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Message Codes in Newspapers
Its almost like a language for spies.  Once spies put ads in the personal columns of the times.  Only the intended recipient could understand the information.  It seems that very much with me now.   It is as if there are message codes in newspapers for me to understand.  But no one else can.

In January 1991 the Daily Telegraph mad a mistake two Mondays running with its masthead edition number.  I postulated it was an error intended for me, exactly analagous to the DDay crosswords which carried the top-secret D Day code names.  I used the error to calculate when the Gulf war would start. It was all based on my postulating a progresson from Lockerbie 557 through Mecca 558 to what must now be 559.  And it was.  The Kegworth air disaster then gave me a supplementary cross reference in time.   It was my first successful prophecy. The story is given in our first ever book -1991 - Enigmas of Space and Time -70pp

The icing on the cake came with my discovery that on the day the Gulf War began, 17th January, 1991, exactly according to my codes, the International Herald Tribune carried two different front pages, but both Edition Number 33557.  And now I see that as not just Lockerbie 557 but where it will all end up after the Gulf War, 9/11 and the American wars of revenge in Afghanistan and Iraq, the latter in particular since tied in to nuclear war to come. For now 23 years on, 33 has a very specific meaning.   It is the death toll of the 3rd event in the 2009 End of the World codes film Knowing.  Like the first four Airbus crashes, that film was woven around Jenny's death.   33 is a mistake made by a dyslexic child.  It is written backwards ie it is really EE.. the final death toll is Everyone Else.   It is only a film isn't it.  What relevance can it have to reality?  The answer is a surprising amount.  See Knowing and The Codes in Knowing.

Another example of a significant newspaper edition code was Le Monde on 16th November, 1991 the day we arrived in Paris after the Yanks had first produced their trumped-up charges against the Libyan 'Lockerbie bombers'.  The Le Monde Edition number contained the Lockerbie prophecy code number 557 . It was edition No 14557.  Now a live update Coincidence as I insert that link.  See also The Lesson at The Madeleine




Note the time  5:57:03 tonight 8th May, 2014- Code 508. 

Lockerbie is 55º7'N.  Pan Am 103 crashed at 7:03pm on 21st December, 1988.  I didn't set out to do this page at all today.   I found an error on one page. It led me to Nuclear war, Down to a Sunless Sea and here... at just the right time.  The prophecy codes are right about Lockerbie.  I'm sure they are too about nuclear war coming. 


And now it is 5:57:30  5730 is a code for Ocean  echoed recently by a broken down train on 7th April 2014, linked to 45626 below and the disappearance of MH370

Then there was the Edition number of The Australian on Saturday, 12th May, 1995, my 48th birtday. It was No9557.  Jenny and I had flown to Brisbane for a conference at Bond University.  We flew Malaysian Airline for the first and only time.  Now Malaysian Airlines is at the heart of a crucial enigma in the End Times - with the vanishing of MH370, so clearly predicted by the Cassandra codes.  As for Bond, well just over two years later, James Bond, 007 was a key part of the clues predicting the murder of princess Diana exactly 14 days before the 'Royal Warrant was executed' you might say.

Its all about codes and there's more of James Bond and nuclear war but this is one neither he nor his less talented real life counterparts can prevent See Nuclear war cometh.  But MH370 has a very curious link to this theme via Down to a Sunless Sea

Then there was The NZH Edition number re Anders Breivik with its stark message echoed by the rainbow outside over Porchester Road when I bought that edition No 44943 on 25/07/11.  You All Must Die

And look at edition 45570 - the LMS Jubilee called NEW ZEALAND ( 5570 such a key number in the threads of fate)  on 1st August was woven around the Fonterra botulism botch-up ' Fonterra so well rencapsulates the evils of big business and it was so neatly woven into the Perpignan Airbus crash in turn  timed so closely to the melamine poisoned milk scandal.  On 1st August they hadn't quite got round to admitting it...

There had been a another significant  confirmation  link to my edition code theories on 20th September when the New Zealand Herald edition number was 45613. That section of the Jubilee class was named after countries of the Empire, from days before ‘Empire’ became a dirty word, particularly under Mister B Liar under whom the disaster which is  multiculturalism really made  Britain truly Grate.  45613 just happened to carry the name KENYA. Is it really just chance that the murderous thugs of al shabaab went on their killing rampage in the Kenya shopping complex paying homage to their false god the very next day. And what kind of sick doctrine is it that teaches that mowing down men, women and children gets you to heaven? Its really just gives them a certainty of hell.  They are certain to fail the Judgement.  And there is probably a shortage of virgins in Hell  too, so its bad news all the way for these Muslim heroes. Islam has too many deceitful teachers, euphemistically called 'clerics'.

