Let There Be Light.....


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Let There Be Light.....
Let There be Light...........and There Was Light

1. Encounter at Countdown

The maps are included as many people have no idea where New Zealand is or think it's part of Australia - its all 'down under' anyway.  But New Zealand is where so many of the signs of the End of the World are concentrated, or at least the understanding of them is.  And no-one will have heard of Papakura.  The Countdown supermarket chain, like all of New Zealand's main banks, is Australian owned.  Only Kiwis are stupid enough to sell off banks...Oh I forgot.  The British are too. Now one of NZ's biggest exports is money ....profits to Australian banks $4B per annum at the last count.  A few years back, Foodstuffs decided to re-brand all their retail empire as Countdown   Foodtown,  Bigfresh and Woolworths all vanished in the makeover, together with things like Scottish malt loaves, almond paste and many other things that don't shift fast enough....  I

Its all part of the Countdown to the End of the World.  That's why in New Zealand, Shell petrol is now  Z Petrol - Z is the end of the alphabet....and of the road.....for man. The branders sold the idea as Z for new Zealand, but I know better.  229 shell stations were bought out initially.  I just saw that as more confirmation that oil is the Beast of the Apocalypse.  But eventually the Shell licensing cost too much and the new owners went for the re-brand as Z Petrol. It fitted perfectly, especially on 11/6/11 in Auckland and on 1/1/12 in Waiuku.  It was meant to. 

Read on to understand the latest sign, the latest warning, that of the asteroid conjunction, the expected one that flew past and the unexpected one that didn't.  This is how the latest prophecy code came about and what it really means.

In September, 2012, an American man began a conversation with me in the checkout queue in the Papakura supermarket in South Auckland. That was unusual in two respects. People do not tend to start conversations in New Zealand and as Papakura is not one of the 'better' parts of Auckland, Americans  are as rare as hen's teeth. I was invited for lunch the next day and then had no more contact with Rob for almost 5 months. I called round to see him on 28th January, 2013

We chatted for a while. Eventually Rob told me of a local magazine he had recently been given. It was called elocal. It contained an article by a bookshop owner who, as Rob saw it, was interested in the paranormal just like me. Rob is a sociologist who is an expert on anomalous beliefs. By this he means those beliefs that are not held by the mainstream of humanity, i.e. those that are not officially sanctioned by the thought police of the various countries around the world. Rob has studied belief in UFOs and aliens extensively, having done two masters degrees in this topic. He had a slight knowledge of spiritualism as well, but unlike UFOs, it was not his forté.


2. Project X Files
Julie Halligan, the owner of the Holy Grail bookshop in Pukekohe, a town 13 miles to the south of Papakura, had written a series of articles under the title Project X Files. This January 2013 issue of the magazine contained Part 3 of the series. Rob suggested that perhaps I could promote my books somehow through her shop, as she too was interested in the paranormal. However, Julie’s belief in UFOs and aliens was light years away from my belief that coincidences have objective meanings and that the spirits of the dead really can communicate with the minds of people in this world. It was not very promising was my initial thought. Aliens might be Rob's forte, but they were not mine. However the Holy Grail was, so the next day, I drove down to Pukekohe to have a look at Julie’s shop.

By coincidence I soon found a book entitled The Illustrated Holy Blood And Holy Grail, just after I had found a large book entitled The Lives of The Popes. It seemed I was being linked back to both of Dan Brown's inspired novels The da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons both of which cross correlate very extensively with our own real Alpha and Omega codes. The Illustrated Holy Blood And Holy Grail seemed a very appropriate book to find in the Holy Grail bookshop.

 After all, our first two books from 1986 were concerned with the truth about the real holy blood, spilled thirteen centuries apart, first a woman sacrificed to a false god and subsequently a man sacrificed to the same false god but under a different name. See Ankhsoun Daughter of Ra and Mary, Daughter of Elohim

When I went to pay for the book another strange coincidence was waiting for me. Sometimes people tell me I look for coincidences. I do not look; they just there in front of me. But I do try to understand the meaning in them. And that is why I differ from almost everybody else who encounters coincidence. I know for certain there really is meaning in coincidence. There is intended to be. It is a kind of modern hieroglyphics. But you have to learn to read the language.

