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This page started out with my needing to add something I thought of ages ago, a brief summary of the codes.  I needed to refer to code why Code 448 was Knowing the IMdb file reference.  May as well do the full code list I thought.  But then ideas kept coming as if to emphasise that there is far more to the Coders of Fate than just the number codes.  They are but a part of it.    Read the following page to see how this developed today.

Over the years Jenny and I tried to teach people about the codes and all the other elements that daily proved we were right.  But it was an exercise in Futility.  Nobody ever could be bothered to listen even, let alone learn.  Everyone was so very busy with their important little lives.

The table below is very much a simplified codebook.  I have been led to compile the full version over 30 years.  The full index exists in only one place.... which is my mind.  It is the way God intended it to be.  He has taught me to read.  I see something...out in the street, by an airport, railway station or a shopping car park or on the news on the internet or in newspaper paper... Suddenly I see where it all fits ..... in a vast jigsaw puzzle, an enormous web of destiny.  There are so many cross  connections.

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But my mind contains only a tiny fragment of the whole.  That exists only in the mind of the Creator of Space and Time.  The best representation of that vast mind is William Blake's brilliant vision..The Ancient of Days.  That was a key clue in the Cassandra cross word puzzle which predicted MH17

However a word of warning.  You cannot just apply these codes in your own life.  They have a direct meaning for only the people intended.... You have to derive and validate your own codes if there are any.  In any case God speaks to different people according to their ways. 


I am a scientist.  Numbers , the results of my chemical experiments showed me the truth about the system I was investigating long before I knew anything about God's codes.  It was as if it was all a long training programme.  Even now, at 67, I don't claim to have all the answers.  I just have more of the right answers than anybody else in this world.

It  is like a language for spies. Meaningful coincidences are the modern hieroglyphics, a real sacred writing for the digital era.  That is the true meaning of my school motto - sanctas clavis fores aperit - Bury Grammar School Lancashire.  Meaningful coincidence is that 'sacred key'    sanctas clavis,,, indeed

But you could think of it in terms of Dan Brown's first inspired novel Angels and Demons which is by far his best.  Our webs of destiny are a real version of his Diagrams of Truth.  And meaningful coincidence is his 'lingua pura' . I wondered what the time was. The clock showed 9:10pm.  The Voice said "Do 9:11"  I was too slow "Bugger I thought I got 9:11:01.  The I realised I was meant to That was the code which caused professor Koestler to crack the codes in Knowing. That 9:11:01 screen is shown below.

I derived this image from a copy of the painting Jenny found in a junk shop on the night which brought Thatcher's downfall in November.  Her finding it happened to prophesy the result of the leadership contest. So will fall all of the agents of 666 in God's good time. I created it for trhe home page of our Voice of God website which proved that 911 was the Hammer of God for America.  But the Americans did not learn the lessson that God intended from 911.  The result is the terrible mess the world is in today.
 Funny how 2013 was the year of Rosetta too, the little comet chasing spacecraft.  Everything is designed to fit together now.

Only the intended recipient understands,  There is no Enigma machine to crack the Enigma Codes of Destiny.   God reveals what he chooses to those He has chosen.  You can choose to learn about the reality of the codes in world events.  But that is as far as it goes.  When I gave my paper Problems with Probability at a symposium in Auckland in August 1995, one smart psychology professor, the next speaker,  then at the University of Auckland, remarked about worrying if he got on Flight 557 after hearing my presentation.  Its all psychologists are good for..cracking jokes at things they cannot begin to comprehend, that do not fit into their simplistic theories, their own crude belief systems.. 

Is it God's little joke that he is now a Fellow of my old college in Oxford... Wolfson College, I saw his name in the recent College Record for 2014.  And Wolfson's charity registration number is 1141446 

The numbers translate as follows: 

Disaster (4144) x Judgement on death for all  (446)


 I long ago saw why I had to do my first degree at Worcester.  It was for the connections of its predecessor Gloucester College to William Tyndale and his translation of the Bible into English.  Gloucester College was destroyed by the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539.  Its source of funding vanished.  In my first year at Worcester, I was allocated rooms in Pump Quad.  It is part of the old buildings which still survived from Gloucester College. 

