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Codes of Fate Lectures -Coincidence -Prophecy -Destiny

Lecture Number 1 - The Lockerbie Air Disaster

(For a brief account with images see Lockerbie Proof of God)

In November 1988 we were living in the Scottish borders, renting a farmhouse not far from the town of Kelso. We lived approximately midway between Newcastle and Edinburgh 30 miles inland to the west of Berwick on Tweed. In mid November 1988, we drove to Edinburgh one afternoon to try to sort out some car insurance. We needed petrol so I pulled into the first garage on the A68, Lawrie’s Garage which was in the village of St Boswells on the main road to Edinburgh.

After putting about four gallons of petrol in the tank, I went to pay for it. At that point something very strange happened. I became aware of the Voice, which even by then I had been familiar with for over three years, telling me that I should do something rather surprising. I had first become aware of the Voice one afternoon, in June 1985 and the events that day proved to me quite conclusively that the Voice was real. It appeared to know things, for instance in this particular case about the geography of London, which I did not. I suppose, after learning a lot about Spiritualism over the previous nine months, I had finally become a medium, not that I had done any of their ‘must-do’ development classes. But ‘Something outside’ certainly spoke to me. However, unlike most Spiritualist mediums I am pretty sure who that ‘Something’ is. I call it a Voice for want of a better word, but it is not something I hear with my ears. It is a thought that appears to come into my mind from ‘outside’, a kind of extra-sensory perception, it would seem.

The Voice told me that I should ask about a new car. The garage was an agent for Austin Rover and the car that I had been thinking in terms of had been a Montego estate car. But it was very much a wish list item made necessary by our ageing old Austin maestro which I had for three years. That car had served us well, flogging up and down England's motorways and had by now accrued a very high mileage. There certain irritating things about it like suddenly not being able to change gear because the lever came loose!! The ball on the gear lever had jumped out of the socket in the linkage. This was fixed from time to time with the aid of a crisp packet which took up the play between the ball and socket. But although we were in need of a new car, there was a slight problem of money. We were months behind with our rent and it took us all our time to put petrol in the car or buy central heating oil so it seemed ludicrous thing to do to ask about a low mileage second-hand Montego estate car.

However I knew that I could trust the Voice. There must be a reason for my being told to ask about a new car. So I asked the man behind the counter who happened to be the garage manager whether had any low mileage ex-demo Montego estate cars. I chose that car because the Maestro been very reliable but I preferred a proper estate car and a 2 litre engine was better than a 1.6 litre engine the towing our caravan. He did not have one in stock but told me that if I left my phone number he would contact me if a suitable car appeared. So I gave him our phone number and went and told Jenny about this curious development. She laughed her head off. “That’s mad” she said “And what are we going to use for money?” I said I did not know but perhaps we would sell the books, the stories from beyond the grave of Mary Magdalen and Ankhsoun pa Artenn, which we had been ‘given’ in 1986, seemingly as part of our Spiritualist research, vital proof that the human soul can transcend both death and time.

Then we both forgot about the incident, as we were busy with other things in our remote Scottish farmhouse, that is, until two weeks later when the telephone rang on Friday, 2nd December. It was manager from Lawrie’s who told me that he had just taken into stock exactly the car which I had asked about. I told him that I would come over and see the car straight away. Jenny was quite annoyed about my going. “It’s a a complete waste of time” she said. “I’m going anyway” I told her “You can please yourself what you do”. She knew from bitter experience that the Voice was always right, so she decided to come as well. She soon got over her annoyance, as she loved driving through the Scottish countryside and it was a nice day.

The car was waiting for us on the garage forecourt and I lifted the bonnet to look at the engine and see how it compared with our Maestro. Jenny noticed that the number 557 was chalked on the end of the rocker cover. “I wonder what that was for” she Jenny. “I expect it told them which engine to put in which car when they were building it” I replied. After all, the car was relatively new. It was an ex-demonstration model which had been used as a staff car by Austin Rover at Cowley just outside Oxford. I looked around and found a chassis number. Sure enough it was 7AM396557. So that was the mystery of the chalk number resolved.

To my surprise the Manager came out and said “Take it for a run if you want” , giving me the keys. As we drove off, I said to Jenny “Very trusting. You would not get that on Tyneside.” We had no map and no particular idea where we wanted to go and so we took the first turn off the roundabout which happened to be the bypass around Melrose. We had only gone a few hundred yards when we noticed something else rather strange. We were driving past an old railway station. It almost seemed like a ghost because the railway line had been closed for 20 years. Yet the station was still there, the only difference being that instead of express trains and goods trains passing or local trains stopping, there were just cars now on the bypass and nothing stopped. The bypass had been built over part of the old track bed of the old North British railway line from Carlisle to Edinburgh. It’s called progress.

