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Lianne Greer & Lion Rock

Lianne Greer and Lion Rock

Evidence of Destiny in Names, Dates and Places

The Strange Coincidences  Around the Death of Lianne Greer

1. Chosen Ones
Last night (27th August)  there was an item on teletext  NZ news that linked so strongly to the death of Daniel Lado at Piha on Palm Sunday ,  2010.  He was drowned in the shadow of Lion Rock.  This latest teletext item reported that Lianne Greer was climbing Lion Rock with a group of friends in the early hours of Saturday morning, 25th August 2012, but fell her death.   I was amazed to see this reference to death at Piha on such an incredibly significant date linking as it did both the death of Daniel Lado and to the end for all mankind.  I was even more surprised to see that the young woman in question had a very significant name.  She was clearly another of the 'chosen ones'.    Her name immediately reminded me of Rick Greer, the medium who began my real life Celestial Prophecies Railway Journey on Advent Sunday 2011, a journey that carried on till Easter 2012.

Those experiences are described in my second train book The Holiday Relief.

2. Coincidence in Life and Death
And now comes the reminder of the name Greer with the death of Lianne Greer at the foot of Lion Rock. (As I type these corrections another sudden vision comes to me. Now I remember the New Zealand Herald on 3rd September 2010 had a picture of Lion Rock, Piha.   It was the first time that I had ever seen the lion so clearly picked out in the light and the shade. Was it intended to be a reminder of Sekhmet?  For, the next day came the first Christchurch Earthquake.  (Time now Computer - 5:06pm 17:06:44 28.08.12). But why is Lion Rock so important, for as well as an omen for that first  Christchurch earthquake, it is central to the deaths of two young New Zealanders, both Daniel Lado and Lianne Greer. Those two young people are linked by a common date which in itself is a code for the end of life on Earth, but also echoes the theme Alpha to Omega, the beginning and the end.

25th August was the date of Daniel Lado's birth and the date of Lianne Greer's death.  'The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away',  those words come from the service for the burial of the dead, words which I used when I produced the order of service for Jenny's funeral. Thomas Cranmer first wrote those words for that service in the first ever prayer book in English, the first edition of The Book of Common Prayer, published in March 1549, specifically for the newly- founded Church of England. God had used the lusts of the King of England to establish a church largely free of the corruption which was, and still is the church of Rome.

And remember that the second Airbus which crashed, in New York early in 2009, was the confirmatory second half of the message 'On death all are judged' . That Airbus A320 was flight US 1549. The purpose of that crash was to powerfully confirm the message given initially on the crash of the Air New Zealand Airbus just six weeks earlier. But the original message that 'on death all are judged' was given first on via the Air New Zealand Airbus A320 that crashed off Perpignan on 27th November 2008.

Now NZ had gone back in sequence to NY with very clear evidence of the Hand of God.  He chose to direct the Canada geese directly into the flight path of the US Air Airbus A320, turning it into 100 ton glider. Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot was widely praised for his skill, but his hands were guided by a higher power.. The Americans called it a miracle, as no one died in that crash landing on the Hudson River. But it was not the miracle it seemed. It had a powerful message which no one else in the world was able to see. But then I was the only person with the other half of the code, the the things that happened in my life, the strange coincidences or synchronicities if you like, which tied together so closely those two Airbus A320 crashes.

3. Comparative Religion
And now for the element which ties together the deaths of these two young people to the coming death of all.   Lion Rock is an perfect description for the means by which that end will come, fairly soon, for all life on Earth.  In his novel The Hammer of God Arthur C Clarke calls his ' death asteroid' Kali. Clark begins the novel with a frontispiece set out in the following format:

All the events set in the past happened
 at the times and places stated; all those
 set in the future are possible.
 And one is certain.
 Sooner or later we will meet Kali.


 The principle is absolutely correct.  He just happened to choose the wrong religion.  This is because he lived in Ceylon .  Perhaps it was his destiny to live in Ceylon....Certainly,  Hinduism is part of the popular culture.  But Hinduism is not a religion of any great significance in the End Times codes.  God is One and he has no time for sacrifices, of any kind.  Hindus seem to favour very greatly Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, a very popular name for young Hindu girls.  The first one I met was actually in Luxor and her interest in wealth certainly fitted her name.  I do not know whether there is a goddess of truth in the Hindu pantheon but I have never heard of one.  However Maat, the goddess of Truth and Justice was very prominent in the Egyptian pantheon, a key symbol in the Last Judgement scenes which are shown so regularly in the Egyptian  Books of the Dead.  Maat was a daughter of Ra;  so was Sekhmet.

