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 The Thread of 507 part 2b  14th/15th October 2013

This page is best read after The Background to the 507 thread and The 507 thread part 1  It covers the 4th and 5th 507s but differently from The Thread of 507 Part 2a.  It is better read after Part 2a

The Fourth 507
And I only met Paul because of being referred to him in a coded manner by another medium Pan AmPam (Inspiration in Dragon for you there - the name I said was hammer. There it goes again another very relevant mistake by Dragon. It does not seem to be able to cope with a very simple name Pam. Palace (another incredibly significant error.) But Pam did not understand the coded reference that she gave me during her reading on 17th August, 2010, itself d229/10. However, now, I as I type this I see another connection to the theme of this paper. Her name too represents a uniquely New Zealand connection. It has a particular significance only in New Zealand, for Pam's is the 'own brand' name of the supermarket chain New World. And that is what this whole story is about - the warnings of a New World - one in which there will be no people.  ( but on 19th May 2013 came a very strong message specifically for Paul outside the New World supermarket.....)

Then  the Christchurch earthquakes further proved that everything I said in that book was correct. And I met Paul just before that first Christchurch earthquake. He was a key part of that particular prophecy code sequence, the fourth major occurrence of code 507.  It was 5:07pm when I arrived at the Manurewa Spiritualist church where I met him for the first time on 22nd August 2010. This time 507 was the time code, 946 the Prophecy code, that Cassandra puzzle piece coming via another Spiritualist medium Pam Hobbs, who also gave me a cryptic clue that she didn't understand, but which I decoded.  that piece led me to Paul on that day.  

On that visit, Paul came to me almost at the start of his clairvoyance. It is very unusual for mediums to come to me at all, because most most mediums are hopeless. They always stay miles away from me. Only good mediums seem able to come to me and they are few and far between. Paul came to me saying "I want to come to the man with the beard and the camera". That was fairly definitive. He told me that I was writing a book.

He was quite surprised when I told him I had written 14 but the reason I come that night was because his name was important in one of the books. That book follows the railway thread of destiny through 53 years of my life. ( Edgehill is most important in connection with 'The Impossible Princess') That took him by surprise. 

Then this painter and decorator started talking to me about atomic structure and my work back in Oxford, not that he knew where it was or iondeed the first thing about atoms.  But something did!!!

Paul's surname , together with his message to me in the Spiritualist Church that night was responsible for a vision that came to me the very next morning. My vision was of 'the Last Days and the Impossible Princess'. It it turned out to be was another predictive code for that first Christchurch earthquake on 4th September, some two weeks later, itself a powerful sign of the coming End of the World.  It was the Hammer of God for Godlesszone ie New Zealand.

When I first I had a private reading from Paul (26th August 2010)  I swapped him a copy of the first two thirds of that book for the reading. It was only the first two thirds of it because I was still editing it. He actually read that book. He even mentioned it in one of the services that I attended later at Milford church in December, 2010.

And that railway book which links to Paul that now ends with 507, on a railway engine (6th time of 507) a sequence which was also begun by Paul.

The Fifth 507
This fifth 507 began with Paul on another occasion at Manurewa Church on 28th November 2011.  It was Advent Sunday and the exact anniversary of the crash of the first Airbus at Perpignan.  That was predicted by twop 557 codes in the New Zealand herald which I saw 16 hours before the crash of the Air New Zealand Airbus.  It was a precise prophecy code.  2times 557,  2x557, is 1114.   And that is Paul's phone number 02 1114 2002.  Its all destiny and design.  It is just like in in Touch where phone numbers somehow connect to prophecy of events, as in Ep1.2 code 5296.  But my work is not fiction.  When Paul rang to suggest meeting me at Manurewa that afternoon, I had just copied an old photocopy I had just found.  It was a sheaf of $100  dollar notes from ten years ago which of course bear the image of Lord Rutherford.  That confirmed for me that somehow the information Paul gave me about atomic structure on our first meeting in September 2010 came from the spirit of New Zealand's greatest ever scientist.

