Nuclear War & 2nd Coming


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Nuclear War & 2nd Coming
The Inevitability of Nuclear War, Egypt and the Second Coming

There will be light ...lots more light.....and the elements will melt with fervent heat....

1. Knowing the Future
Do you really want to know the future? It is worse than bleak. WARNING : If you want to hear a feel-good future, you would be better advised to find a friendly medium, tarot card reader, fortune-teller or gypsy. Mind they don’t come cheap and there is not a lot to choose between them. They all connect to the dark side in one way or another. But if you want to sell your soul, feel free. There are many ways available. You don’t find a real knowledge of the future if you seek it. If God so wills, it is revealed to you in His time, in His way. But it is only if you need to know and restricted to the amount you need to know. However, if you want to know a little about the bleak truth concerning mankind’s future and how God has apparently chosen to reveal it to me, then read on.  As ever, the truth is discerned through meaningful coincidence......far from the 'random chance' the experts would have you believe it all is. 

The answer to the question ‘what does the future hold?’ was given in our 1986/2005 book… Mary, Daughter of Elohim. We never asked. It just came, just as the spirits of first Mary Magdalen and ;later Ankhsoun just came. That answer came in a curious coincidence… in my print shop one day. That message was ‘the elements will melt with fervent heat’. ( A physical reminder of 2 Peter 3, 10) Those were the words which come into my mind just now as I begin to write this account of a few key elements, very meaningful coincidences of recent days. You will find the remains of such molten elements at Trinity Test Ground Zero in the New Mexico desert. The scene is most eloquently described in one chapter of William Prochnau’s inspired 1983 novel Trinity's Child. That was the second World War III book emphasised to me over less than five months. And there is a funny coincidence too there in the name Prochnau. Is he another ‘Chosen one’? For Jurgen Prochnau played Christ in that inspired 1988 film The Seventh Sign opposite Demi Moore. That brings us back to code 229-7 and the Apocalypse.

And that would seem to sum up the bleak future for millions, if not billions of the world's people. But according to conventional wisdom, some of Britain's finest minds(? ) nuclear war is less likely than it ever was. It is not even on their list of doomsday scenarios. Russian atomic might has been decimated, probably, and rogue states like North Korea  or dodgy ones like Pakistan or India would not dare.  Iran will never get the bomb. Israel will see to that, even if it means using its own nuclear weapons. Surely the Chinese are not that stupid? The Israelis and the Yanks are certainly arrogant enough. But what would be the point? But then what is the point of a few right-wing loonies bringing the American government to its knees at this very moment. The American government has shutdown, having  no money to pay other than ‘vital employees’. The front page of the New Zealand Herald World News had that as the main story on Saturday 5th October. But is it an omen for the future. Obama's handling of the Syrian crisis has hardly been one of decisiveness or strength.

2. Message Codes in Newspapers
Its almost like a language for spies. Its all about codes and I’ll even be coming to James Bond later on. Is it just chance that the New Zealand Herald on Saturday 5th October 2013 was edition number 45626. However by a quirk of various re-formattings over the last decade, the Weekend Herald alone now never carries an edition number. But who cares? That is a summary of the New Zealand character. She will be right.........So many self-centred people in two small islands at the World’s End. Drive in Auckland if you want to see some of the most selfish driving on earth. New Zealanders are the world's biggest losers. That was the very clear message from the America's Cup over the past 10 days. It was so clear as the wind went from too strong to too light, then too strong again, then from the ‘wrong direction’, that God was playing fun and games with both Oracle and Emirates. But that is a different thread which I do not propose to pursue at this point. The thing to notice is that the webs of fate are strongly woven around New Zealand in these Latter Days for man upon the Earth.

So you can only tell Saturday's paper is edition 45626 because Friday 4th October carried the printed number 45625 and Monday 7th 45627. But it is all destiny-in the coincidences - in the codes - in the numbers - in the ever-increasing complexity of the threads in the webs of fate. By coincidence 45626 is a Jubilee, an ex-LMS steam locomotive which used to run in England when I was a young train spotter in the late 1950s. There had been a related  confirmation  link in NZH on 20th September when the New Zealand Herald edition number was 45613. That section of the Jubilee class was named after countries of the Empire, from days before ‘Empire’ became a dirty word, particularly under Mister B Liar. 45613 just happened to be called KENYA. Is it really just chance that the murderous thugs of al shabaab went on their killing rampage in Kenya paying homage to their false god the very next day. And what kind of sick doctrine is it that teaches that mowing down men, women and children gets you to heaven? But it is all a sign of the end times, that everything is known, everything is orchestrated, warning that we really do live in the Latter Days. And so much of it is woven around my life here in New Zealand. But perhaps that is because I listen to the Voice and I take notice of the signs which the real God gives.