The name which I have been led to give to the death asteroid is Sekhmet. Below is the Sekhmet Countdown clock.


It is set to reach zero at 12:29pm on Palm Sunday, 29th March 2015.  That is when the Source - God - Ra - Elohim - Ahura Mazda - different names for the same One God - has indicated that Sekhmet, the real doomsday asteroid, not Carolyn Shoemaker's inspired, but misleadingly, named one, will do for mankind what the Chicxulub asteroid did for the dinosaurs in the Gulf of Mexico in 65million BC. 

The principal difference is that man deserves it so much more.  The dinosaurs were God's first mistake, if you like, Creation 1.0  Man is his second, Creation 2.0, a mistake He shortly intends to rectify.

(It is curious how a software malfunction has changed the size of this box within's software or its interface with FrontPage.  Doubtless there is a message there too, as computer error is repeated again and again now -  The page is now different as published in the internet browser from the page as designed and shown in Front Page.  11:26pm Anzac Day 25th April 2014.  The overtone of 'Lest we forget' is inescapable. 11:28pm -  Destiny manifest.....  I had just got the idea to add the Doomsday clock as it was created long after this page.  But there were long-standing link errors on this page which I discovered a few days ago many resulting from my migrating it from Light-Eternal to the Codes of Fate. Others were very simple  tiny errors from changing the file name, badly... viz Lianne_greer_lion_rock.htm  instead of lianne_greer_lion_rock.htm...  )

For more see Sekhmet Countdown   The Happy New Year Message for 2014 continues the theme....

 Doubtless Carolyn Shoemaker was inspired to call her Aten asteroid 5381 by the same name.   For the real End for man is intricately linked into Amarna.  According to the old Egyptian myths Hathor in the form of Sekhmet, was sent to destroy mankind by fire, when mankind turned against Ra.  That could be a parable about the world of today.  Mankind exhibits nothing but contempt for God and His works.   God is just the latest name for the Creator of space and time which 33 centuries ago, Akhenaten and Ankhsoun knew as Ra.  See also Aurora - warning from Ra.   Maat was always depicted as a woman with an ostrich feather in her hair.  Sekhmet was always depicted having the head of a lioness and the body of a young woman, not unlike the one that lay at the foot of Lion Rock around 2am on 25th August, 2012.   The beautifully carved black granite statues in the British Museum, in London, dating from the time of Akhenaten's father, Amunhotep III, show this clearly. 

The death asteroid may be one million tons of rock, ten million , a hundred or a thousand million tons of rock.  It is for Ra to know.  The one thing you can be sure of is that it will be a very big rock, the real 'Lion Rock' or rather 'Lioness Rock' and very precisely aimed for the purpose intended, just as was the earthquake which produced the 3in1 disaster for North East Japan in March, 2011.  That came at a specifically chosen time.  However, in 1978 God did inspire John Baxter with the coded clues for the same coming event,  the date and the location of the impact of the death 'star'.  In The Hermes Fall, John Baxter sets the impact time as 8:17 am on 25th August 1980 in the North Atlantic at a location with the coordinates  22 9'N   46 2'W.  This is why Lianne Greer's death on 25th August, 2012 at the foot of Lion Rock is so significant.  229 is the Apocalypse code in the Alpha and Omega Codes.  It has been since November, 1988.  See The Seventh Sign.  462 was a railway code, indicating Pacific.  Of course, in The Hermes Fall the asteroid falls in the Atlantic, but perhaps the Pacific reference is because the Revelation of the meaning of it all was always intended to come from the Pacific and that is where New Zealand is located, the South Pacific.  And so many of  the Apocalypse coincidences have been woven around New Zealand and New Zealanders.  What is more that trend seem to be increasing given the emphasis in the last few months of 2012.

4. Destiny and Death in Egypt
Daniel Lado was born on 25th August 1994 and he died on Palm Sunday, 28th March, 1010.  I never met him but I had met his mother on 25th January, 2010.  Jasmine was one of the main reasons for my meeting Jan, I came to realise.  That is not her real name but as she was never named in the media at the time of Daniel's death I have chosen to respect her privacy.  Jasmine is a common enough name in Egypt.  She is an Egyptian woman, born in Aswan.  The trip mileage on my car that night, outside her house, was 229.2.  It happened to be just down the street from Zeus Place and Zeus of course was the king of the Greek gods.  I puzzled at the time why my car mileage was not 2297, because I could see that it was intended to be clearly a link between Egypt and the end of the world.  