The medium at Manurewa that night was Rick Greer another Englishman, who like me also came hailed Lancashire.  He was of a similar vintage too.  He gave a talk about coincidence and went on to discuss about a novel,  The Celestine Prophecy.  Unwittingly, he began my own Celestine Prophecy Journey around the Glanbrooke vintage railway over the next six weeks which both looked back to Lockerbie in 1988 and forward to the World's End soon to come.  But now the Lockerbie code of 557 had been changed to 946 - the Hammer of God...back to Pam Hobbs who had first led me unknowingly to Paul. 

That Celestine Prophecy Journey led me to buy some British Railway magazines.  In one of them on 18th December I found another conjunction of 946 and 507.  It was in a new painting by Philip D Hawkins.

Odd the time I find this image is 12:21am on 15th October 2013.  12.21 is Lockerbie in American dating and 15th October is the date of the first successful prophecy in Knowing, after Professor Koestler partly Cracks the Lucinda code.  The plane crashes just outside Boston

I clicked on View image button to see if I could get better clarity especially of the clock which is important I do get a bigger picture but it is still not sharp enough viz:

So I wondered if there was a better shot in the Gallery on his site

Immediately, at the top  I found Summer Saturday at Snow Hill.  It is a wonderfully evocative scene of a station I knew quite well but not at trhat time on a Saturday morning.  We started out from Manchester after all, and had to travel via Wolverhampton.

But then my eye was drawn to the time  on my computer now .  The clock showed 1229. I clicked to bring up  Date and Time Box And there it was the time on my clock at 1229am in 15th October on the picture with the loco 5070 about to depart on the Cornishman with the station clock showing 9:46 pm.  So was I not meant to get round to finishing off  these last instances of 507 till now. 

(My power meter reading now is 26665kWh.  I suddenly remember when Cassie Hare's phone number was on my water meter. Let there be light See later The Sixth 507 Inspiration.  It really is all about Knowing.

I cut out the the centre of the picture to show better the loco number and  the station clock and then find I have selected an image exactly 449 pixels wide. 

449 is Jenny and Ankhsouns's death and destiny number.  And they are at the heart of the whole Glenbrook Vintage Railway experience focussed on the 'Second Coming' of the A4 4492, Dominion of New Zealand in England during 2011.  And the time is now 1250am, the GVR JA No 1250 is named Diana, my cab ride on 8th January, 2012 after the scheduled loco WW 644 was failed with mechanical problems. .  

When I saw the image in the magazine on 18th December, 2011, it was sharper than this.  You can see the top of the numbers.  It is obviously a GWR Castle so it has to be 507x.  It carries an 84A shed plate so it was from Wolverhampton Stafford Rd shed, a place we always visited on our trips to the midlands.  5070 was Sir Daniel Gooch, an early CME of the GWR.  My locoshed book1955 eliminated 5078 and 5079 so it had to be 5070.  Then I saw the clock at 9:46am.  The Cornisman was scheduled to depart at 9:50 for Penzance carrying all the excited holidaymakers in the days of my youth when very few people in Britain had cars. I think it was better that way. 

And this was the number that had started off my Glenbrooke Vintage Railway Celestine Prophecy Journey, where I was led from one person to another, each one of whom unwittingly gave me clues to the next stage.  But that was the big difference from the original novel where all the clue-givers are wiser than the 'pilgrim' on his journey of revelation.  My clue-givers understood nothing.  And even when I ventured to try to explain a deeper meaning in it all to two of them on widely separated occasions, they didn't really want to know.  They were happy to talk about trains or play trains.  And that was it. 

But be that as it may, on Friday 2nd December, on my way to deliver to Rick Greer a bound copy of his autobiography that I had produced, I had travelled to Waiuku  by a roundabout route.  The Voice had said 'Go via the Railway'.  The link was Mary Magdalen and something curious Rick had said in his biography.   There on the platform at Glenbrooke was an NZR version of exactly the same kind of painting from a similar era but far across the seas.  The poster Holidays by Train showed a streamlined Ka No 946.