What is more edition 45570 - NEW ZEALAND ( 5570 such a key number in the threads of fate)  on 1st August was woven around the Fonterra botulism botch-up ' Fonterra so well rencapsulates the evils of big business and it was so neatly woven into the Perpignan Airbus crash in turn  timed so closely to the melamine poisoned milk scandal.

And there have been lots of other significant edition numbers and errors over the past 25 years in Britain France, Australia and New Zealand as well as The International Herald Tribune. See The Techniques of Spies

3. Down to a Sunless Sea
But the key code on Saturday 5th October was 626. It is one of the two codes in David Graham's inspired novel Down To A Sunless Sea. He wrote that novel during 1978 and 1979 and it was published around February 1979. Flight Air Britain 626 is a Boeing 797 and it is the last flight out of a New York City which is even more anarchic than the city that exists today. In the novel, World War III had just begun as that last transatlantic flight left for London - also pretty anarchic - so very different to the London of today, of course. Overnight what is laughably call civilisation today disappears. More and more, as time has passed since 12.12.12, that book has been drawn to my attention repeatedly. I have come to the conclusion that David Graham was most definitely inspired. That novel needs to be added to a growing list of books where men and women were given elements of the future without their realising it.

After running out of options Flight AB 626 lands at the remains of Lajes AFB in the Azores on the morning of 7th October, 1985, the 615 souls on board representing most of what will soon be left of mankind. In a way that Boeing 797 is a kind of technological ark. So is it just chance than on the 7th October 2013 the New Zealand Herald edition number is 45627. That is 626+1-a code reference which I was first led to deduce via the first Christchurch earthquake in September 2010. I had puzzled for a day or two why that earthquake came 508 days after Jenny's death and not 507. After all 507 means Worlds End. I cracked the code 2 days later, on 6th September,2010. That was very much a destined day. I saw the light because of the mileage of my car when I arrived at Firestone Tyres to get a puncture repaired. 508 is too late. 507+1. It was too late for Christchurch and it is too late for man. The ‘Firestone’ - Sekhmet - the Doomsday comet - was already en route. But now it seems that first comes nuclear war. And there is the very same code again on 7th October 2013 in the edition number of the New Zealand Herald. 45626+1 It really is too late.....

4. The Spy Who Loved Me - Egypt and Inspiration
On that Saturday night, 5th October there came the latest film in the third showing of the full series of James Bond films. This time round, they began with Doctor No and working through them in order they had now reached The Spy Who Loved Me. It is one of my favourite ones although not one that I ever saw in the cinemas. I did not see it until April 2010 when you shown in the first series screening by TVNZ. Only then did I see all the evocative scenes of Cairo which reminded me of my first trip there in 1986 the ‘sound and light show’ show at the pyramids, the great Temple of Karnak, Nefertari’s Temple at Aswan now apparently converted into an MI6 branch office but rather mixed up with a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The film does play rather fast and loose with continuity but it is an entertaining film. Roger Moore's one-liners are amusing. And the Egyptian ‘fixers’ - ‘the ladies figure is going to be hard to beat’ -brought a smile to my face.

It is certainly a far cry from the thuggish, vicious reality of Daniel Craig's take on the Bond franchise which so well fits the cruel and vicious world in which we now live. Craig could never have been cast as anything but a KGB thug back in the 60s and 70s. He fits that part so well. He has a darkness, a threatening overtone, which you do not find in Moore or Connery. Now it is all called ‘gritty realism’ as more and more audiences thrill to the dark side. But even with Daniel Craig there is a curious coincidence. After all did he not did recently marry ‘The Mummy’ - well almost. His new wife, Rachel Weisz had been the female lead in the 1999 film The Mummy. So even in real life the current incarnation of 007 cannot get away from Egypt in the threads of fate. But the 1999 version of The Mummy was a very poor reworking of the original film The Mummy of 1932. And that early film had itself in turn been based on Bram Stoker's inspired 1902 novel The Jewel Of Seven Stars. That novel was prophetic. It actually predicted my future in 1986. After all I was destined to restore to life the lost Queen of Egypt. It was my destiny, a destiny which I can now see was hinted at, to me as a 13 year-old trainspotter in 1961.