Julie happened to be pricing some railway books. Railways form the thread of destiny which has connected 54 years of my life. See my train book Predestination abc or A-Z? A Trainspotters Guide to Destiny. “How Odd, I am very interested in railways” I said to Julie. “You are lucky” she replied “Those books have just come in today. Serendipity. So we began to discuss coincidence. I told her about our Lockerbie experiences of December 1988.  Then Julie gave me a copy of Part 4 of her Project X Files article in the February issue of elocal which had been published just the previous day.

3. The Ridiculous Headline - or Was It?

This headline was set above a picture of Pope John XXIII. In essence that headline encapsulated the conclusion I had come to after 29 years work in paraphysics, as long as you replace alien minds which presumably are to be found in Julie's UFO sightings, with external minds, minds which lie beyond space and time, Julius headline was absolutely spot-on. ( Dragon insists on a rendering Julie's as Julius. A picture of Pope Julius II, one of the three Popes of 1503 was shown on the cover of the book A History of the Popes. And code 503 is the code at the heart of Angels and Demons.)

Perhaps it was Zoroaster (Greek - Zarathruster in Avestan his native language) who had the greatest grasp of this particular aspect of reality. Way back in the mists of time he would seem to have been inspired with a view of the world which is remarkably accurate. In Zoroastrian tradition he is dated to c600 BC but from a study of the linguistics of surviving texts, 19th century scholars considered that more likely date to be probably around 1800 BC. Plutarch in c 80AD dated Zoroaster to around 6000 BC. Zoroaster saw the world is a battle between two great minds, the Creator, the greater mind and a lesser mind. The former he came to call Ahura Mazda (Illuminating Wisdom) and the latter Angra Mainyu (Destructive Spirit), battling for the control of humanity. A rough, modern equivalent would probably be God and the devil, but the worship of the latter in the modern world is far from confined to satanic cults. It is to be found in so many lifestyles.

4. Back in Time and Going Forward?

So Julie's article actually was so close to the truth in that apparently ridiculous headline. HUMAN BEINGS ARE SIMPLY PAWNS IN A GREAT GAME BEING PLAYED BY ALIEN MINDS. The only difference was that Julie and I understood that headline in totally different ways. The Voice had been so insistent that I should go to Pukekohe that afternoon. Now suddenly as I arrived back home rather late, I discovered another reason why. My watch showed 7:39 PM as I pulled in to my drive. The mileage indicated on my car was 255711 km. I had left Pukekohe on 255689. It was clearly a reminder to me of the Lockerbie prophecy code, which I had discussed with Julie, and which had prompted her to give me her copy of Part 4 of Project X-Files.

I had explained to her how I had been offered a car with the chassis number 7AM396557 on 2nd December 1988.

It had precisely predicted the Lockerbie air disaster.19 days later, when Pan Am flight 103, a Boeing 747 with the registration number N739PA crashed at 7.3 PM at Lockerbie, 55° 7' North on 21st December, just 40 miles away from where we lived in the Border hills of Southern Scotland. And now as if to reiterate that my interpretation of Julie’s headline was correct, here was another conjunction of 557 with 739. Twice before in 1996 and 2009 that conjunction repeat had prophesied another plane crash;and twice before the prophecy had proved correct. So was there another air disaster in the offing?


Later that night, 30th January, 2013, I read Parts 1 and 2 of Project X-Files on the Internet as  back issues of elocal on-line. Part 2 began with a claim about the ancient civilisation about which I know quite a lot, that of ancient Egypt. http://www.elocal.co.nz/View_Article~Id~739~title~ELocaL%20COMMUNITY%20MAGAZINE%20-%20View%20Articles.html I have left in the full reference as it is ID No 739 Remember the Lockerbie prophecy estate car predicting the crash of Junbo Jet N739PA above?

