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The Thread of 507 part 2a  30th/31st July 2013

This page is best read after The Background to the 507 thread and The 507 thread part 1.  It covers the 4th and 5th 507s but differently from The Thread of 507 Part 2b.  It is better read before Part 2b

The Fourth 507- .......Writing Another Book. 
Then  came the Christchurch earthquakes further proving that everything I said in that book was correct. And I met Paul just before that first Christchurch earthquake. He was a key part of that particular prophecy code sequence, the fourth major occurrence of code 507.  This time 507 was the time code, 946 the Prophecy code, the Cassandra puzzle piece coming via another Spiritualist medium Pam Hobbs, who also gave me a cryptic clue that she didn't understand, but which I decoded.  it was during a private reading on  17th August, 2010, itself day 229/10.   She just asked me if the name Randwick meant anything.   Yes I said but I didn't explain.  Mediums are supposed to tell you things.  Its not a Q&A session. To me the word referred to the Spiritualist church at Manurewa, held in the Randwick Park Community centre.  Its the nearest Spiritualist church to the hospice where Jenny died. 

However, now, as I type this I see another connection to the theme of this paper. Her name too represents a uniquely New Zealand connection. It has a particular significance only in New Zealand, for Pam's is the 'own brand' name of the supermarket chain New World. And that is what this whole story is about - the warnings of a New World - one in which there will be no people.  Rev 20,1  I  beheld a new heaven and a new earth...for the former things had passed away.

Later that day I looked at the churches' speaker's list and saw the meeting the following Sunday, 22nd August,  would be taken by Paul Edgehill.  The name surprised me.  It linked me directly  back to 1961 and my 'Impossible Princess'  train-spotting experience in Manchester.  So it seemed to have gone from one cryptic clue to another.  That 1961 experience in Manchester in essence predicted my future in 1986, my connection to come with Egypt.  The Voice told me to go and see how Paul got on in the service. 

I remember now that my watch shoed 5:07pm as I walked up the path to the church.  Almost at the start of the demonstration (of survival)  Paul came to me.   It is very unusual for mediums to come to me because most mediums are hopeless. They always stay miles away from me.  Only good mediums seem able to come to me and they are few and far between. And no one ever manages to give me any evidence of survival.  All they can manage is a knowledge about me and what I do or have done.  And so it was with Paul.  He said... "I want to come to the man with the beard and  the camera". That was fairly definitive. He then told me that I was writing a book.

He was quite surprised when I told him I had written 14 but the reason I had come that night was because his name was important in one of the books. That took him by surprise.  When, a few days later,  I had private reading from Paul (26th August 2010), instead of paying a fee,   I swapped him a copy of the first two thirds of that book .  The Voice always tells me its wrong to pay.  It was only the first two thirds of it because I was still editing it. He actually read that book and  even mentioned the astonishing trains of coincidences recounted in it at a  service that I attended at Milford church in December, 2010. That book is Predestination, abc or A-Z, A Trainspotter's Guide to Destiny. This book follows the threads of fate through 53 years of my life, all woven around railways.

The next morning, 23rd August, 2010, I awoke with a vision.  It was a picture from an old train book I had rescued from a Gateshead library rubbish bin c1979.  I had.t seen it since we left England in 1995.  It is in a box somewhere.  But I could see an image so very clearly.  It could have been just yesterday that I saw the book..... On the very last page is photograph of 'The Impossible Princess' being cut-up at Crewe Works, the very place where she had been born 27 years earlier.  The Last Days of the Impossible Princess said the Voice.  Then it was repeated...The Last Days and The Impossible Princess.  That image was now being linked to the End of the World, triggered by my meeting Paul the night before.  I felt I needed to get a copy of the book.  But I knew neither its title nor author.  But some words came into my mind and those 'odd scraps' together with an internet search led me to locate a copy in North Wales.