Ankhsoun was her name, Ankhsoun pa Artenn. In the 1932 film they even managed to get the name right. Ankhes-en-Amun is the princess who is to be restored to life in the body of a modern day woman. Of course you could say that it was just an obvious choice of name because it was only a decade since the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in November 1922. And in the early 30s, Egypt-o-mania was all the rage. But is it not all destiny? Did Tutankhamun’s tomb have to survive, of all the pharaohs of Egypt into the modern age, because it is intricately linked to the end of the world, and specifically to the Second Coming?

However in the1999 version of The Mummy, Anck-su-namen had become a thoroughly nasty piece of work. But what else would you expect of a greedy, corrupt and decadent society that distorts everything to suit its own evil purposes? It is not without significance that they corrupt even the Ankh, the sign of life eternal.

In The Spy Who Loved Me, James Bond joins forces with a beautiful Russian agent code named Triple-X. -The lady whose figure is going to be hard to beat - and together they struggle against the might of Stromberg and his Atlantean Empire. Stromberg is determined to precipitate world War three because the world is so corrupt - at least he got that bit right- and has cunning managed to track and steal three nuclear submarines with their atomic weapons. With weapons programmed to destroy Moscow and Los Angeles their return to sea with different crews. However eventually with a few minutes of skilful analytical work and teleprinter machines by James Bond and the American submarine commander, the missiles are reprogrammed into an act of mutually assured destruction for the two submarines. The mushroom clouds appears not over Moscow and Los Angeles but over the open sea.

But it did strike me as rather curious that the house colours of Stromberg's empire are yellow and black-his helicopters and his underwater attack vessels-the colours now repeatedly emphasised to me over and over again, as they are also the symbols of radiation. Nuclear disaster lies ahead...... It has long been clear to me that there are warning of nuclear disaster soon to come. It appears to point to an American nuclear power station which is to be destroyed, the future implied in the 1980 novel by Alexander Sirdar III the Dorset Disaster. Since 1989 I have considered that to be a parallel to Morgan Robertson's 1898 story Futility which so clearly predicted the loss of the Titanic in 1912. Only nine years separated Robertson’s prophecy from the event. Nine years separated 9/11 from the coded prophecy of it given to me in 1992. Thirty three years have now elapsed since Sirdar’s work was published. But eighty three years separated my experience of Ankhsoun from Bram Stoker’s inspiration.

5. A Prophetic Error?
So is it really just chance that the film was shown on 5th October - with the themes of Egypt, ancient and modern, and nuclear war. Down To A Sunless Sea begins with the Israelis firing nuclear missiles at Cheiro Beirut and Damascus. And Damascus is certainly now a full-scale disaster, for the first time since David Graham’s novel was published, the year before Sirdars. ( There is a curious link to prophecies there because Dragon has chosen the wrong Cairo. Cairo was a Palmersto ( Odd now Dragon has chosen the originally intended Cairo but twice) Chiero was a palmist who claimed to tell people's futures from a combination of palm -reading, numbers and astrology. It is hard to know how much success he really had because there are contradictions between his earlier books and his later ones, particularly in connection with Egypt and Tutankhamun’s tomb). How much did he write afterwards to make his prophecies fit the facts? But he did appear to have something of a gift. However, he was certainly, very much the showman. But his books sold in the millions. People wanted to work out their futures. And ‘by chance’ that is exactly where this article began. Cheiro died on 8th October 1936, with both the year and the day most significant in the threads of destiny.