This illustration showed an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic with what appeared to be a helicopter and fighter jet trainer. This came as something of a surprise to me as I had thought that the most advanced technology of the ancient Egyptians were horse-drawn chariots.

I think it was meant to be part of the proof that aliens had visited the Earth over millennia. But somehow that hieroglyphic did not look quite right. It was far too sharp, appearing to be more the work of modern Photoshoppers rather than that of ancient Egyptian stone masons.  I will discuss this image in much more detail later.  It is very significant but not for the reasons Julie imagines.

But it was a very interesting link to a most important area of my work. I decided to try and get hold of the printed back numbers for parts 1 and 2 and so left a phone message for the production manager of elocal on 7th February. However she did not ring back and I did not chase it up.

5. Coincidence Number One - Asteroid Countdown - Russia

Late on Tuesday morning 12th February I created an in-page Countdown timer, the days remaining to the Doomsday asteroid impact which the Codes of F8 indicate to me will come in a little over two years time. I created that on a page on our Light Eternal site. I gave the page the title Sekhmet Comes. I did it then because the Voice told me to.

That afternoon the elocal production manager rang back. She was a Russian lady by the name of Tatiana Skorik and she came from Moscow. I explained why I wanted the elocal back numbers and explained a little about my interest in coincidence and Julie’s X File articles explaining how coincidences had predicted disasters. Tatiana seemed quite interested and asked for my website address.  I told her the address and I heard her typing away.

Then I knew she had found it because I heard the tune down the phone. I recognised it immediately because it is the Light Eternal theme tune. It is a tune for an Anglican hymn. ‘Let there be light’ is the last line of the first verse. Hymn tunes all have names and very many of them are place names, mostly in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland. But this one was different. Its name is Moscow.

Play Moscow

(As I typed Moscow, suddenly my eye was drawn to the time. The computer clock shows 5:57 PM, 23/02/13. Remember code 557 in the Lockerbie prophecy described above?)

I had got the idea for a new rainbow theme for the home page. It was quite difficult to create. I wanted a rainbow because it shows all the colours of light, God’s light, and because the rainbow is a sign of God's covenant, powerful link to real message of Mary Magdalen. I published a new page on Lux Aeterna explaining about the new theme and the tune on 27th September 2007. See A New Rainbow Theme and see also The Rainbow in 2013, the latest corruption by man.

Now back to my conversation with Tatiana: “What a coincidence” I said. “For the first time ever I hear my site opened by someone during a telephone call. It is a woman from Moscow who does it and that tune is called Moscow”. Tatiana agreed that it was quite strange.

I then asked her if she could help me.  My sites have Google Translate installed on all the pages but I had no idea what sort of quality the translation is.  As she was obviously fluent in Russian could she call up the translation of that Light Eternal home page in Russian and tell me whether it made sense or whether it is a lot of nonsense.  I waited for a little while and then Tatiana came back.  “No” she said “It is really quite clear.  It makes sense in Russian.”  And then she told me she would post off the magazines which I had asked for, the elocal back numbers for November and December 2012.

6. Coincidence Number 2. Asteroid Impact - Russia

At 9:20am local time on the morning of Friday 15th February in central Russia (4:20pm NZ time, 3:20am GMT) there came an asteroid impact. 7200 buildings in the central Russian city of Chelyabinsk were badly damaged and almost 1500 people were injured, most of them cut by flying glass from windows which were blown out by the shockwave. Was it really just chance that I had that previous Tuesday morning created an asteroid countdown timer and then got a phone call from a Russian woman who proceeded to play the tune named after the city where she was born. And I had added that tune and the rainbow theme to my website more than five years earlier in September, 2007 as though in anticipation, as though something had put everything in place ready. The coincidence of her phone call was another Cassandra Jigsaw puzzle piece to point to where the asteroid would hit.... Russia. In fact it was even more accurate than just the right country. It used to be said that the American idea of precision bombing was hitting the right country. God has rather greater accuracy than the USAF.