But a station was quite significant to me. I had had a lifelong interest in railways, having begun as a young trainspotter in 1959. But it was Jenny who suggested we drive around to have a look at the station. She quite enjoyed chasing steam trains in the Scottish highlands. It seemed that the past spoke to Jenny as well as to me. The station approach was up a steep hill from the town. After parking the car we set out to explore this relic of a long-lost past. There was a model railway exhibition in one room, a cafe in another. We ordered coffees and wandered round looking at the pictures on the walls. There was a photograph of a train going through the old station, behind a Thompson B1 and there was a collage of photographs showing the station during its period of restoration. But what struck me as really strange was the bright blue mini shown at the very front of a photograph of the station approach. It’s registration number was TSG 557V. “Look at this” I said to Jenny “It is very odd"

 We come for a drive with a car which has ‘557’ chalked on the top of the engine; we notice this station, drive round and find a photograph of another car with 557 on it. It must mean something but what?”

With hindsight it is very clear that that picture was a modern-day version of Belshazzar 's feast, very much a case of ‘The writing on the wall’. It was predicting the future, a future which was to come just 40 miles away at Lockerbie. We spoke to the lady who managed the cafe and found out there was a spare room in the station which was let out for art exhibitions. “Perhaps that is why we have been led here” I said to Jenny. “Perhaps we are meant to put on an exhibition of our Egyptian pictures and try and promote Ankhsoun’s story just as we had done in Dundee a year earlier. At least it is a lot nearer than Dundee.” (I see clock 626pm 050513)

And that is exactly what happened. We opened an exhibition of our Egyptian papyrus paintings about 10am on the morning of Wednesday, 21st December 1988. Melrose station was not exactly Waterloo station. Not many of the local residents made the pilgrimage all the way up the hill from the town to the station. Most people were busy doing Christmas shopping and few were interested in ancient Egypt.

We closed the exhibition around 5:30 and for some reason I took a wrong turning on the way home. We soon realised that I had taken the road into Kelso. Maybe I was meant to. Jenny suggested we may as well go and do the Christmas grocery shopping so we carried on into Kelso and parked in the supermarket car park. As I turned the headlights off, the car clock switched to became much brighter, the car ‘brain’ concluding it must be ‘daytime’. The numbers 5:57 glowed, a vivid green in the darkness. “There is that number again” I said to Jenny “What on earth can it possibly mean?”

The answer to that question was not long in coming. The green glow in our car was echoed an hour later by a red glow, 40 miles to the north west of our home in the wild Border hills. Part of Sherwood Crescent in Lockerbie had become an Inferno, when Pan Am 103 had crashed in the middle of a housing estate. The line of latitude 55° 7’N passes precisely through the end of Sherwood Crescent, where it meets the main road into Lockerbie from Carlisle.

The sceptics will of course dismiss it as just ‘coincidence’ and start rambling on about people at parties and their birthdays. It is so much easier than looking at real problems which are ‘ill-defined’. But it cannot be just random chance. That explanation is just too feeble and most unlikely to be the real truth. That repetition of 557 had to have been orchestrated. It is only came about at all because I had listened to what the Voice had told me and asked about a car we could not possibly afford. So the only logical conclusion had to be that the Voice knew that the code for the Lockerbie air disaster was contained within the car that I was caused to ‘order’. But there was more too. It would never have occurred to me to take it for a test drive because I knew we could not afford to buy it. It would have seemed false pretences. It was the garage manager who suggested we take it for a test drive. So we had and then we had found the second ‘557’ on the mini in the photo at the old railway station. And why did it all seem to revolve around railways or their ghosts? railways had been important to me for long time in my life when I was younger.

Come to think of it, it had been model railways that had led me into Spiritualism in October, 1984 and here in the station was a large model railway layout! And then there was my ‘mistake’. Had I been caused to take the wrong turn in the darkness that very windy December night? After all, I knew the road quite well. had I been made to take the wrong turn so that we would get that final 557, the green number glowing in the darkness in the supermarket in Kelso. Was everything timed almost to the second. It seems ridiculous to suggest that. But is random chance any less ridiculous? That is a cop-out for people who don’t want to think.

The proof the sceptics are definitely wrong came the following day, when we managed to identify the aircraft which had crashed. During the afternoon, Borders TV’s continuous coverage showed an aerial close-up of the cockpit. I could clearly read the name Clipper Maid of the Seas. In those days, there was no Internet. If you wanted to look things up you had to use books; and by ‘coincidence’ I just happened to have the right book. Of course from my youth I had Ian Allen ABCs covering all of Britain's railway locomotives but I never had any aircraft books. I had never had any interest in aircraft. But in August 1985, when my son came down for an access visit and stayed in my flat in Chelsea, I took him out to Heathrow on the Tube one day. The idea just came to me that plane spotting might be a modern alternative to trainspotting. There was certainly very little of interest left on Britain's railways as far as I was concerned. So I bought an Ian Allen ABC of aircraft for David. But he had not seemed very interested.