6. Another Landing at McMurdo - chance? Or God's little joke?
So, was that mistake by Dragon a contemporaneous live update suggesting I should end this article here - a kind of Alpha to Omega? So I will just add one more curious coincidence concerning Down to a Sunless Sea. It was reported yesterday, in the New Zealand Herald, edition number 45628 on 8th October 2013. A flight from Christchurch airport to the Antarctic  base at McMurdo had encountered severe weather and had been forced to circle for two hours before making a landing at 5pm on 7th October, 2013, a landing that was described as ‘challenging’. Remember how  in Down to a Sunless Sea WW III, breaks out on that very day, Monday 7th October but in 1985 and flight AB626 is  forced to land at Lajes US AFB in the Azores?  The RNZAF Boeing 757 carried 128 people crew, scientists and NZDF personnel. I was immediately reminded of the second, 'extra' sector of flight 626, that Boeing 797 in Down To A Sunless Sea. That took it from Lajes AFB down to McMurdo.  The RNZAF flight was an uncanny echo of that fictional flight almost to the day.  So was it just chance or was it intended to be another confirmation code?  It is curious that this RNZAF incident should happen on the very first 7th October since the novel was drawn to my attention in December 2012.  And it is a Monday too.

7. The Second Coming
And where was I on Monday 7th October 1985? I was living in a company flat at 507A King’s Road Chelsea, an area known as World’s End. Those words meant little to me then. They referred to the past, to the fact that in the seventeenth century, that was where London ended. Little did I realise that they referred also to the future. But they were to take on a significance within six months, after I met Jenny, and we came to be given our first signs that God intended to destroy the world. But in October 1985, I was just involved with my research into spiritualism and the survival of death by the human spirit. But it turns out that that is all connected with the End of the World.....Is it all not more proof that, at best, we are actors on a stage. There are many other connections linking Down To A Sunless Sea with the Second Coming and back to railways in England, but is it all just in my mind? Occasionally, even I wonder, especially as no-one else seems to wonder at the myriad strange connections.

8. Surely Its Just Illusion?
It all probably sounds very outlandish to you. How could an ancient Egyptian woman be the Second Coming? After all the Egyptians are the bad guys of the Bible, that is if you believe Jewish propaganda. But did Moses really even exist? Akhenaten did and even Freud in his final book, Moses and Monotheism (1923) wondered if Akhenaten was the man behind the myth of Moses. And the numbers just keep pouring in. I can’t create them. They are there. Some people would say I make them fit. I would say that I point them out because they do fit clear patterns, particularly of prophecy. I seem to be caused to see the numbers. But are they really just random dots in an uncaring mechanical universe governed solely by the laws of chance? Do I see patterns which are merely a fabrication of my mind? But if that is so, why do the coded numbers fit so well real events which come later, viz the Lockerbie disaster of 1988 and the repetition of the same 557 prophecy code in four Airbus crashes 20 years later in 2008 and 2009?

Scientists try to make sense of observations and on occasion discover real patterns where other had failed to do so before. Mendeleyev with his inspired vision of the periodic table of the elements is a clear case in point. Or is it not chance at all? Is my mind being used to convey to mankind a tiny fraction of a far Greater Mind which has woven the threads of fate as a sign to man, a powerful warning that He really does exist and that mankind’s days are numbered - precisely numbered.

Has the Creator of space and time chosen to use codes and numbers to suggest that there is a much greater reality than conventional science can begin to explain. But if you prefer to believe it is all chance then far be it from me to disabuse you of your comfortable belief system.

9. A Chance in Billions?
I will just leave you with two curious coincidences of number plates more crucial threads in the web woven over that same weekend. Outside the Countdown supermarket in Papakura on 4th October (NZH Edition No 45625) were two strangely connected cars. EGW 329 was behind my car and in front of it Y0 2015. I was able to photograph the two together one through the mirror and the other directly ahead. Is it just chance that for over three years now, I have known that the end will come on Palm Sunday, 2015. The date is 29th March 2015. That is T= 000:00:00:00 for the Sekhmet Countdown timer. And when I created it on 12th February 2013, I had to give a location. It offered my location, Auckland as a default. But I knew that was wrong. Lajes came to me. So, I selected Azores. Since then some clever programming by has made the Sekhmet Countdown clock poorer. It originally just said Azores. Now it is cluttered and says Ponta Delgada, Azores and Ponta Delgada is a total irrelevance. But perhaps clever programming, by people who don’t fully understand the ramifications of their actions, is one of the things that will bring the End for man.

