Mary Magdalen & The End


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Mary Magdalen & The End
Mary Magdalen - Destiny and Easter

Palm Sunday - Another End and a Deeper Message

Evidence of Destiny in 'Corruption Free'   'Clean Green' New Zealand
This page is a more detailed account of two short paragraphs in Lianne Greer & Lion Rock, illustrating very powerfully the themes of meaningful coincidence and destiny.

But there was more. Suddenly I realised that Palm Sunday itself was yet another code repeat. I remembered all the signs around the sudden termination of my job at Waikato By Products, Tuakau, in March 2005.  I had suddenly been 'deleted' by a smart new young MBA from Wales, despite my having rescued the company on a number of occasions because of its difficult effluent treatment problems. It was the standard New Zealand way, getting in somebody who was 'better connected', somebody who would better smooth through the renewal of the Resource Consent, someone better able to smarm and charm councillors, rather than tell them the truth.    But it is is almost a summary of the New Zealand psyche.  Avoid confrontation at all costs. 

 Over the course of eight years from 1997-2005, I had come to understand more about the running of activated sludge plants treating rendering plant effluent than anybody else in New Zealand  had ever done before.  I had had very relevant experience in England. But I learned a lot more very quickly, through God's inspiration, I came to see in time.  Not that I bothered to explain how I came up with so many original ideas.  They wouldn't have cared anyway.  But that was why I had managed the WWTP at Waikato By Products for eight years and the Wallace's plant  at Waitoa for five.  I started there the day after 9/11.  I masterminded various upgrades at both treatment plants which had been low in cost and highly successful.  Over the years, it  all became a very practical application of God 's inspiration in helping me treat a highly difficult effluent, more than ten times stronger than sewage.

But it was also clear evidence of destiny.  I had used to lecture to engineers on those particular kinds of plants in England, where they are much more common, if only for treating sewage effluent for cities.  They are very flexible, high intensity treatment systems. Towns and even a few cities used the higher capital cost but much less power- hungry percolating filters.  In contrast,  New Zealand sewage works were largely primitive Third World oxidation ponds, cheap to build and of extremely variable quality, usually low.  Was it just chance that the consulting engineers then advising on the running of the effluent treatment plant at Waikato By Products were responsible for the plant's  failure just before Easter in 1997?  And was it chance that I had briefly worked for those consulting engineers in 1995, before parting company over a question of business ethics?

Those enginers told Waikato By Products management that it was necessary to add chemicals to the wastewater treatment plant in order for it to achieve its wastewater discharge consent effluent quality standard.  But for a reason I could never ascertain, they told Waikato By Products to add the chemicals to the wrong part of the treatment plant.  If they had had the chemicals added to the correct part of the plant it would not have led to disaster.  But perhaps it was meant to lead to disaster. And it had to be at Easter.  The chemicals destroyed the operation of the strength -reducing anaerobic ponds, which constituted the primary treatment stage of the plant.  I am sure they were  meant to.  I realised later that it was all necessary if fit with my previous experience of working for two different firms of civil engineering consultants in Auckland and for me to get the job I was always intended to have.

 So I was given the job of fixing it.   It was urgent.  Environment Waikato had served an odour abatement notice, which forced the closure of the treatment plant and hence the factory could not operate.  I worked right through  the Easter weekend until 1am most nights ... But by the Easter Tuesday 1997, I had an activated sludge  plant operating that could handle most of the factory effluent.  Waikato By Products  could get their factory running again.  Next I had to fix the anaerobic ponds.  

Was it just chance that my wife Jenny died an another Easter Tuesday, 12 years later, our 19th Wedding anniversary?

Mind , Environment Waikato only pursued a prosecution against the management of the company ie the plant manager and the plant foreman .  Even that was highly belated.  I was astonished that Environment Waikato had not even bothered to take formal samples for prosecution purposes when the plant initially failed so disastrously, causing a very strong, highly polluting, filthy jet black effluent which looked like used engine oil streaked with silver metallic paint, to discharge to the into the 'clean green' Waikato River at a rate of 300 tons a day .  It was a far cry from my experience of what happened when treatment plants polluted rivers in England back even in the 1970s and 1980s.   But there the river authorities or the RWA river divisions had teeth... and used them.  It wasn't anything like that  laid back 'clean green' New Zealand. 

 The fact that the Company had been carrying out the instructions of the consulting engineers seemed to have been conveniently overlooked.  I wrote to ask Environment Waikato why the prosecution was only brought against the Company, as the Company personnel had merely followed the instructions of people who were qualified experts.  The reply I got from Environment Waikato was that the information was 'legally privileged'  How very convenient.  It is a standard cop-out used so frequently in 'corruption free' New Zealand when the truth is 'awkward'.  Probably at least as common today is another cop-out- 'commercially sensitive'.  Auckland Council uses that a lot. 