It was finally en route to me as the first earthquake struck Christchurch on 4th September, 2010.  The book arrived on 7th September.  That earthquake came 508 days after Jenny died.  Why was it not 507 I wondered?  On Monday, 6th September I was led to crack that code too.  508 is 507+1... The message is 'Its too late.  Nothing can save man now'.    The earth hadn't moved in Christchurch in 16,000 years.  When it did, it was correct to the very fit precisely into the Codes of Fate.  And via my being pointed to Paul through Pam , a meeting coded first 946 on 15th August, then 229 on 17th August,  'The Impossible Princess' was linked into World's End.  Christchurch is just one of the dozens of disasters which are intended to point the way  to Doomsday. But there were lots of other links in that first Christchurch disaster, Cassandra jigsaw puzzle pieces   put in place during my visit in January, 2010.

But then came Christchurch earthquake II on 22nd February, 2011.  It was much worse.  The Cathedral was badly damaged and the tower destroyed.   181 people died. But that Christchurch earthquake pointed to the next disaster 18 days later in Japan, the Apocalyptic 3in! disaster , with its clear message contradicting the Dean of Christchurch and its High Priestess.  And Paul has been right in that first message he gave to me at Manurewa on 22nd August.  I was indeed writing a book .... a new book.  It was about the Christchurch and Japan disasters,  the complex web of the threads of fate woven before during and after these events.  But I was writing another book after that and Paul was at the start of that thread also.

 The Fifth 507 and the Second Coming
From the start, it had been clear that Paul was another of the 'chosen ones', but next  there came another...... Rick Greer

And there came another book also, another railway book, a kind of Celestine Prophecy Train Journey.  Again it began with Paul.  He phoned me on the afternoon of  27th November 2011. It was the anniversary of the crash of the Air New Zealand Airbus off Perpignan, as well as being Advent Sunday.  That first Airbus crash was predicted by two 557 codes the afternoon before on the front page of  the New Zealand Herald Business news.  Paul had rung me to tell me he was coming over to my bit of Auckland.   He suggested we could meet at the Manurewa Spiritualist church.  Its only about 7km from where I live but nearly 50km from where he lives on North Shore.  He was coming  to hear Rick Greer  take the service.  I never quite found out why he felt he should come so far to hear Greer.  But perhaps he was just 'sent by spirit' to begin my latest 'Journey'. 

I had only seen Greer perform once - at Golden Light on 31st May, 2009, the day of the third Airbus crash, Air France flight 447.  The altar lamps there have a strong link to the Jewel of Seven Stars.  And the golden light very much echoes Ankhsoun's first experience of death, 33 centuries ago.  That plane crash had been predicted by two '557' codes on 27th May, woven around the film Knowing.   The very same day I had a long chat with a TV producer about spiritualism.  He was making a short programme item and wanted to interview me.   The last signals from AF447 came at 1114pm on 31.5.09.  1114 is 2x557, echoing the 2x557 codes which predicted the disaster.  But those last signals were automatic calls from the plane's dying computer.  I was strongly reminded of HAL in Arthur C Clarke's story   2001 A Space Odyssey. 

Is it not powerful proof of destiny and design that that My Celestine Prophecy Railway journey began with that phone call from Paul when his phone number is 0211142002.    You have 1114, the last message from 'Hal'  on the doomed plane AF447 predicted by two more 557s and 2002   2001+1  ie again too late   a warning about the role of computers and their errors being key elements in the World's End sequences.  So there are coincidences in real phone numbers too, just as in the fictional TV series - See Touch.   Perhaps the final proof of external design was to be seen in Rick Greer's address during that spiritualist church service, before his demonstration.  He suddenly began to spoke of coincidence and in particular referred to that 1994 novel by  ....................The Celestine Prophecy.  It was clearly an inspired address.  The words were put into his mind by 'spirit'  or God, to be more accurate because God knew that the next six weeks of my life would be filled by my very own brand new Celestine Prophecy journey written around railways. 