And so there outside Countdown is the date for Doomsday, which is shown by the juxtaposition of those two cars: 3-29-15 in American dating, one ahead of me, one behind. Pierre Simon Laplace postulated in 1814 the existence of a vast mind ‘for which the future and the past are both present before its eyes’. Was that fleeting image at 5:09pm on 4th October a glimpse of the reality of Laplace’s nightmare as Arthur C Clarke’s hero Robert Singh calls it in his 1993 asteroid impact novel The Hammer of God. And what is the probability of that juxtaposition. The numbers are easy. The Probability of a 329 car is 1in 1000, of a 2015 car 1 in 10,000. So the chance of both occurring together is 1 in 10,000,000. ie the odds are 10,000,000 to 1 AGAINST chance. But then comes the hard bit. How do you factor in the exact positioning one ahead and one behind, so neatly echoing Laplace’s inspiration. And how do you factor in the supermarket being called Countdown? We now have three Countdowns in Papakura. The other two used to be called Woolworths and Foodtown but they were amalgamated under Countdown brand some three years ago. Was it to emphasise that I am right and it truly is a Countdown? These other factors turn the problem into one that mathematicians call ill-defined. That’s a short-hand euphemism for ’too hard for us’. ( Now as I finish typing that last sentence, my eye is drawn to the clock on my computer. It shows 11.10pm 9th October . I bring up the date and time box. It shows 11.10.56pm The Voice says {Take 11:11:11.}

That code means The Voice of God. It has meant that since 11th November, 1985. I photograph it on my camera too. That image is DSC0628 far, far too late. Man has been warned so many times by God’s messengers over at least 10,000 years. They have all been either ignored, mocked or killed. Without exception, their teachings have been corrupted to suit men and then promulgated as ‘the Word of God’. That’s why the various ‘Words of God are so contradictory. And now God has had enough. )

So what are the real odds against chance of the Countdown coincidences? Is it 100 million to 1 or a billion to one against chance? And did it have to be that very day, the one before edition number NZH 45626? ( Remember  Flight AB626 is the flight number of the Boeing 797 in Down to a Sunless Sea but I now see it also has a relevance to the loss of MH370 Note added 5:01pm 28th April 2014)  So is it 10 billion to one or 100 billion to 1. You can put whatever numbers you want there. No one can really compute those odds. But it is not a rational mind that will simply dismiss it all as chance with the standard glib atheist’s throwaway line ‘unlikely events happen much more often than we realise...’ as if that is anything other than an admission of total ignorance on their part.

And that afternoon, before I saw that very unlikely juxtaposition outside Countdown, there had already been far more. I had only gone to Countdown at that time because of a train breakdown the night before in Papakura station. I wanted to see what they had done with DBR 1254, the problem loco on the ‘The World’s End Train Set’ (WETS). It had failed with ‘hot’ brakes the night before. They were locked on and couldn’t be released. Had they failed it with flats on the wheels back at Westfield? Would it be a DC instead today? But, no, it was 1254 again. I had no sooner seen this as this rear loco of the WETS passed under the road bridge than I turned to see ‘Jenny’s death van’ pass over the top. And after Countdown, there were other very significant cars parked opposite the railway station, linking to Jenny’s death, Ankhsoun and the coming Judgement on Death for all, but again those are other threads. The odds are trillions to 1 against chance. But who cares? Only I see the signs. No one has ever bothered to learn.  But then the world is full of fools, especially fools in high places in governments, commerce, the military and universities around the world, people who imagine they have all the answers.  Sadly they are all wrong answers, copied from one another like cheating school children.....

10. The World’s Biggest Losers
Not long after I got home from Countdown on 4th October,I watched the Prime early evening news at 5:30pm. There was the triumphant return of NZ’s heroic yachties, Emirates Team New Zealand who had so brilliantly snatched defeat from the very jaws of victory. Over some 10 days, they had gone from 8-1 up, when it was so obvious they were going to win the Americas Cup that the bookies stopped even taking bets to 8-8 for the final race on 26th September. And then in race 19, they finally went down 8-9. Why was that? It was meant to be a lesson for New Zealand in particular. Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) had sold its soul to the devil when it made the Faustian bargain to change its name from Team New Zealand in 2007. They have never won anything since.  But ETNZ is just a sad symbol for New Zealand itself, for the whole country has sold its soul to the devil in the guise of efficiency and profitability ie market forces. That evil doctrine has changed New Zealand from one of the most egalitarian countries in the world to one which has the greatest divergence between rich and poor in the developed world, all in the space of less than 20 years. New Zealanders truly are the world’s biggest losers.

