Why Anders Behring Breivik?


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Why Anders Behring Breivik?

Anders Behring Breivik   and Meaningful Coincidence

Another Actor on the Stage

Anders Breivik was the most clear-cut example yet of a theme which was first really emphasised strongly with Jan during 2010. See Purpose in Pike River – A Tale of Two Daniels. At best we are ‘actors on stage’. The Source of Intelligence - the Creator of space and time, knows the future, near or distant, with far greater precision than we even know yesterday. And what is more He orchestrates everything precisely according to His purposes. He used Anders Breivik according to his nature but subservient to His purposes.

The Norwegian massacre took place at the appointed place at the appointed time on the appointed day. And it had to be 69 dead new toy island. (That was Dragon's attempt at ‘on Utoya Island’ but the error carries a strange overtone. It is though emphasising that the ancient Greeks were closer to the truth. They tended to see men and women –mortals- as toys - the playthings of the gods. It's not entirely true but it is a lot closer than modern thinking which is that we are totally free to do exactly as we please, whenever we choose, answerable to nothing and no one apart from a conveniently flexible consciences.)

Anders Breivik arrived on the island by ferry at 5:07 pm ( 507 has been the World’s End code since 1985 – see Koestler and World’s End)) The date was Friday, 22nd July 2011. That used to be the day each year when the Anglican Church remembered Mary Magdalen, that is before it became too busy with inclusive language, rock groups for ‘worship’ in churches, homosexual priests, women bishops and gay marriage.

Why was it Norway? I am not really sure of that. However one element is that the action had to be carried out in the right time zone, so that it would be too late for the horrific details to appear in the New Zealand Herald on Saturday 23rd July. It had to appear in precisely the predetermined edition, a number set in train by events which occurred as long ago as 13th November 1863, when the New Zealand Herald published Volume 1 issue1. That dates almost back to the founding of New Zealand as a British colony under Queen Victoria on 6th February 1840. Everything was put in place at the appointed time so that the correct number of issues would have appeared in order to arrive at edition number 44943 on Monday 25th July 2011. Note the recurrence of the 507 code in the date - 250711.

44943 is a double death code. 449 is Jenny's death code. She died on our 19th wedding anniversary 14.4.9. And remember that the first and second Christchurch earthquakes closely linked in time to Jenny's death as did the blow-out in the Gulf of Mexico with its reminder of the connection to Chicxulub. And 943 is the code which indicates when death will come for everyone else, EE to use the ‘Knowing’ code. 946 is the code for the Hammer of God. It is derived from Arthur C Clarke's 1973 novel Rendezvous with Rama. See the inspiration of Arthur C Clarke.

946 was used as a code in space both four 911 which was the hammer of God for America and as a predictor of the first Christchurch earthquake on the 4th September 2010, precisely 7 days before the ninth anniversary of 911. That was the hammer of God for New Zealand. 911 came in 2001. The first Christchurch earthquake came in 2010. Arthur C Clarke sequel to 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968) was 2010 Odyssey 2 (1983).

The Source keeps using the same code books and cross referencing the same authors. This is true whether you call the source Ra as he was known to Akhenaten and Ankhsoun,  Elohim as he was known to Mary Magdalen and  Christ, or Ahura Mazda as he was known to Zoroaster. I use either the name God or more likely Ra. I would probably tend to use Ra more often than God because all too often people imagine that by talking of God I mean Jesus and I mean no such thing. The creator of space and time could never become anything so trivial and insignificant as a man. And the whole concept of the vicarious sacrifice for the sins of men is actually quite immoral. It is actually an insult to God, to trivialise Him as a man but man has a long track record of behaviour which is insulting to God. The Christians are not the first.  The priests of Amun beat them by nearly 2000 years with an identical blasphemy.  They claimed Amun was the same as Ra.  And this is just one of the many reasons why man has finally reached ‘Boundary Road’. It is very much a case of 'thus far are no further'. Back to Dan Brown both in the da Vinci code and in Angels and Demons, but that is another story.

But those three examples above saw 946 used as a code in space. What did 946 mean as a code in time? The answer is code 946 is a code in time gives T= zero, the end of the final countdown, when the real Sekhmet, not Carolyn Shoemaker's Aten asteroid (spot of inspiration there mind and of destiny with the way her husband met his death) will do for man what the Chicxulub asteroid did for the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago.

But can that particular edition number 44943 be converted more directly into precisely the same message? This is where the action of Anders Breivik comes in, in a very disturbing way, via the headline on the front page of that particular edition of the New Zealand Herald of 25.07.11.  That main front page headline was “YOU ALL MUST DIE!” It was what Anders Breivik had shouted at his victims. But it also happens to be God's message for mankind now. But there is no shouting with God; there is just a resolute conviction that ‘enough is enough’.  Anders Breivik had been used according to his nature but according to God's purposes.

( At this point came another Live Update: At this point I glanced at my watch; it showed 9:44:18pm on 13th August 2012. After dictating these few words I photographed the screen with my watch beside it. The image came up showing the time on my watch as 9:45:07 PM. After the next words it showed 9:45:58 pm…. Blinding flash on the watch face…. But that is another story. This was in the original full article. The present one was in is an abbreviated version)

It had only been a little over a month before Breivik's attack that, the Voice had said to me. {I give you a New Covenant. I will reformat all the Earth.} ( I notice now the computer clock IDT 8/13/2012 9:44:57 PM.) That was on 18th June, 2011.  And note the use of the modern language of computer speak, for the benefit of all the androids who now live in cyberspace, their lives controlled by smartphones and iPads, ever waiting for the next summons to the cyber presence.

In Touch with Amelia
Now comes another ‘Live update’ as I copy this summary from the main article. My eye is drawn to the time on the computer clock -1707. I brought up the date and time box 5:07:55 22nd August 2012. I was about to dictate this final paragraph drawing the parallels between the events in Norway linking to numbers and events connected to me on the far side of the world here in New Zealand. This particular phenomenon appeared, with particular emphasis, about nine months later as a central element in the Fox TV series Touch. But there is far more ‘In Touch’ about the past, the present and the future in the Amelia code. It relates in particular to the future of both Britain and America, not that the writers of Touch realised that they were writing a code book, any more than did Arthur C Clarke or Dan Brown, as they penned or typed their particular works over a period of 30 years. In many respects, Touch is another example of inspiration. It is the first example of inspiration in a series of programs. In time I will publish a page about some of the coincidences in Touch. Suffice it to say for now that Touch postulates a phenomenon actually exhibited eight months earlier in the case of Anders Breivik and four months later in the case of the Aurora shootings. Is it chance that the perpetrator of the aurora shootings is called  James Holmes?  Is it meant to be a case of ‘Elementary my dear Watson’ - no not a woman.

But there was much more proof of my thesis that Anders Breivik was used as an actor on the stage, because of the sign in the sky when I bought that particular paper and because the number of the dead was also precisely correct. The full details will be found in my latest book The Prophecies of Nostradominus which will be published in October 2012.

6:17pm 22nd August 2012

The verdict on Breivik's trial was returned on the 24th August 2012 and was duly reported on 25th August in the New Zealand Herald.  It fitted absolutely precisely with 'Synchronicity Squared,' my experiences on that very day and my "Calculating Doomsday' experiences of the 26th August.  See our book The Prophecies of Nostradominus.   18:42 27th August, 2012 Armageddon Day, in another inspired novel, The Nostradamus Inheritance.


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