After Daniel drowned at Piha, on Palm Sunday 2010, I suddenly understood that the mileage on my car had not been out by 0.5 at all.  It had been absolutely precise, the way God intended it to be.    For much more detail of Egyptian code repeats, Daniel Lado's death and its connection to the End of the World, see  Destiny, Death and Egypt

5. Signs of The End of the World

And now 20 years later, there was a 'code repeat' of our Egyptian experience at Aswan, written around the son of an Egyptian woman born in Aswan.   The web of destiny predicting mankind's lack of future was woven intricately around  Daniel Lado and his Egyptian mother.  My car mileage outside her house had been 229.2, apparently 'out by five'.  That was because in January 2010, man had just a little over five Easters left to go.....2010,  2011 2012 2013 and 2014.  It was indicating that the end would come around Palm Sunday in 2015.  Is it not a very neat part of God's intricate plan that the first Easter Day after the destruction of man will fall on precisely the same date in the calendar as the first Easter Day of all, 33 A.D, the day Mary Magdalen alone went to the tomb?  Only one of the four Gospels managed to get that fact correct, the gospel of John. 

But there was more. Suddenly I  realised that Palm Sunday itself was yet another code repeat.  I remembered all the signs around the sudden termination of my job at Waikato By Products in March 2004.  But I was sacked on exactly the day that God intended.  The clear evidence of destiny in this job is discussed much fully in Mary Magdalen, Destiny and Easter

After I was sacked, it all fell into place.  Ra had chosen to emphasise to me 'The End of the World' over those few days in advance, because the End of the World was about to come for me, the job which  for eight years had been our main source of income. But it did have one benefit.  It gave us time to get on with our real work, the production of our books.

It was only after Daniel Lado's death on Palm Sunday 2010,that when I thought back to my brutal termination just before Palm Sunday in 2004 with its associated 'end of the world' predictive pointers, that I realised that those signs were not just pointing to the brutal termination which brought the end of my world in 2004 they was also pointing to a future brutal termination, the real end of the world for man.  Daniel Lado's death had been the revelation of that second meaning, but in addition giving a time code also.  That time code is in perfect agreement with the subsequent time code which was given through the actions of Anders Breivik.

And Daniel Lado's death was echoed in the Pike River mine disaster, the only survivor from the mine explosion being another Daniel,  Daniel Rockhouse.  It was another case of design, one Daniel chosen for life another chosen for death.  it linked to another vision, that of Nebuchanezzar and his experience with mediums.  That account is given in the Old Testament Book of Daniel.  Look at Daniel 2,29.... It is all discussed in a paper which I wrote try and help  Daniel Lado's mother understand that God had a vital purpose in her son's death. See A Tale of Two Daniels. 

6. The Pain of Loss and Life After Death
Some will say it is easy for me to talk about God having a purpose in death.  But I had to come to terms with the death of the only person in my life who really mattered to me, that of my wife Jenny.  God gave her to me in February 1986 and He chose to take a back on our 19th wedding anniversary, 14th of April 2009.  I chose my first wife,  largely anyway.  God chose my second.  His choice was far better than mine.  Jenny's death was the most traumatic time in my life, but God eased my suffering by showing me how Jenny's death was a key part in in the work which both of us had tried to do for the previous 23 years.  Her death was part of the proof that there is indeed life after death, at least if you are worth it. 

Suddenly, I look out of the window as I type this.  Its a lovely sunny day.  And I see the first hint of blossom on the kowhai tree outside my window, just   a couple of bright yellow blossoms.  The white eyes have been busy lately in the tree but soon it will be the turn of the Tuis.  They come as soon as it turns to a mass of glorious yellow.  It is the only time of the year when I see Tuis in the garden.  They always remind me of Jenny because that was her nickname at school -Tui.  They called her tthat because she had a small tuft of hair below her lip.  Three and a half  years on, I still miss her terribly.  So do not tell me I do not understand about how awful death is.  I have just had to accept that it is God's will.  But I also know that death is not the end.  I have had very powerful proof of that through at least three mediums, as well as through my own personal experiences.  But do not take that as being an endorsement of mediums.  Yes three succeeded, chosen ones at chosen times, chosen by God.  But that was only after 30 had failed dismally.  One of them had been Rick Greer on Mass Observation Day,  31st of May 2009,  the day of the third Airbus crash. Greer had been the medium at the Church of the Golden Light on New North Road in central Auckland. 