Over the next six weeks, I was led from one person to another to another each one giving me threads of fate and links to the next person.  But unlike in the 1994, book no one in the real world had the faintest idea they were part of a complex web of destiny.  They wouldn't have been interested anyway, as I soon found when I tried to broaden the conversation with a couple of them.  I found no 'wise, connected souls'.   In time I was led to be in Waiuku, where Rick Greer actually lives, a long way from Manurewa on New Year's Day 2012.  Unwittingly,  had 'led me' via Easter, Mary Magdalen, the Glenbrook Vintage Railway , and Code 946 again to a breakdown of the steam engine opposite the Z petrol station at the end of the line.  It was all most symbolic.  For it is now the End of the line for man.  The diesel engine sent to rescue that failed train was number DE507.   And now Rick Greer works as an Undertaker.......

By now I had another book.......So Paul was doubly right when he told me  on 22nd August 2010 at Manurewa 'You are writing a book' .  He was referring to both past and future, but neither I nor he knewit.  But God did. He says its 'spirit' but I know better. It was God, because only God really knows the future.  Is it just chance that that second book began on Advent Sunday with Paul's phone call which led me to Manurewa and Rick Greer.  Advent is a time when the Christian Church remembers the birth of Christ, but also looks forward to the Second Coming.  Jenny died at the Soth Auckland Hospice in Manurewa and Ankhsoun died for the second time. And her being the  Second Coming, written around railways is the central element in my Celestine Prophecy Railway Journey. 

 The Sixth 507
and in the phone number of the English magazine in which I advertised the book. ( 6th time 507). It was another wasted $250, but I have no doubt that God knew it would be. I do not have that much money I just seem to have enough to manage. I can just about survive an NZ super. But God has looked after Jenny and me since 1986 in our unusual lifestyle. He just currently looks after Jenny in a different dimension of space and time.

Yes it really is all about railways. That is why my train book is called Predestination ABC or A-Z? A Trainspotters Guide to Destiny.

The Seventh 507
And now here in the seventh occurrence of 507 is  Paul again with his toxic hip replacement, one of 507 New Zealanders whose blood is being poisoned by high levels of cobalt and chromium.

Now when I look at these two hip-replacement web page links which I have given you below, I notice that the first reference to 507 patients occurred on 14th March 2012. It was on 17th March 2012 at the Rail Enthusiasts Weekend at Glenbrook Vintage Railway that I got my first photographs of the engine DE 507 in its original guise. That was the engine at the end of my Celestine Prophecy journey on New Year's Day 2012 which Paul began on Advent Sunday 2011. But on that day, first time I ever saw DE 507 it was masquerading as No.8. You can only see 507 in the small print on the cast brass cabside plate. That is discussed in a few summary chapters I have added to the end of my railway book.

Most people it seems are like you. They just to get on with their lives and not worry about complicated things. But some are much worse. Some unpleasant English trainspotter put up a webpage mocking my advertisement and having digs about where I went to school. They are not happy to just get on with their own lives. They have to mock other people who say things they either do not understand or fear.

But I have to follow the signs the numbers and listen to the Voice just as Paul listens to the voices. I do it because I am a scientist, and because not to carry on would be a betrayal of Jenny in any case. I know that I can trust the voice which is more than I can say for people given my experiences since 1984. God took away the only person I could trust three and a half years ago. I still struggle to come to terms with that. But Jenny's death too is concerned with 507. It was the number on her Egypt Air ticket that I wrote about this morning. That was there years before I understood the meaning of code 507. I never even realised that until I discovered the ticket eight months after she died. God was putting their to show that everything in our lives has been destined. I was always meant to teach people. The problem is finding anybody who wants to learn.

Tell Paul that the thing I wrote this morning about this second occurrence of 507 was all to do with my first ever trip to Egypt. That link is very much to what he told me last night.