Did I have to have this direct link to William Tyndale?   Banned and burned by the Church,  his Bibles were printed in Germany and smuggled into England, in the late 1520s part of the smuggling chain being via Gloucester College. 21 years after I first went up to Oxford, I discovered that it was my destiny in April 1986 to be given the true story of Christ via the spirit of Mary Magdalen.  She was sent to me, via Jenny in a trance, in what was very much an appointed place at an appointed time. Mary gave me a New Testament in ENGLISH. 

But even the date I was offered a place at Oxford echoed Tyndale's execution. It was the 429th Anniversary of his death, not that I realised that for 40 years. Everything is neatly planned....

And then the Tyndale anniversary death codes repeated in New Zealand. See William Tyndale, Oxford and Destiny    The connections to Tyndale could not have been clearer.  I am convinced it cannot possibly be just chance.  It has to be design.  But this is another element.  You see there is far more to the codes of fate than merely the code numbers.

But the purpose of doing my second degree, my DPhil at Wolfson puzzled me.  It wasn't even a proper college back then in 1969. They gave me a Senior Scholarship.  That was the main reason I went.  Then in 2012 having never heard a thing from Wolfson in 37 years, I was amazed to get a college yearbook in the post here in New Zealand.  Worcester had been sending me them for the better part of two decades. 

The answer to my puzzle was in that Wolfson Yearbook  Amongst other things, Wolfson College had been established to cater for disciplines not well-regarded in the university, things like agriculture and forestry.  You can't get anything less well-regarded in the University than the study of the paranormal or its ability to tell us things in fields where conventional science fails dismally.  It was a kind of prediction of my future.  Of course the Wolfson of 2015 is very different from that of 1969, 20 graduate students and miscellaneous fellows in a house at 60 Banbury Rd.  The College was in the very early stages of planning.  I was even on the Building Committee at one point, as well as the Social Committee.  I see so many threads of destiny now threaded through my life over half a century. 

2015 marks 50 years since I went up to Oxford.  My matriculation ceremony was on 12th October, 1965.  By coincidence the film Knowing begins on 12th October 2009 with an MIT professor looking at Saturn trying to make his young son wonder.  I have only ever once seen the rings of Saturn.  Early on in my university life at Oxford I went along to the Astronomical Society.  Their telescope was trained on Saturn,  But Saturn is a key to what lies beyomd the gate of death albeit symbolically. 

NASA image

And of course Oxford University  itself is linked to the End times through its crest... the open book set with the 'seven seals of the last'... the trumpets of the Last Judgement.  Do these symbolise our books to be opened at the End of Time.  I've thought that for about a year now.  Something always stopped us completely finishing and publishing one book before we had to start on the next.  Now there are over 20 but only one ever published a short summary book the Diagrams of Truth (2007 ISBN 978-0-9582754-4-6.  As I insert this image, I see the time is 5:07pm the World's End Code

Is it just chance that the two of Britain's most recent prime ministers who did the most to bring the End of the World are old Oxonians.  Margaret Thatcher, the Goddess of Greed did the most to bring us global market forces, via her great programmes of privatisation.  Just like me she read chemistry, at Somerville, but 22 years earlier. But she found truth too demanding.  There wasn't  enough power in science.  And then she met Dennis Thatcher whose money funded her  becoming a lawyer and then an MP.  Truth counts for little with lawyers; it counts for  nothing with politicians. And Blair, her 'true heir' joined Bush in the great wars of revenge for 911.  The Codes of Fate warned so strongly of the folly of the Iraq invasion in 2003.  But nobody listened. Now its too late.