But had the idea to take David to Heathrow that August day been setting the scene for something important in my future, not his? Was it ensuring that I havd the exact reference book I needed to crack the Lockerbie prophecy code? I went to get the aircraft book and searched through the American Boeing 747s is until I found Clipper Maid of the Seas. Its registration number was N739PA. N indicates America. 739 the registration number of the particular aircraft, a Boeing 747-121 and PA the airline, Pan Am. And this is where the sceptics’ claim of coincidence really begins to look totally untenable.

If you look back at the full chassis number of that Montego estate car 7AM396557, you see that the first three numerals are 7..39. So that chassis number began with the fleet number of the aircraft which was to crash, and ended with where it was to crash..... at Lockerbie. Look at the letters that come after the 7, the AM. It is the second name of the airline Pan Am. And if you take the first two numerals of the code 7..3, it represents the time that the aircraft hit the ground 7:3 PM. Are you still sure that chance is a satisfactory explanation?

Spooky isn’t it?

So in that Montego chassis number code 7AM396557 the 6 alone is unused. But that too it transpired was part of the code. It just took a lot longer for us to crack it. I only solved the purpose of the missing 6 some six months later when I read in a newspaper article that 3rd July 1989, marked the first anniversary of the shooting down of an Iranian airliner by an American warship. The USS Vincennes was a state-of-the-art cruiser which could protect an entire battle-fleet. It could track 200 potentially hostile objects and send off and track 20 missiles of its own in reply. It was all done by computers and state-of-the-art radar systems. The first time it was used in anger it mistakenly identified a civil airliner Iran Air flight 655 on a flight from Bandar Abbas to Dubai, as a hostile enemy aircraft. The crew of the USS Vincennes, playing ‘video arcade games’ for real, managed to blow the wing off the Iran Airbus A300 killing 290 people. Thankfully, there were no Americans on board. Allah is indeed merciful.

So was this the missing 6? The 55 can either suffix the 6 giving 655 or it can prefix the 7 giving 557. Is it meant to? Because then the Montego chassis number code gives the aircraft which would crash, where it would crash, when it would crash, which airline it is owned by and finally why it would crash. So was Lockerbie natural justice for America? Was it God's justice? Was this why the Voice had been so insistent that I should enquire about a new car? The Greater Mind already had the full picture of what was to come when the Voice said to me {Ask about a new car}.

Think back to what I said about the morning of 21st December 1988. We had opened an exhibition RE our Egyptian papyrus paintings to try to promote one of our books, Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra, the postumous autobiography of Akhenaten's daughter, Ankhsoun pa Artenn. She had spoken to me through Jenny, in a trance, in my Chelsea flat during June, 1986. She told me the truth about her father, who was strong, not the weak madman the Egyptologists have fabricated. And shetold me of the disappointment of her husband, Tutankhamun, who had proved to be so weak and feeble - ‘like a reed’. Akhenaten is particularly important as he was the first contemporaneously-recorded man in the history of mankind to specifically state that there is only one God. His hymn to Artenn Ra still exists today. Akhenaten was a real man. Moses is just a myth, a Jewish one rather than a Greek one. Even Freud the well-known Jewish psychologist, suggested in his last book, Moses and Monotheism, that Akhenaten was probably the real man behind the myth of Moses.

Akhenaten had been inspired to see the corruption of Egyptian religion. He was led to realise that the Egyptian state God Amun-Ra was a fiction of the priests. Amun was not the same as Ra. Amun was ‘The hidden one’ accessible to the priests in the temples. The Sun symbolised Ra, accessible to all. Akhenaten devised a new symbol for Ra, the Artenn, which is a Sun disc having rays which end in human hands. The hands symbolise the care of God for those who try to do right. The Egyptologists claim that Akhenaten worshipped the Artenn but it is very clear from the way Ankhsoun speaks that he did not. For both Akhenaten and his daughter, it was not the Artenn which was God, but Ra.