But it is all a sign of the End Times, that everything is known, everything is orchestrated, warning that we really do live in the Latter Days. And so much of it is woven around my life here in New Zealand, at the World's End you might say. But perhaps I am here because I listen to the Voice and I take notice of the signs which the real God gives.

And is it  just chance that the New Zealand Herald on Saturday 5th October 2013 was edition number 45626. However by a quirk of various re-formattings over the last decade, the Weekend Herald alone now never carries an  edition number. But who cares? That is a summary of the New Zealand character. She will be right.........So many self-centred people in two small islands at the World’s End. Drive in Auckland if you want to see some of the most selfish driving on earth. New Zealanders are the world's biggest losers. That was the very clear message from the America's Cup over the past 10 days. It was so clear as the wind went from too strong to too light, then too strong again, then from the ‘wrong direction’, that God was playing fun and games with both Oracle and Emirates. But that is a different thread which I do not propose to pursue at this point. The thing to notice is that the webs of fate are strongly woven around New Zealand in these Latter Days for man upon the Earth.

So you can only tell Saturday's paper is edition 45626 because Friday 4th October carries the printed number 45625 and Monday 7th 45627. But it is all destiny-in the coincidences - in the codes - in the numbers - in the ever-increasing complexity of the threads in the webs of fate. By coincidence 45626 is a Jubilee, an ex-LMS steam locomotive which used to run in England when I was a young train spotter in the late 1950s.

Why does 45626 matter then?  Well 626 is a critical code repeated again and again now warning of nuclear war soon to come.  In Down to a Sunless Sea World War III begins on 7th October, 1985.  And on 7th October a strange coincidence left the NZ Foreign Minister facing a Near Death Experience as his plane tried to Land at McMurdo Base in Antarctica just like Flight AB626 in Down to a Sunless Sea...  But that was only one of a number of 7th October threads which have been brought to my attention since I was first caused to re-discover Down to A Sunless Sea on 12/12/12. 

I went to Briar Lobb's memorial service in Auckland on 19th February. Just like Jenny, she died of cervical cancer.  There were so many parallels.   Was it chance that the New Zealand Herald that day got its edition number wrong.  It should have been No 45742 which 'by chance' was the last Jubilee - a sign of the coming End for man.  But 742 is also in  itself an Armageddon 'derived' code.  But for the second day running the NZH carried 45741. That was the correct code for 18th February, the 28th Anniversary of the very day I met jenny at the Wembley Exhibition Centre in 1986.  Everything would seem to have been planned almost to the second, certainly in our lives and in so many other lives which have crossed our paths one way or another.

Briar Lobb was an artist and Event Planner by trade.  Her Memorial service was the last event she planned.  At that service I caused to realise that in her 'managing' of that event she also proved I was right.  For although Briar Lobb was an Event Planner, her whole life and death would seem to have been an event planned by the Great Event Planner.  She was another prize example of an actress on the stage.  She was born on 7th October, 1986.

And that particular Church links very specifically into the Erebus Disaster and hence Down to a Sunless Sea.. And through it all comes the incredibly strong theme of destiny manifest.

And then there was a most interesting NZH edition number on 21st November, 2013.  It was 45666.  Was it really chance or was it a clear indication that too much of today's pop music is indeed the Devil's own. For it was the day of the NZ Music Awards. Lots of groups/bands dress entirely in black and have satanic, foul or aggressive lyrics, if you can work out the words at all that is.  Lorde is another one who loves all things black.  But her chosen name also mocks God and/or  Christ. That was probably its intention.   That day was Lorde's first great triumph.  Is she not another New Zealand-based sign of the End. - See Lorde - 666 - and the Devil's music.  Is she another 'Chosen One'.  Is that why she has done so well with that  tedious repetetive song called Royals which would be most kindly described as tuneless, tied to a video which is less than inspiring?  But a strange coincidence on 14th December, 2013, as well as clearly showing her preferred allegiance, linked her very clearly into the real Royals and especially death.

9th May, 2014 12:21am Enigma Day


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