The Church of the Golden Light seemed most appropriate.  Because when Ankhsoun spoke of her death at the hands of the cruel priests of Amun she told how after all the pain, she went to where ' all was golden light'.  Over 50 years ago, some inspired member of the church of the Golden Light decided to buy some table lamps for the 'altar'.  But not even the oldest members of the church could tell me anything about either the lamps or the person who bought them.  They 'just happened' to have deep blue shades adorned with seven stars.  The link to the Jewel of the Seven Stars was inescapable.  Bram Stoker's inspired story was published in 1903.  Indeed one of the chapters of the book is called The Finding of The Lamps. The novel is the story of the bringing back to life of an Egyptian queen, something that actually happened to me in July 1986.   the novel begins with a dream about the boat trip on the Thames between Windsor and Cookham.  It is precisely that stretch of the Thames were Eton Dorney Lake is now located. Back to New Zealand Gold - London 2012.

Now I see that that was a key element in the sequences which come before man is wiped from the face of the earth. After my termination by Waikato By Products out of the blue on the Friday before Palm Sunday, 2004, and the death of Daniel Lado on Palm Sunday 2010, the death of Lianne Greer comes as a third element of confirmation of the looming lion rock, or rather lioness rock, winging its way at 40 miles second through the blackness of space to its date with destiny and the  fragile blue planet around Palm Sunday 2015.

7. In Touch
My job Waikato byproducts ended on the 18th of March 2004.   That brings us straight back to Touch, the Fox TV drama series about the way code numbers strangely cross-connect people and events in the world.  Yes it is all fiction but a least the Amelia Codes are inspired, as well as some of the elements of the begins on the 18th March 2012 with code 318........

There is an order of a reality beyond our understanding of space and time.  The laws of physics, astronomy and chemistry only tell us part of the story.  They only relate to the world of space and time.  But there is another reality beyond space and time, a reality which involves God and the spirits of the dead. See An Executive Summary

A more comprehensive version of this article will be found in The Prophecies of Nostradominus.

5.30pm 28th August 2012

On the evening of 28th August, 2012, just after I wrote the full version of this article, there waiting for me beside the Papakura railway station was a car with a very significant number plate.  It was the only car in the car park,  almost as if intended to catch my attention.  That car number plate echoed right back to the medium Rick Greer and my Glenbrook Vintage Railway real life 'Celestine Prophecy Adventure' of Advent 2011, just as had the DL had south on a  freight about quarter of an hour earlier.  Advent used to be the time when in more honest and less popular-focused times the Church of England reminded men about not only the coming of Christ also the Second Coming.  but that is not popular now.  It is all about bums on seats and inclusivity.   But the Second Coming now has far more relevance for the world than the birth in Bethlehem.  The former is real whereas the second is merely a feel-good myth.  That is the important thing to remember now.

In those 15 min I had driven to the New World supermarket and purchased a copy of the New Zealand Herald for the day.  It carried the article about the death of Leanne Greer.  New World evokes the first words of the 21st chapter of the book of  the Revelation of Saint John the divine, the penultimate chapter of the New Testament and thus the Bible:

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth;
for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;
and there was no more sea. 

 Was that Saint John's vision of the New World that there will be after Sekhmet has carried out her appointed task?  And it is rather curious that  when I went to check that quotation for the exact words in a handy copy of the Bible it flipped open at the illustrated section right at the end which has many illustrations from ancient Egypt.  One of these, Plate XXIV is a picture of the Judgement scene, where the heart is weighed against the feather of truth, symbolising Maat. Just two illustrations further on , Plate XXVI  depicts as a human headed bird, the spirit leaving the body on death.  The Egyptian version of that reality has not been bettered in the 3200 years which have since elapsed.  It is an old Bible published by the Oxford University press c 1958. the 'Oxford Helps to the Study of the Bible' comprise almost 40% of the entire book.   There at the front is the University crest with its open book inscribed 'DOMINUS ILLUMINATEO MEA', the book edged by seven trumpets echoing the seven seals of the last (judgement).  Illustrations numbers XIV to XL are all taken from Egypt.  Perhaps it is significant that plate  XIV has an image of Amun but XL is a clay tablet discovered at Akhenaten's  city of Akhutaten.        For more related to this emphasis to me today see Oxford and the Last Days

Both the letters and numbers on that car plate connected to Rick Greer and the GV are.  The code numbers were a reminder of Arthur C Clarke's inspiration and The Hammer of God.  you can guess what the code number might be but you will be able to guess the letters.  The account with this powerful confirmation experience will also be found in The Prophecies of Nostradominus.

More confirmation that my interpretation of Lianne Greer's death having a deep significance came over the next two days as I realised that the same message had been given in my site visitor statistics during August 2012.   See  The Hermes Confirmation Codes.

(See also You All Must Die - The Purpose of Anders Breivik - a code only discernible in Auckland New Zealand.)

5.30pm 29th August 2012



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