And is it not strange that I get the idea to check for that article on the morning he has the appointment with the specialist to see about having the poisonous hip replaced. I know you do not want to think about these things as you told me last night. But it is my purpose in life to at least explain to the people who do want to know what it is all about. And it would seem to link to Paul's purpose in life.

My apologies for writing at such length in this e-mail. I certainly did not intend to write more than a couple of lines. I have to get on with improving the websites. It is curious that you were brought up as an Anglican because so was I. Paul is very much a dyed in the wool spiritualist but I am in between. I do not like the Anglican Church today but I do not like much of what goes on in spiritualism either. You do not have to take any notice of anything I have said. Just please print it off for Paul and let him read it. He can give me a ring if he wants to. If not I will just carry on as I always do. God had a purpose in my writing all of this to you. If nothing else, it helped mefor it reminded me of the whole sequence of seven 507s - The Seventh Sign being echoed perhaps. Perhaps that was the real purpose of it. I'll add six more 507 pages to the website



PS here is the book cover complete with the DE507 cabside plate, which I first photographed on 17th March, 2012 three days after that first Herald article about those problems with these artificial hips and the 507 who had been fitted with them in New Zealand.

Here are the Google search results that prompted this email, originally intended as a couple of lines. I have highlighted the 507s in red.

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Hip patients: Why weren't we told? - National - NZ Herald News

17 Mar 2012 Faulty hip joint patient Sanda Lawton believes she may never be able to ... The problem is that artificial hips, breast implants and other devices which ... But Cohen says the dangers arising from metal toxins escaping into the ...

Kiwi victims of failed hip joints target UK manufacturer - National ...

14 Mar 2012 Hundreds of Kiwi patients have had surgery to replace the failed coblat and chrome metal hip ... Worldwide 93,000 people were implanted with the hip, 507 in New ... the ASR has since been linked to loosening of the joint, toxic levels of ... when he discovered that his faulty artificial hip joint could be the ...

All pain, no gain for hip patients - National - NZ Herald News

23 Jul 2011 With Australia reporting toxic readings of cobalt and chromium in some recipients of the ... is made of cobalt chrome metal) the New Zealand failure rate may well rise. ... Worldwide, 93,000 of these artificial hips have been implanted. ... The 507 Kiwis implanted with the problematic ASR hips make up a small ...


An Eighth 507 - The Great Experiment...

Tonight before I reached the t-junction at the end of my road, my car mileage change to 257507, a doubly significant sequence conveying Destiny and Worlds End.  But it was on the night of The Great Experiment, the restoring to life of an Egyptian Queen, Bram Stoker's inspired 1903 novel which in essence predicts the Second Coming.  I look at the clock 12:05 on 31st July I bring up Date and Time box and hit print screen as quickly as i can without having time to look.  It shows 12:05:58 .  "God in heaven" was my reaction.   558 was  the code for our only ever Amarna trip. We reached Akhetaten on 27th June, 1990.  Tonight New world Cinderlla Honey   etc Ankhsoun She really was the Second coming.  Everything I do is precisely planned Ra.

After insertion of that Pr Scr 12:11pm

Hearing the J  and Lest we forget  An echo back to 28th October and my experiences around Newmarket station and Auckland Central , confirmation that  I really do hear Jenny's voice still - and a reminder that man has forgotten God, particularly in New Zealand - hence the Christchurch earthquakes - the Hammers of God for New Zealand so closely tied so closely tied in to the deaths of Jenny and Ankhsoun

Then I expand the text ending with the words  everything precisely planned by Ra The time is 12:15:04.  Code 504 is the one that connects Mary Magdalen and Ankhsoun the two spirits of women from far back inh antiquity sent to me to prove that God is real, that therereally is life after death and that Ra, Elohim and God are one and the same.  Below is the full text.

And when I save the screen to Word it is now Doc226   226 the code for Ra I first understood on that very trip to Akhetaten together with the coincidence code for 'my son'.



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