Can it really all just be chance? Perhaps some expert in statistics somewhere can work out the probability of it all being chance. Over to you Professor Spiegelhalter in your comfortable Cambridge chair,Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, an expert on statistics who is certain that meaningful coincidence is a myth.  But, Perhaps its all just too difficult.

No!!  Something must have planned it all. The web of destiny is too intricate for chance.  As Rev Paley said in 1829, chance will create a wart.  It will not create an eye.  And just as with Lockerbie in 1988, it seems that the Eye of Ra had peered unerringly into the future and orchestrated the myriad coincidences.

 Is the Voice that I hear really just illusion?  My creating that timer fitted in incredibly precisely with the phone call from Tatiana.  Was she caused to ring me to create the conjunction in the earth which was to predict the conjunction to come in the heavens three days later, resulting in the disaster in her native land?

Was it not all intended to be powerful evidence that Rob's actions, Julie’s actions, my actions and Tatiana's actions were all at the behest of an outside mind, the Greater Mind, just as Julie’s headline had claimed. It has to be crucial evidence that the Greater Mind really does exist. Were we not indeed four pawns on the chessboard, in a game being played by an outside mind, the Greater Mind, part of the final battle with Angra Mainyu who has succeeded in enslaving, in one way or another, the vast majority of mankind. Was the asteroid 2013 RA007 another pawn, sacrificed to represent a Queen, Sekhmet, the daughter of Ra who is still two years off? (Idea for asteroid nomenclature 11:11pm 24/02/13 - Lest we forget)

7. A Cosmic Conjunction
That Russian meteorite strike is now officially a hundred year event, the largest asteroid impact since Tunguska - same country - Russia, on 30th June, 1908. However that_Tunguska event was much bigger. The impact energy there is estimated at 3 to 30 megatons whereas the February 2012 Chelyabinsk asteroid impact was a mere 500 kilotons, ie only 25 times the power of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on 9th August 1945.


Look at the irony. NASA and the world’s astronomers, the Guardians of Spacewatch, were all busy watching 2012 DA 14, the asteroid they knew would fly by at 7:25 PM GMT on 15th February, 16 hours later that very same day, when suddenly the Earth were hit by another asteroid they did not even know was coming, but which the Greater Mind obviously did.

I had been searching for a burned out sensor image of the Chelyabinsk fireball to put here. But that intention was overtaken by more events.  Instead I found yet more astonishing confirmation of my hypotheses in another asteroid fly by yesterday.  I explain later... ( Sunday, 10th March 12.41pm)

Some Russians thought it was the End of the World. They probably knew an asteroid was due to fly by some time later that day but he was one that had not flown by. There was a blinding flash and the terrific shockwave and then huge streamers crossing the early morning skies. Were there more on the way? Certainly, when I saw the images on TV news that night, 15th February, of the asteroid streaking across the Russian skies, I immediately thought of the 1998 film Deep Impact.

By 18th February, 1491 people had been treated for injuries and 112 remained in hospital. (Wikipedia)  By 5th March Interfax had reported that more than the 7200 buildings had been damaged. Estimates of the size of the asteroid varied from a few metres to 20 m. Early Russian report estimated the asteroid mass as 10 t but NASA later computed 7700 tons before revising it to probably 11,000 tons. The airburst and the shockwave registered on seismographs at a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale. It was a very notable event indeed, the most people ever injured by an asterid in recorded human history.  And it was the latest one predicted so clearly by The Codes of f8.  16 hours after the strike on Russia, as predicted 2012 DA14 did indeed flypast at a distance of 17,200 miles, the closest near miss ever observed of a large object in space.

