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The Threads of 7th October

In Down to a Sunless Sea World War III begins on 7th October, 1985

A Second 7th October
And on 7th October 2013 a strange coincidence left the NZ Foreign Minister facing a Near Death Experience as his plane tried to Land at McMurdo Base in Antarctica just like Flight AB626 in Down to a Sunless Sea...  But that was only one of a number of 7th October threads which have been brought to my attention since I was first caused to re-discover Down to A Sunless Sea on 12/12/12. 

A Third 7th October
Just last night, 7th May 2014 ( 5.07.14 in US dating - note the World's End Code 507( See The Thread of 507)  I found another significant 7th October element .  I re-published the revised and updated version of The End Times Herald on Sunday, 7th October, 2012.  I was reminded of that just minutes ago when I went to print off a significant screen.  It was this one 

A Fourth 7th October
Later that very same day 7th October 2012 a new Provost was sworn in at my old college in Oxford, Worcester College. He was the 13th Provost as a recent college magazine informed just days ago.  And he will be the last.  It is most fitting as No13 is so important in the Codes of Fate.   I discovered that account of the inauguration of the New Provost  in the Worcester College Yearbook which also arrived on 12th December, 2012, a little later in the morning.  The swearing in takes place in the college chapel just before Evensong

At this point the Voice told me to finish this later.  It was getting late for a meal.  I glanced at the clock. It shows 7:06pm - Code 706 Crede signo - Believe in the sign - Manchester 19/3/06- Another of the Signs on Buses...But this is a message in Latin and I was about to speak of the swearing in, which is in Latin...which I know from my experience in 1966 on the exact equivalent Sunday, the start of Michaelmas term.

From my Worcester days I knew there is a strong link to God in the Provost's seat.  That convinced me on that very first day, 12/12/12 that Down to Sunless Sea was more than just an ordinary novel.  Some people expected the world to end on 21/12/12.  But I always knew they were wrong.  They were focussing on the wrong civilisation for a start.

And is it really just chance that Oxford University crest consists of an open book set on the side by the Seven Seals of the Last - the Seven trumpets of the Last Judgement.  (See Oxford and the Last Days) Four trumpets are shown in side view here and three looking  into the mouths of the trumpets.

Oxford figures significantly in the Codes of Fate.  Just like me , Margaret Thatcher read chemistry, but  some twenty years before.  But she found dealing with truth too difficult so she changed from chemistry to law and became a politician.  Tony Blair never was much concerned with truth and read law at Oxford before becoming a politician.  And now there is David Cameron, not for nothing known as  Dodgy Dave, but a man with strangely significant links to Cornwall..... He has changed Oxford more than either Thatcher or Blair with his 'austerity' measures re student fees.  Still it won't affect young people from his background, just young people from mine.
A Fifth 7th October
And was it just chance that my first day back at Bury Grammar School in 1964 was 7th October.  I had been in Oxford for two days for an admission interview for a place to read chemistry.  I had been offered a place at St Catherine's College just based on my A-level results, the only person in the school to achieve that  in any subject.  But they still wanted me to do the Open Scholarship exam in December 1964.  As a result of my exam performance, I was then awarded an Open Scholarship - but it was at Worcester College instead.  However,  I can see now why I had to be at Worcester, because of Worcester's past or rather the college that preceded Worcester on that site. Gloucester College was one of the earliest foundations in Oxford, but as it was finance by the monasteries of England,  it came to ruin with the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539.

A Sixth 7th October
And there has been another critical 7th October in the past two months - viz Briar Lobb, a young New Zealand woman who died from cervical cancer in February 2014.   She proved by her life and her death that Jenny was right not to trust the doctors.  At 25, Briar Lobb trusted the false gods, did everything she was told and was declared 'cured' in January 2013.  She was dead within thirteen months.  At 53,  Jenny didn't trust the false gods.  They had a very bad track record.  She trusted the signs,  her feelings and the Voice I heard much more strongly than she did. She lived for another eight and a half years  until the time God had appointed.

