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 'Ordering' a Prophetic Car - Destiny or Design?

One afternoon in November 1988, whilst en route to Edinburgh, we stopped for petrol at a small garage in the Scottish borders. The idea came to me to ask about a second-hand car. Our current car, a Maestro, was getting rather longer than the truth (-Dragon - ‘long in the tooth’- but it was all about truth). I was looking for a 2 litre Montego estate car. They had nothing in stock but the man promised to phone me. Two weeks later he kept his word. An hour later, we drove over to have a look at the car.

E136TONaS.jpg (20627 bytes) There was the very car I had ‘specified’. But there was much more to it than met the eye. Perhaps that car was a symbol of reality, at least in that regard.
I began by opening the bonnet a look at the engine. There was a 557 number chalked on the side of the engine. It was Jenny who noticed it.   The 7 had a line through, it the way the French write a 7.
It been put on during assembly of the engine into that particular car, chassis number 7AM396557. So what? It was just an old chalk mark from the past.

 Almost miraculously it had survived from the manufacturing process. But then, the car had got never got a final clean-up for sale. It had become a company vehicle for Austin Rover, which is why a year, later it ended up at a garage in the isolated Scottish borders, as a low mileage ex-demo vehicle.  But was that car proof of destiny, of intelligent design?

We saw that car for the first time on 2nd December 1988.

Nineteen days later Pan Am 103 crashed at Lockerbie. It was a Boeing 747 registration number N739PA. An atlas gave the geographical coordinates of Lockerbie as 55° 7’ N, 3° 21’ W. So the car code begins 7AM39 and ends with 557.

That sequence of numbers and letters was a code sequence predicting what was going to happen and where. There was to be a plane crash of a specific Pan Am Boeing jumbo jet at Lockerbie.

Even the letters spelt out the airline - AM - Pan Am. And there is even the time 7AM3. It was actually 7.3 PM when the plane crashed but then you can’t have everything.

Pan Am


55°7'N - Lockerbie


7am - Morning

  Iran Air flight 655
N739PA - Original name Clipper Morning Light -1969

Destroyed by USS Vincennes - Persian Gulf - 3rd July 1988

N739PA - later re-named Clipper Maid of the Seas  

PA 103 destroyed at 7.3pm on 12.21.88


Date of IE655 destruction 7.3.88


 That summary is just the tip of the iceberg - the barest outline of an intricate web of destiny, powerful proof of intelligent design, surrounding the Lockerbie disaster.

Is there really nothing but blind random chance? Or are we being deceived by science’s claim to have all the answers about anything that really matters? For another part of the Lockerbie story is concerned with the answer to another vital question, one about which science can tell us absolutely nothing.

Is there life after death? “Insufficient data squawks the mechanical voice of the robotic scientist.   No answer can be given at this time.  Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Was it all chance or was it design? You would be better equipped to answer that question if you looked at the story in more detail, if you are interested enough in the answer to want to bother.

It is your choice, if only for now

6/05/2013 10:34:46 a.m.

For much more on the story see Lecture No 1 Lockerbie, Coincidence, Prophecy and Destiny

For more on Iran Air flight 655 and the Pentagon cover-up see our original Lockerbie and 557 article

And that date and time is another very interesting coincidence. We are at best actors on a stage.

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