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Meaningful coincidences certainly seem to predict the future - accidents and disasters of one kind or another.   I have studied the subject for 25 years. It really began when the number 557 was emphasised to us several times in Dec 1988 before Pan Am 103 crashed at Lockerbie 55º 7'N. Lots of other events occurred as the years passed, but one of the most striking was a precise code repeat almost exactly 20 years later. Then code 557 was repeated twice on 27th Nov 2008 in the NZH Business News - share prices for Fonterra and Fletcher Building. 16 hours later an Air NZ Airbus crashed into the sea off Perpignan. It is as though coincidence elements can form part of a jigsaw puzzle of the future. You cannot work out what the picture is in advance but Something already seems to have the full picture.

Yes, I was liked to the death in the forest in West Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday 3rd March, albeit indirectly. In the same way, I was linked to the Muriwai shark attack off Auckland's west coast on 28th February, the asteroid strike on Russia three weeks ago and the Carterton hot air balloon disaster of Jan 2012 echoed in Luxor, Egypt just 8 days ago.  I was linked through my being shown the threads of fate linking these events to the bigger picture which no one else appears to be able to see.  Perhaps its too scary.  Or is everyone else simply too busy with more important things like Facebook, Twitter, i-phones or the latest output from Hollywood or the so-called music scene?

These events were all different jigsaw puzzles in the codes of fate.  All of these events were predicted by meaningful coincidences in a web of destiny in my life over the preceding days or connected in ensuing days. I have studied meaningful coincidence now for a quarter of a century, but it is far too complicated for the average journalist, who doesn't have the attention span.  It doesn’t fit into a 30 second time slot on TV or six paragraphs in a newspaper. More than that will probably require a 'team effort'.

But  reality is like that, far too difficult, far too scary for most people, if they are not too busy, that is. Most people prefer to stick with the standard issue rose-tinted spectacles with attached blinkers so they don't have to cope with a wide field of view.  It is a certainly cardinal sin in New Zealand not to be 'positive'. We live in a pretty comfortable world and most people are 'good guys'.  If that makes you happy, fine. Find another site to stay in your comfort zone.  Our sites are for people who still have minds, who have not handed over the ability to think to a smart phone.

The Fox TV drama series Touch, broadcast by TV3 to disappointing ratings in 2012, got almost close to the truth with the idea of an autistic child seeing numbers that repeat to somehow predict the future. It was pure fiction, they thought..... Or was the whole series inspired by whatever orchestrates the coincidences? These things are intended to make us wonder about reality... and whether the material world is really all there is.

Lac Megantic and Asiana Flight 214
The latest prophecy codes interweave these two disasters, which came within 11 hours of each other on 6th July, 2013, via a minor railway accident in New Zealand on 5th July, 2013.  More coincidences predicted 'Quebec' and 'Design Impact' just 15 minutes before the train began to run away  See
Lac Megantic and Asiana  (9:06:26 16/7/13)

For more on Inspiration and the film Knowing see
The Codes of Knowing  (11:17pm 18/7/13)

Do you believe in 'science', God or UFOs?
To read about the latest example of how meaningful coincidence authenticates one belief rather than another see
Let There be Light  It's about all the events surrounding the Russian asteroid strike of 15/2/13.  It is another update on the Lockerbie code too and Dan Brown's inspired novels, The da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and once again it is set around the 'End' of a Pope, albeit by abdication rather than by death. Perhaps coincidence is more a 'God wave' than a 'God particle' !! It is certainly more relevant to the real world than anything that will ever come out of CERN, despite the efforts of 13,000 scientists and engineers. As one journalist asked recently "What on earth do they do all day" Another wondered the same question of the retiring Pope, changing the verb to will and emphasising do. 11/03/13  4:19pm

And ‘The Amelia Code’ is at the heart of Touch.   Funny how Amelia Wade was one of the NZH reporters for the Tree Adventures death in the forest....  I tried to find the time of the accident at Tree Adventures.  It seems that that accident is another of the Jigsaw puzzles. It was Sunday afternoon, but when?  She was too busy to reply of course. What a surprise.....

The NZ Police Communications unit, as helpful as I expected, told me that as I was not involved, I didn't need to know the time.  There spoke a robot from Big Brother, or was it an android in a cop uniform?. They are probably told never to give out any information in case it later clashes with 'Official Truth'.   There you have another stark example of the secret society which New Zealand is gradually becoming.  You encounter more and more official PC androids.  Perhaps the Something is telling us as much about the future as we need to know - giving us glimpses. But it is not arrogant, rather sinister and self-serving unlike the NZ Police.  The Source, the vast mind has tried to warn mankind through various messengers over at least ten millennia .  Result - total failure. Man knows best or so he imagines..........

These recent  deaths in  NZ and Egypt are of people who are ‘actors on the stage’, as was Paul Holmes with his precise links to Erebus and destiny. At best, many of us are actors on the stage.  Some would seem to be just walk on parts, others mere extras.  But perhaps the vast majority of mankind is just the audience, that doesn’t even realise there is a play going on..... or care. Shakespeare was such an inspired observer of humanity. The evidence is in detail in my work over a quarter of a century but it all links back through back to 1903, back to Tudor times, the time of Christ and even 13 centuries further back to Ancient Egypt.

I'm not a mystic. I have a doctorate in chemical physics. But I cannot accept that our experiences over a quarter of a century are all just chance. It is just way beyond the bounds of probability.  There is just far more to reality than conventional science can explain.

We are being warned in no uncertain terms. But who gives a stuff about God unfashionable! Man has moved on. Man only had a need for God when in his ignorance, he couldn't understand the world around him.  Now all that has changed. Man can explain everything so he now has no need for God.   Lloyd Geering got a standing ovation from the faithful for his talk on that theme to the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival on 19th May. 2013.  Man may have moved on but sadly for him, God has not.

To read the prophecy codes  for the Russian Asteroid strike of February, 2013, see Let There be Light  6th March 2013 17:39:46

Or you can read about the codes predicting the double disasters on 6th July 2013  Lac Megantic and Asiana flight 214.    (17th July 2013 5:47pm. ) Funny it was even an echo of another double disaster on 6th July 1988.  In 1988 it was fire and water.  In 2013 it was fire and air.  Is it all meant to be hinting of a link back to Dan Brown's inspiration in Angels and Demons.  That novel is centred around the old alchemists ideas of the elements of earth, air, fire and water.  Our research is about different basic elements, coincidences, prophecy, inspiration and threads of destiny, which enable us to understand more about a higher reality than the chemical elements known so well today to chemists.  Perhaps that why it was my destiny to be a chemist.

And then there was 'my' precise prophecy of the America's Cup yacht race result four days in advance, a precise prediction of the way Emirates Team New Zealand would brilliantly snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory.  There is a very powerful message in all of that for New Zealand and for the rest of the world.  Its all about market forces and selling your soul to the Devil.

Or you can read about other examples of prophecy in the Codes of Fate with the Batman Cinema Massacre, Hurricane Sandy, or why the next school massacre had to be at the Sandy Hook Elementary school on one particular day.  Or you can read about the strange coincidences in the Fox TV series Touch or in Touch Series 2

Finally you can read about why Nuclear War is Inevitable before the final asteroid impact  comes and that will do for man what the Chixulub asteroid did for the dinosaurs in 65 Million BC.  And man is so much more deserving of that fate.

11:56:06pm 12th October, 2013 Yes it really is all about Knowing


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