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NZ and Frankfurt Bookfair
By strange 'coincidence', New Zealand is the guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October2012. There have been critical comments in the German mediaThe Listener-reply-nz-effort-for-frankfurt-book-fair,  These concern New Zealand’s suitability to be guest of honour at Frankfurt since its main offerings appear to be books on cookery and wine and Germany does not exactly need to be told about either. And if you want stunning scenery, Bavaria, the Swiss Alps or the Norwegian Fiords are a lot closer than the far ends of the Earth.

 In fact the theme of the 'NZ@Frankfurt 'site verges on the arrogant.  WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING..... (we've been busy! )  It does seem that the thrust of the New Zealand non-fiction offering at Frankfurt appears to be to promote New Zealand as a tourist destination - great scenery - great food - great wine.  But as the German critic in Frankfurter Allgemeiner asked Who’s still interested in books?  ie for people who think?  Frankfurter Allgemeiner - Andreas Platthaus-180612  The translation will be found at  Stephen Judd's Blog.  (At the moment I added this link I heard a jet overhead.  It was the black A320 Airbus - the Death Plane.  [DT Box 5:58:46pm  25th August 2012.] That was the omen of disaster for Christchurch in Feb 2011, June 2011 and December 2011. So there was a double code repeat, emphasising black in the way the rest of the world uses it, as a colour for mourning. ) Andreas Platthaus's article was published on a very significant date, the 1st Anniversary of a sign concerning The New Covenant.  More signs of inspiration? Or is it actors on a stage?

My book The Prophecies of Nostradominus will not be at the Frankfurt Book Fair, although of more value than all the NZ wine and food books put together. There is nothing unique about any of them.  My book  really is something 'uniquely New Zealand'.... something Kiwis are so keen to proclaim...... normally.  My book would be as welcome on the New Zealand publisher's stand as a leper in a maternity hospital, because it illustrates how New Zealand is being used to give the signs from God about the coming End of the World.  That is not good news for tourists or hedonists, NZ's main target market...nor anyone else for that matter.   Rather curiously,  my visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2007 was surrounded by so many codes of the Apocalypse.

But the Christchurch earthquakes I- IV of 2010-2011 are just part of that proof, as was the Air New Zealand Airbus crash of November, 2008 and the Pike River disaster of November 2010.  So were the record-breaking six Olympic Gold medals for New Zealand at London 2012,  followed very quickly by the deaths of 5 New Zealand soldiers in Afghanistan.  Five deaths in 15 days was as many as the total in the previous 10 years. That was a code repeat of what happened for the British during my trip to England in 2005.  It is also an omen for Britain's future. 

The webs of destiny have been woven with astonishing precision over recent weeks involving various prominent New Zealanders,  Olympic athletes such as Lisa Carrington, Hamish Bond, Andrea Hewitt, Jack Bauer and Freddie Dawkins.  Then there is that wealthy former CEO of Air New Zealand now highly paid, but soon to depart  manager of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Ralph Norris.  He links intricately both to feat of Lisa Carrington and choices made by Leo Gao.  God is juxtaposing so many things as a commentary on the terminally sad state of the modern world.  But wait there is more, as the Wolverhampton Wonderer used to say.  Leo Gau and Kara Hurring's sentencing  was precisely interlinked with events on the far side of the world, in Norway, another place with spectacular fjords, because it took place on exactly the same day as the sentencing of Anders Breivik.   And the many coincidences surrounding the recent death of Leanne Greer at Piha are powerfully connected into the same story.  The sceptics will bleat that it is all chance.  But then they would wouldn't they, given their narrow minds and the sterility of their 'lack of belief' system.  Leanne Greer's death has come almost as a live update, intended to confirm my theories of the warnings that are now coming from God thick and fast.  It has come in the days since I wrote this page.

Leo Gau and  Kara Hurring's exploits are intricately linked into the Second Coming just  as those of Anders Breivik are linked into the End of the World.  And that piece of rank incompetence on the part of a Westpac bank clerk had to occur on precisely the right day in precisely the right place, Rotorua on a date that fits precisely with a key event at the heart of The Prophecies of Nostradominus. It is all very much proof that at best, we are actors on stage.  The Title of the book has changed in the light of events which followed.  It is now entitled The Codes of F8.

So much is written in the webs of destiny around New Zealand and New Zealanders in these Latter Days.  And none of it involves food or wine.  It is no coincidence that John Key has presided over more disasters during the tenure of his office of Prime Minister than any previous incumbent in the rather short history of New Zealand.  The long saga of disasters began just weeks after he came to power, with the crash of the Air New Zealand Airbus at Perpignan, woven through with a bleak warning both for Kiwis and the rest of mankind.

In December, 2008, a Kiwi journalist had precisely repeated the actions of his predecessor on the Edinburgh Evening News twenty years earlier, at the time of the Lockerbie air disaster.  When I spoke to the Editor of one of the Auckland local papers, about the many strange coincidences which both preceded and surrounded the Perpignan disaster, and were then echoed on the number plates of several cars in the car park of his own offices, he said as follows:  "What you say is very interesting, but I would not dare print it.  They have not even found the bodies yet."   No - nobody ever dares to print it.  The truth is too painful. Stick to the easy stuff,  food, drink and travel and who has been in court.

So seven more died in vain, dressed up as a sacrifice for their country in the words of Bob Fyfe, the man who had succeeded Ralph Norris as the CEO of Air New Zealand. Fyfe spoke his words at a Memorial service in a Auckland Airport hanger in January, 2009, when four of the Perpignan bodies were returned to New Zealand.  The one missing body was very significant, because it had powerful links to Erebus, again very much a case of 'a chosen one'.  That last body was found a few days later, after the point of its omission from Fyfe's 'Welcome home' had been made.  That story will be found in our book Balanced Observations, the last book that  Jenny typed in the weeks before she died.

To understand more the basis of our research see The Executive Summary.


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