The Sixth 507
Rick Greer lived a long way from Manurewa, down by the coast at Waiuku.  He had to  of course, to start off my Celestine Prophecy Railway Journey.  But Waiuku featured again in a very significant occasion because on 1st January 2012 a breakdown at Waiuku led to an old diesel being substituted for the failed steam engine on a Glenbrook Vintage Railway Train.  And I first saw the broken-down steam loco from the Z petrol station as I bought a pie and a paper.  It was most appropriate The Z station... the end of the line for man.   The old diesel had a cast brass number plate showing GVR 8  but the rest of the small print said FORMERLY NZGR DE 507.  Was the No 8 God's little joke, a reference to the genius of New Zealanders who in better times past used to be able to do anything with No8 fencing wire... perhaps anything but save the world.  The GVR acquired that loco in February 1988. 

Then later Rick Greer's surname was echoed with the tragic death of Lianne Greer also linked to the Hammer of God at Lion Rock Piha, in October 2012.  It is all about the Chosen ones and Paul seems to link very significantly in the Codes of Fate.

The Seventh 507
The next 507 came in March 2012 in the phone number of Morton's media group who publish Heritage Railways and The Railway Magazine.  I advertised the book in both magazines.  The phone number for the advertising department was 01507 529411.   But one day the sales manager Carol was away and Cassie Hare had to try to answer my query.  The email quoted her direct dial line 01507 529467 .

Carol did ring me the next day and I did get a discount.  I was doubtful of the value of the advert but the codes told me I should place it in both magazines.  Only much later did I realise that Cassie was probably short for Cassandra.  But when I rang back to check she had left the company.  So was that another link to the Cassandra calendar which ends with the conjunction of 646 with 507, the final asteroid impact which really does bring the World's End.  It did appear and there were more coincidences but in the end as ever was another wasted $250, but I have no doubt that God knew it would be. I do not have that much money I just seem to have enough to manage. I can just about survive an NZ super. But God has looked after Jenny and me since 1986 in our unusual lifestyle. He just currently looks after Jenny in a different dimension of space and time.

Yes it really is all about railways. That is why my train book is called Predestination, abc or A-Z, a Trainspotters Guide to Destiny

The Eighth 507

And now here is the eighth occurrence of 507 and another link to Paul

Now when I look at these two hip-replacement web page links which I have given you below, I notice that the first reference to 507 patients occurred on 14th March 2012. That was the day of my email from Cassie Hare.  And it was on 17th March 2012 at the Rail Enthusiasts Weekend at Glenbrook Vintage Railway that I got my first photographs of the engine DE 507 in its original guise with the proper replica DE 507 number plate. That was the engine at the end of my Celestine Prophecy journey on New Year's Day 2012 which Paul began on Advent Sunday 2011. But on that day, first time I ever saw DE 507 it was masquerading as No.8. You can only see 507 in the small print on the cast brass cabside plate. That GVR Celestine Prophecy Journey is summarised few chapters I have added to the end of my railway book.   But really the full story is another book.  Its mainly written The question is whether any of it will ever be typed.

Most people it seems are like you. They just to get on with their lives and not worry about complicated things. But some are much worse.  Some unpleasant English trainspotter put up a webpage mocking my advertisement and having digs about where I went to school. They just want to play trains. They are not happy to just get on with their own lives. They have to mock other people who say things they either do not understand or fear.

But I have to follow the signs the numbers and listen to the Voice just as Paul listens to the voices he hears. I do it because I am a scientist, and because not to carry on would be a betrayal of Jenny in any case. I know that I can trust the Voice which is more than I can say for people given my experiences since 1984. God took away the only person I could trust three and a half years ago. I still struggle to come to terms with that. But Jenny's death too is concerned with 507. It was the number on her Egypt Air ticket that I wrote about at the start. That was there years before I understood the meaning of code 507. I never even realised that until I discovered the ticket eight months after she died. God was putting that their to show that everything in our lives has been destined. I was always meant to teach people. The problem is finding anybody who wants to learn.

Tell Paul that the thing I wrote this morning about this second occurrence of 507 was all to do with my first ever trip to Egypt. That link is very much to what he told me last night.

And is it not strange that I get the idea to check for that article on the morning he has the appointment with the specialist to see about having the poisonous hip replaced. I know you do not want to think about these things as you told me last night. But it is my purpose in life to at least explain to the people who do want to know what it is all about. And it would seem to link to Paul's purpose in life too.