After the coverage of the great homecoming and the National government’s new promise to throw more hard-earned taxpayers dollars into a rich man’s sport - good money after bad with a vengeance, came the finance figures, NZ stock exchange closing prices. Fletcher Building shares had climbed to $9.46.  It was a stunning echo of Perpignan - air disaster for New Zealand with all the overtones of Erebus and The Fates which comes straight back to the threads of fate of course.  Then the Fletcher Building shares were $5.57.)   And the newly 49% privatised Mighty River Power share price had fallen from $2.65 to $2.26. No killing there for greedy investors - is there any other kind?  946 means The Hammer of God and 226 is the code for Ra, Akhenaten and Ankhsoun's name for God. The first Christchurch earthquake was predicted by code 946 on 15th August, 2010, two weeks in advance of a totally unexpected disaster for Christchurch. Auckland has the unlikely prospect of a volcanic eruption. Wellington, like San Francisco or Los Angeles has the certainty of ‘The Big One’, a devastating earthquake, but only God knows when. But the 'city of the plains' was safe no known threats, or so the scientists imagined.  That's why the city council built whole suburbs on reclaimed land.  Developers made a killing.  Liquefaction turned those suburbs into hell on earth at least twice.  Now they have largely been abandoned - too expensive to fix.  Christchurch was safe the experts said.  The earth hadn’t moved under Christchurch for at least 16,000 years. But when it did move, on 4th September 2010, it was correct to the very day, 508 days after Jenny died and Ankhsoun died for the second time.

The Christchurch earthquake was the first Hammer of God for New Zealand. The America's Cup was a different kind of Hammer of God for New Zealand - a different kind of ‘air disaster’ you might say for a team that had sold its soul to the rich Arabs who own one of the world’s largest and most aggressive airlines.

11. The Final Sign
And now, there is just the final coincidence at Papakura’s other supermarket. On Sunday 6th October, the 19th anniversary of my arrival in Godlesszone, 6th October,1994,  the Voice told me to go to the New World supermarket to buy the Sunday Star Times newspaper and some groceries. As I came out from the shop, I saw in the car park opposite me a car with the number plate UNODAT. ( ‘you know date’ in a kind of txt spk

Yes I DO KNO (the) DAT. It is 29th March 2015. As I have already explained, it had been confirmed yet again at Countdown on 4th October. But did it have to be New World, the place of so many significant coincidences over the past few months conveying the warnings that the spiritualists are wrong, the atheists are wrong and that same-sex marriage is wrong? The message regarding the latter was particularly strongly repeated later but that came elsewhere through the thread of the South Auckland Mileposts in June 2013. But same-sex marriage is very much another sign of why the End is here. Did the UNODAT sign have to be at New World to echo St John’s words which bring the Book of Revelation to a close. Chapter 21 begins ‘I beheld a new heaven and a new earth............for the former things had passed away’. It is very much a description of a New World..... That is how it is to be.

12. The Sacred Key
God is making it all so clear now through the language He has chosen - sanctas clavis fores aperit was my school motto - Bury Grammar School, Lancashire ( 1958-65) The badge is a swan holding a key. We were told that the Latin means: the sacred key which opens the door (to knowledge). (As I add in the section headings in to aid comprehension, I get almost to the end here and now I find my eye is drawn to the clock It shows 12:54am on 10th October. Remember the WETS loco with the ‘hot’ brakes  DBR 1254?

And there you have another timely coincidence as if to authenticate what I was in the process of saying - that meaningful coincidence is that sacred key. I had not had any of this paragraph in the original or even the extended article. The words just came about the language chosen by God - meaningful coincidence and then the Latin words just came into my mind. It is the way spontaneous external inspiration works at exactly the right time. I had another example in the email I wrote to Louise at the BGS development office, less than a week ago. It linked Jenny and the thread of destiny to a photograph of a train on the now-closed railway line past the school....

In the past I have spoken of meaningful coincidence as being a modern form of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, truly sacred writing. And Bury Grammar School has been brought to my attention again over the last two months because of the coming together of two different threads, railways in my life and the killing of the soldier Lee Rigby at Woolwich in May 2013. I had had no contact with the school since early July 1966, so the sudden emphasis on BGS now has led me to conclude that that sacred key is meaningful coincidence. It is yet more evidence of destiny. And the door is the gateway to the knowledge of God, destiny and life after death. For, as I set about contacting BGS I came upon another most significant link. The phone number for Bury Grammar Boys school is now 0161 797 2700. The Girls School is 0161 797 2808. Note the 797 code. Look back to Down to a Sunless Sea if you can’t remember why it matters. As I said before, different threads emerge but they always connect back into the earlier threads, in time. It is all part of a very complex, intricate and grand design. .

