved with the latest incarnation of the spying network of which Chicksands and its FLR once played such a vital part?
This map shows the site. It was really very attractive with water features.  Its just what was done there that was unattractive. I don't expect the British spies there now are any better.  Deceit is their trade too.

There is Chicksands Priory complete with ghost.  When I was there I was aware of spirits linking to my mind on a number of occasions.

When I look at my book The Diagrams of Truth, it seems very powerful in places.  There is a lot of evidence to support my conclusions. But then I happen to be interested in the subject and I don't have a very brief attention span.  But perhaps the book is just too hard for most people to follow.  It was only intended as a short summary book to put across the idea of the interconnectedness of  disasters.  In September, 2006,   'The Voice' just told me to 'Write' exactly as Robert Brown, a well-known English medium had told me to do on 18th July 1999, at South Auckland Spiritualist Church.   He told me 'it was a message from Spirit' .  In September, 2006, I didn't even know what I was supposed to write.  At the start, I only knew of the Lockerbie- Mecca connections... Then as I wrote so much more came - I saw the pattern of the four disasters, Lockerbie- Mecca- 9/11 and Columbia -the Four Jigsaws as I came to call them. And the subsequent four more interconnected disasters of four Airbus crashes over just seven months in 2008 and 2009 prove my hypothesis completely.  What is more those events further connect across to Spiritualism and life after death. 

 I gave Paul's Pakuranga  'seance-organising' friend Colin  a copy of The Diagrams of Truth  on  Good Friday, 2012 when we met at 3pm.  He chose the time.  It seemed appropriate.  We agreed on the appalling state of Spiritualism in the so-called churches.  The 'evidence of survival' is very thin on the ground.  But it doesn't seem to bother most of the 'congregations' who probably see it as no more than a social occasion... the Spiritualist version of "lovely service, vicar".   But to my dismay, later on,  Colin began to tell me of his belief in The Maitreya as the Second Coming.  I thought most people had dismissed Benjamin Creme and his claims of the 'about to be revealed' Maitreya  at least a decade before.  We had been to one of the Creme's very commercially oriented lectures in central London in 1990.  We  weren't impressed at all.  But there was no shortage of money to produce the many publications for sale to 'the Faithful' , patiently awaiting their coming 'Messiah'.

But it only went from bad to worse.  Colin explained to me how Maitreya was a kind of Chairman of the Board of Ascended Masters.  The only other one who wasn't actually an alien was Jesus.  This was a completely new angle.  There were no aliens mentioned in 1990.  But I suppose Hollywood has moved on and the 'religious movements' with it.  Where do they get it  all this from?  Is it 'Spirit' or the internet?  And where is the external evidence to authenticate any of it?  I tried to raise the matter of evidence with both Colin and his Dutch friend, who appeared to have a keen interest in it all.  "We are not bothered about evidence" they said.  "Its all a matter of whether it feels right."  I just shook my head in disbelief. 

A few days later in our next phone conversation Colin  claimed to have read the copy of The Diagrams of Truth.  I asked him for his general conclusions.  He said he would discuss it when we next met at his monthly Sunday gathering.   He didn't.  One of his followers, Denise, seemed to have read the book.   It seemed very much the right time as she had just finished reading Angels and Demons a few weeks earlier.  She said she found my book fascinating. But she did not seem to want to discuss it further.   Certainly people like Colin are one  reason why Code 507 is emphasised with ever increasing frequency.  It was Paul who linked me to Colin in the first place, doubtless for my education.  He was meant to. 

On balance, perhaps my book is possibly a little hard to read.  But if people don't want to make the effort its up to them.  I know I did exactly what 'the Voice' told me and events unfolded around the book as I wrote it. It was originally intended just as short book so that I could send it to America for the minimum $3 10mm thick, A5 envelope rate . Once you start having to pay $30 postage  to send a full book it becomes hopeless. I have given copies for  review The Diagrams of Truth to quite a number of people over the years. I tried without success to promote it at the Frankfurt book fair in October 2007. But all I got in Frankfurt were more very powerful signs I am right.  It is curious that now in 2012 New Zealand is the guest of honour at the Frankfurt book fair. You could read my website page about that too if you are interested  NZ & the Frankfurt book fair  Just after Frankfurt I sent review copies to various newspapers but naturally its far too hard for journalists to understand, takes effort.  That was another exercise in Futility

The thread of 507 continues at The Thread of 507-2a  30th July 2013 which begins at the 4th 507.

But there is a different version covering other aspects of the thread of 507 at The Thread of 507-2b 14th October 2013 which also begins at the 4th 507, but has a different emphasis and goes in other directions showing the weaving in of the thread of 507 to the thread of 946.

And there is then a follow on The Thread of 507-3


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