It was the next day, what would have been Jenny's 66th birthday, c1232pm when I saw an image on the Daily Telegraph website showing the paths of both asteroids, I immediately had a vision of it as the cross hairs of a celestial sniper's gunsight. 

8. The Second Coming
During that close encounter of  2012 DA14  with the earth, its orbit  was perturbed and so it changed from an  Apollo class asteroid to an  Aten class asteroid . It could not be more appropriate. - So is part of the purpose of this heavenly conjunction to remind mankind of Ankhsoun and her father Akhenaten who tried in vain to explain the truth about Amun and Ra to a world that didn't care? Most people preferred to listen to the assurances of the priests. Amun and Ra were one and the same.  People made sure they brought their offerings to Amun Ra.  Others who didn't listen carefully enough, were beaten till they did.  It was exactly equivalent to Angra Mainyu and Ahura Mazda....The Russian asteroid came from the direction of the rising Sun. Was it not intended to be a warning from Ra, further confirmation that Ankhsoun was indeed the Second Coming. And just as with the asteroid, all the religions have been looking in the wrong direction for the One they each expected, Jesus, the Mahdi, the Messiah.

Now nothing remains but the End, in the reign of the Last Pope.  A corrupt bunch of Cardinals and a few others is about to elect the last Vicar of Rome, the last head of the largest, richest and most corrupt church on the face of the Earth.  Was it really chance that after the Moscow coincidence with Tatiana just after I created the Sekhmet Countdown timer  I went Countdown (Again) for some groceries and to buy a copy of the NZ Herald.   I was surprised at the front page headline SHOCK - POPE TO QUIT.  "Good God," I Thought.  "That fits perfectly with the timer and Malachi's list.  It all has to be right." Three days later came the proof in the heavens that it was.

Of course you could also see a little joke in that 2013 Ra007 from the direction in the stars of the constellation Pegasus, the flying horse. Was this intended as an oblique reference to the horse meat scandal which is currently engulfing most of Europe, the latest success story for unbridled market forces aka the Gospel of Greed, such a key element of 666?  Angra Mainyu reign...but not for much longer

9. Let There be Light....and there was Light.
The light shone in the darkness but the darkness comprehended it not

Think of that powerful symbolism in the code repeat. A Russian woman played a tune ‘Let there be light’ without realising its meaning just two days before her fellow countrymen saw that light without realising its meaning. The light overloaded the security camera sensors and the image of the street was burned out. It was the light that warned of the glory of God which was spoken of to me by the spirit of Mary Magdalen through Jenny in a trance in April 1986, ‘by coincidence’ at the time of Russia's worst ever technological disaster, that of Chernobyl.

However there had been an earlier Russian nuclear disaster. There had been an accident at a nuclear weapons production site when a storage tank exploded. The site was Kyshtim, a secret facility known by its postcode Chelyabinsk 40 .The date was 29th September, 1957. (229+7). The British nuclear accident at Windscale, its worst yet, occurred 11 days later. The Russian disaster was kept secret for 20 years. The British experts had the farmers pour hundreds of gallons of milk down the drain.  Sod the sewage works.  Then they changed the name to Sellafield....So is the location of ground zero for the asteroid impact strike of 15th of February 2013 a pointer to an event yet to come?

And just eight days after the asteroid impact at Chelyabinsk, comes news that the nuclear waste storage tanks at the decommissioned Hanford nuclear weapons facility in Washington state are leaking into the ground. Of course there is no danger. There never is. (Statement by Washington State Governor 23/2/13)

10. Countdown
Remember, this particular train of events, you might even call it a Celestine Prophecy Excursion began in the Countdown Supermarket in Papakura. And its all about the countdown to that final ‘Appointment in Samara’

Written 23rd February 2013
Abstracted 8/03/2013 9:57:25 p.m.

Published 10/03/13 5:03:56pm After illustrations added

For a little on the background to my research see The Codes of F8

For much more on our work over 28 years see Light Eternal Publishing


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