But the wastewater plant had to fail just before Easter week to enable me to start work there in Easter week.  Everything was pre-destined.  There had even been a sign of my future through a steam train on Jenny's birthday on the road to Tuakau in February 1997.     It had to be Easter because Easter lies at the heart of the truth, the real story of Mary Magdalen and what happened that first Easter in 33AD - not CE.  And on the first day I arrived at Waikato byproducts, 26th  March 1997, Wednesday of Easter week,  the print-out dockets for  the  truck weighbridge reached 55700. 

And just think about the symbolism of that weighbridge, a  'great balance'.  It is a symbol of the last Judgement for one and all.  Mary NZers ( Dragon again - appropriate mind- ) ends her story with a stark warning about the Judgement that lies ahead for all.  Her spirit was sent to speak to me through Jenny in a trance.  Mary came for the first time on 5th April 1986, the Saturday after Easter.  She came in a chosen place also, but chosen not by her but by Elohim, as part of an intricate design.  That was her name for God.  And that weighbridge docket number was a reminder that the Judgement which Mary spoke about,  comes from the Source which had given us the 557 Lockerbie prophecy code 19 days before Pan Am 103 hit the ground at Lockerbie.  And remember that God chose to echo Mary's warning in those  first two Airbus crashes, Perpignan and US 1549.  On death all are judged.  But 5570 is also 'New Zealand' in the railway codes.  See Predestination - abc or A-Z?

My sojourn at Waikato By Products lasted precisely as long as was destined, almost until another Easter eight years later.  I was sacked on 18th March, 2005, exactly the day that God intended. I knew it was as Ra intended within minutes of my driving out of the gates of the rendering plant after my rather cruel, sudden termination. I turned left and drove back up SH 22 towards the Anglican Church of St John-beside-the-Latin-Gate (link to the Book of Revelation) and there was a hawk circling directly above the road. That was a sight I had never seen in the previous eight years.  It meant a lot to me because the falcon is the sign of the Egyptian Sun God, Ra.  That is why Ra Harakhte is always depicted as a man with the head of the falcon, for the falcon is the bird which flies highest in the sky, closest to the sun. The falcon sees all things and swoops at the time of its choosing.  It is not a bad metaphor for God at all.  It is a pity that the priests of Amun could not manage anything better than a ram, about as far-seeing as the average man. The Eye of Ra is always depicted  as a human eye with the markings from the eye of a falcon.

I was sacked on the Friday before Palm Sunday.  I had been puzzled over the previous week why I had been shown so many signs of the Apocalypse both in the numbers on various meters around the treatment plant and in an astonishing sunset on the Tuesday before the End. The fiery clouds looked for all the world like a comet. The sheep, in the fiery glow, looked up with their uncomprehending eyes.  They were so symbolic of the peoples of this world who fail to see any of the signs that God gives in so many meaningful coincidences, in the precise orchestration of so many disasters..

After I was sacked, it all fell into place.  Ra had chosen to emphasise to me 'The End of the World' over those few days in advance, because the End of the World was about to come for me, the job which  for eight years had been our main source of income. But it did have one benefit. It gave us time to get on with our real work, the production of our books.

It was only after Daniel Lado's death on Palm Sunday 2010,that when I thought back to my brutal termination just before Palm Sunday in 2004 with its associated 'end of the world' predictive pointers, that I suddenly realised that those signs were not just pointing to the brutal termination which was soon to end 'my world' in 2005 it was also had a more literal deeper meaning, pointing to a future termination, even more brutal, but rather more deserved, the real end of the world for man. Daniel Lado's death had been the revelation of that second meaning, but giving in addition, a time code also. That time code is in perfect agreement with the subsequent time code which was given through the actions of Anders Breivik, some sixteen months later.

And that is why the End will come for man on Palm Sunday, 29th March, 2015. See the Sekhmet Countdown Clock

And months later Daniel Lado's death was echoed in the Pike River mine disaster, the only survivor from the mine explosion being another Daniel, Daniel Rockhouse.  And another link to 'Rock'  too.   It was another case of design, one Daniel chosen for life another chosen for death.  It linked to another vision, that of Nebuchanezzar and his experience with mediums.  That account is given in the Old Testament Book of Daniel. Look at Daniel 2,29.... It is all discussed in a paper which I wrote to try and help Daniel Lado's mother understand that God had a vital purpose in her son's death. See Purpose in Pike River.


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