Lac Megantic & Asiana Flt 214


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Lac Megantic & Asiana Flt 214

Meaningful Coincidence & Cross - Connected Prophecy Codes

Lac Megantic and Asiana Flight 214 

These two disasters are the latest two prophesied by the Cassandra Jigsaw puzzle prophecy codes.  There are now over 100 events, mainly disasters woven into the Codes of Fate which continue to warn of the coming End of the World, the greatest disaster of all.  These disasters were predicted by coincidences in a New Zealand railway accident on 5th July and a curious sequence of cars outside my house just a matter of minutes before the train began to run away.  Impossible?  Only if you accept that man's understanding of reality is total.  Its a claim that does not fit with my experiences over nearly thirty years. (4:49:37pm 16/07/13) Its all about meaningful coincidence and its apparent orchestration by Something that knows the future.  This web page is divided into four sections as set out below, showing how the various elements unfolded over a week in real time.

1. The Coincidences Predicting Lac Megantic and Asiana 214
2. Meaningful Coincidence is No Myth -  More Coincidences with Jessica Reed
3. The Coincidences in Producing this Web Page
4. Yet more signs in the French Inter City crash at Bretigne sur Orge 12th July

1.  Email to Wall Street Journal Prophetic and ‘Live -Update’
Sent 01:40am13/07/13

I write to congratulate you all on a very thorough article about the Lac Megantic rail disaster. You provided me with a key piece of information which was when the train began to roll away. I wondered how you came to know that precise time. I also wonder if you can either tell me or find out the numbers and types of the five locomotives involved.

I ask this because is a key part of my research into paraphysics. I have a doctorate in chemical physics and my strange personal experiences 29 years ago led me into a field of study which is shunned by the academic world. I have come to call that field of research paraphysics, because it would appear to involve things which conventional science cannot explain. It relates to phenomena, which appear to lie at least in part beyond space and time. These phenomena involve meaningful coincidence, inspiration, and the survival of the human spirit beyond death.

My research provides powerful evidence that the old ideas of destiny are closer to the truth than modern chaos theory. There is evidence for intelligent design but from a totally different angle than anybody else seems to have realised. There is also powerful evidence that ‘Something’ which not only knows the future in precise detail but orchestrates it too. Railways are a key element in my research. One of my books is entitled Predestination abc or A-Z. I wrote the book in 2005 and it traces the thread railways through 50 years of my life. I came to write it as a result my experiences in England in June and July 2005 which I later realised precisely predicted the hurricane Katrina disaster. As the disaster unfolded the connections were of uncannily strong.

In 2010, I began to describe my prophetic meaningful coincidences as Cassandra jigsaw puzzles. I appear to be given bits of a jigsaw puzzle in advance of an event but not sufficient for me to recognise the picture in advance. But the coincidences are striking enough to stick in my memory. Then later, within days or weeks, the disaster happens. It is usually a short period of time, but 9/11 took nine years-nine years precisely. Those jigsaw pieces were given to me on 9/11/92 and 9/14/92.

I call them Cassandra puzzles because, like Cassandra, they are always right-but trying to convince anyone else of the validity of my theories is an exercise in Futility. No one has ever believed, apart from my wife Jenny who was intricately involved with them and she died four years ago. However 50 disasters over 25 years and now very clearly enmeshed within what I have recently come to call the Codes of Fate. The latest examples are Hurricane Sandy (29/10/12), Adam Lanza/Sandy Hook(14/12/12), the Russian asteroid strike (15/12/13), the finding of the 911 jet landing gear (24/4/13), the Boston Marathon bombing(15/4/13), the killing of Lee Rigby in Woolwich SE London (22/5/13) and now two disasters predicted together in an enmeshed series of meaningful coincidences over 5/7/13 and 6/7/13. Those two disasters came on the very same day, 6/7/13 - Lac Megantic and Asiana Flight 214.

It is an exercise in futility to try to convince people because it goes against their ‘rational beliefs’. Science cannot explain how meaningful coincidences can predict the future. Meaningful coincidence is dismissed as a myth by experts on statistics such as Professor Speigelhalter at Cambridge University. An article by him The Myth of Meaningful Coincidence   was published in the Guardian in December 2010. It was an example of a very shallow approach to a very deep subject. He is the Cambridge Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, although he has little understanding in this field of research. To understand coincidences, you have to experience them.  From his writing it is clear that he does not. Its on a par with Catholic priests giving their valuable opinions on sex.  So 'chance' is the 'official view' which conventional science has for my experiences. There is only chance. The coincidences which I see, which are somehow ‘emphasised’ to me, can be safely dismissed as pure chance. Its all in my mind.  Or is it in another far greater mind?  Chance is the conclusion not of a rational mind but of one seeking safety in known and understood things. Albert Einstein once remarked that it is the ultimate arrogance to confine reality to that which we can understand. But that is what modern scientists do. The odds against chance of all the meaningful coincidences which are somehow put in front of me being purely random, yet tying in so intricately to events in the future are astronomical. But conventional ‘wisdom’ is too blind and hidebound to see it. Or are they just too scared?