Note that the Diagrams of Truth  ISBN  ends with the sequence 446.  That was eighteen months before code 446 was actuall;y revealed to us.  It is now one of the most important codes.  In that book I show the interconnectedness of four major disaster, Lockerbie, Mecca, 911 and Columbia.   Code 446 at Perpignan in November 2008 proved The Diagrams of Truth was correct in everything I said.  For the Air New Zealand Airbus crash began an interconnected string of seven major Air Crashes.... Seven Airbuses... We have just had the Seventh Sign QZ8502 Asia Air off Kalimantan Indonesia on 28th December, 2014.  12.28.14.  228 is the code for Revelation, via the Dewey classification code for books about the last book of the Bible, St John's vision of the End of the World, which came to him on Greek isle of Patmos c 90AD (Rev 1,9)

Gods little joke again.  The time is 1639  Horrox and the Transit of Venus the University lot were all wrong in 1632.  They are just as wrong today.  My God Its also 946 HoG .  Horrocks was right about the heavens And so am I And about the ‘wisemen’ of  Oxford and Cambridge


Just finished page realised no text for this image  So I added it Then I saw the time was 5:57pm. 9/2/15

A Brief Description of the Number Codes

But they are just part of the Real Theory of Everything

003 Alternative 3 - An April Fool's Day novel
The MI6 plot to murder Milosevic, adapted for the murder of Princess Diana
007 KE007 shot down at Kamchatka by Russians 1983.
 James Bond and MI6/SIS
13 1946 renumbering  LNER A4 Dominion of New Zealand
Our address in Orion St Road to the stars. 1995-2015
17 MH17 and the Star of 17.  But also linking to 706 and 319.
33 EE in the film Knowing.  The death toll of the 3rd event. Everyone Else.
101 R101 disaster- safe as houses except for the millionth chance.
202 Disaster via Harrow train crash 8/10/52
226 The chemical element radium has the symbol Ra.  That happens to be Akhenaten's name for God. I am a chemist by qualification and profession and I realised thaqt link in Egypt on 27/6/90, my son's 13th birthday
228 The Dewey library decimal code classification for books on The Book of Revelation of St John the Divine.
229 Apocalypse code  from The Seventh Seventh  Sign ,1988 .
Dewey code for apocryphal books of the New Testament- those not accepted as canonical by the church. That would apply very much to our Gospel of Mary Magdalen given to us now because we live in the End Times.
308 MH370  Date it vanished
319 Crede Signo Believe in the Sign. Queens Rd bus garage Manchester Old Rochdale bus coat of arms
320 Airbus crashes 1, 2 and 7.
333 EEE Emphatically Everyone Else
370 MH370 Lost at sea???
380 The world's largest passenger aircraft. 1st arrival in NZ 2nd Feb 2009. Emirates from Sydney... date is 2.2.9
388 All the Airbus A380s flying in the world today are 380-800s described on aviation sites as A388s.
Our publishing address 2004-2009 - POBox388 Drury.   know it factorises to 2,2,97... full Apocalypse Code
446 Crash of 1st Airbus. Air New Zealand - Perpignan Its Meaning On death all are Judged
Time of 3 in 1 earthquake for Japan  11/3/11 Neptune's revenge.
447 AF447
Exit for Manukau City Southern Motorway Auckland Sbnd Under flight path Auckland airport
448 IMDb code for Knowing
ISBN Koestler book Roots of Coincidence US Edn
Exit Manukau City Southbound Westfield and Rainbow's End
449 Jenny's death and destiny number
Exit Manukau city Southbound - Airport and the West
Exit  Manukau City N bd Rainbow's End.  Split exit 449A/B like 4491/2
506 Founders Day.  Those hymns.
507 World's End - from July 1985 - Earliest code - My address when first  I moved to London.
507A King's Rd , World's End, Chelsea SW10.