Remember that I said that our exhibition was hardly busy? In fact we sold only one item that day and it was not even a papyrus painting. It was a screen-printed tile which one of our friends had produced for us. It was an Eye of Ra. At the time the sale meant nothing in particular to me, its significance being only that5 we sold something! I just scrawled an entry in my notebook and forgot about it. It only came to light in 1994 when I was writing The Jupiter Theme, the book which gives a more detailed account of our Lockerbie experiences. In July 1994, I found that entry in my notebook. It was very brief. All it said was ‘12:21- Sold Eye of Ra.’ But now in 1994 I suddenly saw the strange coincidence that 12.21 is the actual date of that very day, the day of the Lockerbie disaster in American dating. So we sold the Eye of Ra at 12:21 on the 12.21.88. And 12.21.88 was to be a very crucial day for America. Since we had opened that exhibition specifically with the intention of trying to promote Ankhsoun’s story, was it all not part of the proof that what Akhenaten had said was true? Ra really is God. The Voice that Akhenaten heard, which led him to the site of his new city would seem to be the same Voice that I hear. And that Voice comes from the Greater Mind which must have orchestrated the actions of so many people to create the meaningful coincidences of the 557s and the other elements of that chassis code specifically to predict the Lockerbie air disaster.

It is true that we had no idea what 557 meant. WE just knew it had to be important. We did not predict the future. But it seems almost certain that that chassis code on that Montego estate car did predict the future precisely. It was meant to. One Oxford professor mocked my post-dictions as he called them and said he would be much more impressed if I predicted the future. He missed the point entirely. I did not claim to predict the future. All that I would say of our Lockerbie experiences is that they were powerful evidence that Something does know the future, with absolute precision. That Something must lie beyond space and time. God is the simplest explanation which appears to fit all of the facts, a vast intellect that lies beyond any concepts science has of space and time

So was our sale of the eye of Ra at 12:21 PM on 12.21.88 pointing out to us that it is indeed the Eye of Ra which unerringly sees the future as clearly as it sees the present. And had Ra not sent the spirit of Ankhsoun to reveal to me the detailed truth about the past? Was our sole customer inspired to buy that particular item at precisely the right time? Was that purchase essential to convey that particular message to us. I could hardly be accused of fiddling it, because the significance of 21st December 1988 was apparent to know one in this world at the time I wrote that entry. At the time I don’t think I was really aware that that was how the Americans wrote their dates. I had had almost nothing to do with Americans ever. But by 1994 the situation had changed. I had worked on an American Airbase, ‘RAF’ Chicksands, for four months during 1992.

Now think again of the Eye of Ra. If you represent it as a homophone, it could be represented by the notation I Ra. There is a strong reason why an American aircraft should be the target, natural justice by {I, Ra}. So, add an N, for the target being an American aircraft and you get I Ra N. There you have the name of the country whose aircraft was destroyed by American arrogance and incompetence. So, it would seem that Pan Am 103 was destroyed because the US Navy had shot down an Iran Air flight 655 some five months earlier. Rather curiously, the two aircraft had almost identical liveries, white with a mid-blue cheat line. The main difference was that the stylised black bird on the Iran Air jet was replaced by the US flag on the American one

That’s ludicrous!! Is it? Even the chassis number prophecy, 7AM396557, standing alone, should be cause for wonder, at least to any thinking mind. I ‘order’ a car I cannot afford even to fill with petrol. It comes with that number on it. Why did I ask anyway? It was because the Voice told me to. The Voice already had the full picture which the jigsaw puzzle pieces of the car chassis code would reveal in due course. The Greater Mind knew where the bomb crater would be created even in late 1987, in fact even in 1903, but that’s another story. The purpose of it all is a warning to mankind that there is a Greater Mind the man can even begin to comprehend, a vast Intelligence that controls both the destiny of men and the destiny of stars

But Lockerbie is just a one-off will cry the critics.  Why worry?…Do it again... Science requires repeats! I can’t But something else can ....and it did. …. The Lockerbie code was repeated in 1992 at ‘RAF’ Chicksands, predicting ‘9-11’ exactly nine years in advance. Then four more Airbuses crashed in 2008 and 2009 all predicted by and interwoven through with the very same Lockerbie Codes. Dan Brown deals in fictional codes. I do not. The Codes of F8 are real. Other lectures in this series will cover these later events gradually leading up to showing that you have just two years left before this world comes to a very sudden end.

You may wonder what on earth Lockerbie has to do with the End of the World. That first precise prophecy code was 557 but it was just eight days before that we had been given another code, number 229. That number 229 had been the ‘coincidence’ around which the plot of the film The Seventh Sign had been written. The script writers chose the number 229. Or did they? Was it put into their minds because 229 really is the code for the Apocalypse and The Seventh Sign is just a fictional film about the signs, essentially from the Book of Revelation, which lead up to the End of the World. We saw that film The Seventh Sign on 24th November, 1988 in Carlisle, which is the closest city to the Lockerbie air disaster. It was in a Carlisle hotel that all the Pan Am personnel were staying in the early days when the crash investigation was just getting under way. We happened to go to that hotel on the 26th December 1988. That afternoon, we were shown several very curious coincidences that pointed to were the real blame for Lockerbie lies. 5/05/2013 7:59:58 p.m. Corr 5/05/2013 11:57:39 p.m. Fancy That.

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