My apologies for writing at such length in this e-mail. I certainly did not intend to write more than a couple of lines. I have to get on with improving the websites. It is curious that you were brought up as an Anglican because so was I.   Paul is very much a dyed in the wool spiritualist but I am in between the two.  I do not like the Anglican Church today but I do not like much of what goes on in Spiritualism either. You do not have to take any notice of anything I have said. Just please print it off for Paul and let him read it. He can give me a ring if he wants to. If not I will just carry on as I always do.   God had a purpose in my writing all of this to you. If nothing else, it helped me for it reminded me of the whole sequence of eight 507s -  Perhaps that was the real purpose of it. I'll add a 507 codes page to the website



PS here is the book cover complete with the DE507 cabside plate, which I first photographed on 17th March, 2012 three days after that first Herald article about those problems with these artificial hips and the 507 who had been fitted with them in New Zealand.

Here are the Google search results that prompted this email, originally intended as a couple of lines. I have highlighted the 507s in red.

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Hip patients: Why weren't we told? - National - NZ Herald News
17 Mar 2012 Faulty hip joint patient Sanda Lawton believes she may never be able to ... The problem is that artificial hips, breast implants and other devices which ... But Cohen says the dangers arising from metal toxins escaping into the ...

Kiwi victims of failed hip joints target UK manufacturer - National ...

14 Mar 2012 Hundreds of Kiwi patients have had surgery to replace the failed coblat and chrome metal hip ... Worldwide 93,000 people were implanted with the hip, 507 in New ... the ASR has since been linked to loosening of the joint, toxic levels of ... when he discovered that his faulty artificial hip joint could be the ...

All pain, no gain for hip patients - National - NZ Herald News

23 Jul 2011 With Australia reporting toxic readings of cobalt and chromium in some recipients of the ... is made of cobalt chrome metal) the New Zealand failure rate may well rise. ... Worldwide, 93,000 of these artificial hips have been implanted. ... The 507 Kiwis implanted with the problematic ASR hips make up a small ...

Now as I finish this I find the power meter readfing is 26666kWh.  As much of t
his article revolves around Spiritualiosm I can only conclude that it is a warning abiut that.  I will elaborate on it elsewhere but it relates to more coincidences woven around Paul on 19th May, 1st June, 4th June and 1st September 2013.   See Destiny and Paul Edghill - More warnings about  Spritualism.  My eye is drawn to the time now.  It is 2:26am on 15th October, 2013, the time of Ra.

And just this morning  I remember A Ninth 507 courtesy of the Fat Controller at the Glenbrook Valley Railway on the Thomas the Tank engine weekend.  Frank was the next person on my Celestine Prophecy railway journey.  Hints of the Ninth insight.  Is that what God intended?  But the Celestine Prophecy is a work of fiction.   Mine is not.  But there are elements of inspiration in Redfield's book.... And it did link to the Election of Pope Francis.  But thenm so did the fat contrller... see The Threads of 507 part 3

I am about to add a date and time after typing in Just this morning.  I check the time.  It is 5:57 on the clock.  I quickly highlight the words and bring up the Date and Time box, It shows 5:57:40.  I was right about Lockerbie and I am right about nuclear disaster soon to come Code 740/558.

After typing that top paragraph I do another date and time screen - 6:00:14

That is either DoNZ +1 ie too late - the Second Coming or Silver Link ... the thread of fate...take your pick.  I know I am right but I have yet to convince another single soul.  But it doesn't really matter.  The future is already recorded in the Books of Life in the Scio Library.  God reveals to us as much as we need to know.  Take it or leave it. I saw the computer clock was 6:04 pm I brought up the DT Bos It showed 6:04:41.  The Voice said (Do 6:04:46. that is what awaits one and all. )

By the time I got back to Frontpage the DT Box showed 6:05:04.  I did 6:05:07 After all that where it all began in 1985 and where it all will end nearly 30 years later on Palm Sunday, 2015.  These 507 pages began with that thread at World's End in 1985.  It seems appropriate to end with the reference to the Ninth Insight  at 6:05:07 here in New Zealand at the World's End.

6:15:49pm 15th October, 2013.  It really is all about Knowing!!!



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