508 Too late - Derived from Christ church earthquake no 1 508 days after Jenny's death.
557 Lockerbie Prophecy code 21/12/88 given 19 days in advance.
558 Egypt , death and the Muslim world via mecca tunnel disaster 2/7/90
559 Gulf War Prophecy code
600 The Six o' Clock Bus - Moira Timms
608 Lewisham - Maximum credible Accident  4/12/57
Lest we forget .  Passchendaele  NZR  26/10/14
626 Flight Air Britain 626 -Down to A Sunless Sea  ( 1979)
655 Iran Air Flight 655.  Lockerbie was Justice for IA 655.
658 Alpha which is Omega.  via Mickeys.
664 Rolls Royce hearse
666 The devils number echoed over and over now in so many places from Lorde to the Prince of Wales.
688 Diana's murder car - 688 LTV 75
703 Time of Lockerbie disaster
706 Crede Signo Believe in the Sign. Queens Rd bus garage Manchester Old Rochdale bus coat of arms
739 N739PA Boeing 747 which was destroyed at Lockerbie.
778   Official deception - from a DMU ref Diana's murder
779  Truth - from a DMU ref Diana's murder.
797  Boeing 797 - Aircraft type in Down to A Sunless Sea.  ( 1979)   It was a stretched 747.
901 Erebus crash of TE901 sightseeing flight to Antarctica. Evidence of destiny.
Month/year of 9/11
911 Destruction of Twin Towers - Hammer of God for America
933 The last three digits of the Knowing code 01090933
937 MH17 and the 937 BUK launcher
942 A preserved NZ steam loco  - class Ka.
The Ka is the soul in Egyptian belief.
946 The Hammer of God via Arthur C Clarke's two SF novels Rendezvous with Rama and Hammer opf God
 Proved 9/11 was Hammer of God for America; Christchurch earthquakes were Hammer of God for NZ
1111 Lest we forget
1117 Lesson in the Madeleine re Signs of the End of the World
Rolls Royce Hearse.
1120 Belshazzar's feast - The Writing on the Wall esp ref the House of Windsor
1639 Horrocks Wise men wrong
2007 New build Gresley LNER P2 Prince of Wales (2014)  Under 1946 renumbering it would have become 507 World's End.  Linking HRH to Rnd Times via railways
2227 Code on detector Large Hadron Collider CERN photo NZH 4th April 2006 ie 4.4.6.
Link to Dan Brown's novel, Angels and Demons. A real path of Illumination. Lingua pura.
New signalling system for electric trains. Final station signal. Siding to down main.
2229 Code on detector Large Hadron Collider CERN photo NZH 4th April 2006 ie 4.4.6.
New signalling system for electric trains. End ETCS down main. NIMT  Boundary Rd, Papakura
Both Installed Diamond Jubilee weekend 2012 PAP2227 and PAP2229.
2297 Full Apocalypse Code. From 22/9/89.  229 and 7th Sign
4441 Earthquake Yerevan Armenia -1988 remember Noah
4492 Original numbering  LNER A4 Dominion of New Zealand - The Second Coming
5570 New Zealand
5577 Heed or perish SL-9 collision Jupiter
7755 Codes interchangeable because of derivation - Heed or perish SL-9 collision Jupiter
35006 P&O Steam Navigation Company. Prophecy Code for Herald of Free Enterprise Zeebrugge 6/3/87.
62666 D11 ex LNER Director.  Market forces- free Enterprise
Signal on Up Main NIMT  Pukekohe -racetrack.  Tied in to last Pope and Brown's 4th Symbologist novel Inferno

Just created this page Saw time 332pm  Nearly 333  Tht missed out that No But I intended to get 33300 But its 33301  333 at the hands of the ONE God??  9/2/15.  Revising and better cross-referencing sites for rainbow format.

Extended codes to explain re Wolfson. Now its 446pm

The Knowing Confirmation Code.

So I'm right about my lingua pura analogy. Ita another 'Live update' as I create this file codebook

Back to Lingua pura

Just finishing Added 5577 7755 Now 10th Feb John Martin Exhibition Judgement  pictures 1854
 Charles and Camilla's engagement 2005




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