13. And Even More In Touch
There were so many more threads woven in strongly over that particular weekend. On the Saturday night there had been the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me as I have already discussed and yet more emerged on the Sunday night. There were significant threads in the second episode of the second series of the Fox drama Touch, a storyline woven around destiny, threads and numbers and people who see them. But few people seem to see them in the real world. Jenny was another one, but I have yet to meet a third.

Episode 2.2 ended at 12.15am on 7th October, Doomsday in Down to a Sunless sea. Series 2 was broadcast in the USA many months ago. I could tell that from the sudden large number of hits on my Amelia Code page. But it was clear that most of the people were only interested in the Touch story and have no interest at all in the real deeper theme which is barely ‘Touched on’ in the TV drama. Most people want to be entertained. They don’t want to think. I estimate the thinkers at 2.5% of the population. That leaves an awful lot of androids. By Coincidence, Episode 2.2 had the code ‘500’ which links so neatly into Down to A Sunless Sea. But it wasn’t until the next day that I saw that link. At first it seemed that Jake had put to the side the numbers that really mattered 5 5 7 0 6 8 and spelled out 500 which didn’t.

So, although the series is American, it is when the series is shown in New Zealand that really matters. Touch had only just returned to New Zealand screens (TV3) on 29th February, sorry I meant to say September. Was that another inspired mistake? 29th February is 2-29 as in the apocalyptic film The Seventh Sign. 29th of September is 229+7. and 2297 is a sequence in the Amelia Code in Touch. Incidentally in Ep 1.13 shown first on 29th September, Martin’s car gets a puncture...what a coincidence. It was then followed by Episode 2.1 ( I finish editing the corrections here to final version of first draft . My eye is drawn to the computer clock 6:27pm Too late DTBox brings up 6:27:48. - in the original draft of this article now rather expanded

Make of it as you will.

Good grief - I look at my watch and I see it shows the time is 1826. I photographed it beside the screen. The watch image shows 18:26:58. ie 6:26:58pm on 9th October 2013. I have explained the significance of code 626. Code 658 means Alpha which is Omega. It is another derived railway code which would be of little interest even to former trainspotters. From bitter experience, I have found that even they are just interested in trains and they don’t have the slightest interest in any deeper meaning in their former hobby. I have no doubt now that God always knew it would be thus.
( This was the original final paragraph of the first draft of this article - over seven hours ago now but I did stop for quite a while in between the first dictation and the major editing.)

Book 5676 The DSS Anniversary Codes 091013 

Note: By chance 9th October is the anniversary of the landing on the extended second leg of Air Britain 626 landing at McMurdo base in the novel Down to a Sunless Sea - set in 1985 - still in the future when the novel was written in 1978  I only see that given the coincidences of recent days  10th - 13 th October which caused me to go back and look again at the novel  15:52  13th October, 2013 is also the anniversary of opening the time capsule in Knowing - another inspired Doomsday story  - one very much involving codes  It is indeed all cross-connected in the threads of destiny.  Working on the prophecy included pages.  More problems of old software and compatibility of modern systems.  Perhaps that is an element connected to what is to come

I glance down and see the time.  Good God!!  It is 1557.  I bring up the Date and Time box it comes up at 15:57:38 and by the time I hit print screen, it is 15:57:39  the precise  Lockerbie prophecy code 7AM396557.  Is it another indicator that everything I say is spot on?  God knows everything precisely and would appear to orchestrate so much of what I do and what others do with an almost unbelievable precision.  So perhaps I should end with the very words which I began:  Nuclear war is inevitable.  I feel God is saying that very clearly especially given what has happened in the days since I wrote this article. Of course it could all be chance.  But I suspect the odds against are greater than the number of seconds which have elapsed since the universe began.  But only an 'risk assessment expert' could calculate that!! ( 4:07:11pm)

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The Codes of Fate site was first published on 10th March 2013 at 5:03pm but some of the pages were previously published on  After a complete re-design it was re-published on 15th October 2013. It remains only partially completed.  It should still  be enough to make thinking people wonder.  As for the rest.....


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