I went to Briar Lobb's memorial service in Auckland on 19th February.  Was it chance that the New Zealand Herald that day got its edition number wrong.  It should have been No 45742 which 'by chance' was the last Jubilee - a sign of the coming End for man.  But 742 is also in  itself an Armageddon 'derived' code.  But for the second day running the NZH carried 45741. That was the correct code for 18th February, the 28th Anniversary of the very day I met jenny at the Wembley Exhibition Centre in 1986.  Everything would seem to have been planned almost to the second, certainly in our lives and in so many other lives which have crossed our paths one way or another.

Briar Lobb was an artist and Event Planner by trade.  Her Memorial service was the last event she planned.  At that service I caused to realise that in her 'managing' of that event she also proved I was right.  For although Briar Lobb was an Event Planner, her whole life and death would seem to have been an event planned by the Great Event Planner.  She was another prize example of an actress on the stage.  She was born on 7th October, 1986.  I gleaned that information from the large image of her projected in the main aisle of the St Matthew in the City church.  The screen and behind it all the projection and electronic amplifier gear completely obscured the view of the high altar.  And after the service I saw much more....

For that particular Church links very specifically into the Erebus Disaster and hence Down to a Sunless Sea.. And through it all comes the incredibly strong theme of destiny manifest.

She would seem to have been another Chosen One, just like Daniel Lado, the codes of destiny manifest in both his birth and his death.  See The Parable of Lion Rock  and Actors on a Stage

And then there was the Embalmer, Marissa Deadman and also another young woman, Cassandra at Mitre 10, the last 'sign' for MH370, just over 24 hours before 227 passengers checked in expecting a flight to Peking.  Instead they got a flight to carry them to Judgement - God's Judgement. Those words came to me.  Then I realised they were an echo of the words Pan Am Captain Bruce McQuarrie spoke to me through Jenny in a trance, just after Christmas in 1988.  He was the Captain on Pan Am 103 and died at Lockerbie on 21st December, 1988.

For the few,  flight MH370 was the beginning of a journey to the stars.  For the many it was the beginning of a descent into Hell.  But then 2014 is not that  different from in the time of Christ, just worse, if anything.  Nearly 2000 years ago Christ warned 'Narrow is the gate that leadeth unto life; few enter in thereat.'

And the theme of Judgement and World's End have been very prominent in the code elements surrounding the loss of MH370.  And its final apparent route could not lie closer to  flight AB626 in Down to a Sunless Sea.  For both flights the final bearing was very close to 180.

And now comes another Live Update, another hologram to prove I am doing everything at the time appointed. The codes 946 (Hammer of God) , 797 (Down to a Sunless Sea)  and 666 ( The number of the Devil and a number which links very powerfully to Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Tony Blair) were prominent with MH370 from the very start. Just now I was about to link into the Marissa Deadman and Cassandra pages on The Apocalypse 2015 Blog.  I switched to that checked the Marissa Deadman file name and the Cassandra Mitre 10 page.  Then I glanced at the clock.  It showed 9:45pm on 8th May - Code 508 Too late.

Then I went back to the page Header and did another Print Screen

It shows the clock at 9:46:02.  That's the Hammer of God - 946 -and the Diagrams of Truth - 602 Then I went back to the page where I had to insert the links.  See also The Thread of 946

Marissa Deadman is a young woman who works as an embalmer at Fountains undertakers in Papakura, South Auckland .  She was at the heart of earliest clue to the loss of MH370 on 7th November, 2013.  Everything is already written in the Codes of Fate, a vast library, beyond space and time.  I am given glimpses in a coded manner. That is the only explanation that fits all the evidence. 

But you can believe what you please.

Both Tony Blair and George Bush believe they are 'Good Guys'.  But those beliefs do not make them so.  In fact the evidence rather flies in the face of such comfortable beliefs.

8th May, 2014 11:05pm  Code 508


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