I know science cannot explain it because I am a scientist. I got a First class honours  degree from Oxford for having a very broad and deep understanding of chemistry.  I now have a similar command of paraphysics.  And I got my First in 1969, before they devalued Firsts in the 1980s. The sceptics, atheists, ‘rationalists’ control acceptable beliefs today every bit as strongly as did the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. No one can replicate my experiences. So that is the first problem for science. Even I cannot replicate my experiences because I cannot turn back time. I do not control the experiment which I appear to be part of. All I can do is write down the results of it. I cannot repeat my experiences around a second jumbo jet crash at Lockerbie nor around a repeat demolition of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre. In many ways, the nearest equivalent science is is astronomy. Scientists can only observe what happens in the heavens, and then try and make sense of their observations. But they cannot change anything. If they miss something they miss it.

The science I have developed over 25 years now is at the level of astronomy in the 16th century. The understanding of mathematics was too elementary to account for the motions of the heavenly bodies. I astronomers could only observe and try to make sense of things. But did the Earth go round the Sun or did the Sun go round the Earth? The church was adamant that it had to be the latter although first through Copernicus and then through Kepler, the truth gradually began to dawn. But initially it was all about making observations and recording them, however unpalatable to conventional wisdom the implications were. Perhaps mathematics will never be able to account for the things that I study because to do that they will have to produce equations to account for things that lie beyond space and time.

The implications of our experiences around just Lockerbie and 911 are just two examples which suggest that there exists somewhere a precise knowledge of the future. It is communicated to me through meaningful coincidence. It is the first scientific evidence the Laplace was correct when in 1814 he postulated the existence of a vast intelligence. For this Mind, the future and the past are present before its eyes. And it would seem to have chosen to give me elements of the future through meaningful coincidence. When I talk about some of my coincidences to people, the general reaction is that it as all too spooky or scary. People run away. I can prove everything I say. As a scientist I try to record and document everything as far as I can. I used to photograph things way back in the 1960s long before everyone had an iPhone. I was still photographing things in the 1980s and 1990s. Digital photography means I take many more photographs and the meaningful coincidences are orders of magnitude more significant because numbers and times of precisely recorded. Those extra dimensions merely serve to further validate my theories.

That is how I know exactly what time I saw the meaningful coincidences which precisely predicted the Lac Megantic disaster. That is why I found your article so very interesting. It was the only one which gave the time that the runaway began. That sign came to me 15 min before the train began to move, if indeed your start time of 12:56 AM is correct. The coincidence was not specific to Lac Megantic. It merely gave me ‘Quebec’ followed 15 seconds later by ‘Design Impact’ and ‘Internet’ and the related element was ‘Hammer of God’. But I did not see how those jigsaw pieces fitted into a full picture until 8th July when I read the details of the LM disaster in the New Zealand Herald (and there is another curious coincidence in my abbreviating Lac Megantic in that way. It just came as I wrote) It was not until the next night during a telephone conversation with the partner of a fellow railway enthusiast that I suddenly remembered the recent railway accident in New Zealand. I was talking to her about the signs which predicted for me Lac Megantic, which her partner would have been able to understand. And then I remembered our own little NZ railway accident on 5th July. It was another key jigsaw piece; in fact it was not one but many. For that accident linked to both of the 6th July disasters, Lac Megantic (5:14am GMT) first, followed 11h12m later by Asiana 214 (6:26 GMT). The meaningful coincidences around that accident involving the Wellington-Auckland train in the early afternoon of 5th July 2013 gave the predictive code elements ‘major train crash’ , ‘air disaster’, ‘214’, ‘626’. I could not understand why the two themes were being linked and I knew it did not involve New Zealand, at least not in the future, only in the past. But I knew something was being emphasised from what happened, especially on that particular day, a day date-coded ‘World’s End’ (5.07.13). (But now I see the ‘Design Impact’ theme also fits with Asiana 214. It could have been so very much worse. Why just two deaths? I think I know the answer to that. Those two events are so strongly interlinked

Is it just chance that all my Cassandra puzzle pieces were followed (Zeus is) so soon after by two dramatic disasters? A further link came from your article. Yours is the first reference to the type of locomotive which pulled the MMA train. Your article illustrates A GM see 30/7. 307 was the number of people on board Asiana 214. (And now there are two more curious coincidences made by the Dragon dictation programme. I do not know quite how it chose to put in Zeus, but Zeus was the Greek equivalent of what we might today called God. What is more, than it chose to put C instead of see. (13/07/2013 12:06:26 a.m.) Now Dragon has chosen to recognise two different ‘words’ but it has put those two elements in the wrong way round. What I actually intended was C instead of see. Odd Dragon has got it right in this second usage. (Another Meaningful Coincidence live-update)

The loco type your article illustrates is a GM C 30-7 . And 307 was the number of people on board flight Asiana 214. That is the second example of the idea of ‘see’ being derived from a ‘text speak’ abbreviation to point to the next disaster. That happened in the Christchurch earthquake which pointed to the Japanese ‘3 in 1’ earthquake/tidal wave/meltdown 18 days later. So my writing to you about your article has provided another significant coincidental link between the two disasters as well as providing me with the key information about the runaway time.

Particularly since 2009, I have been led to see that the ideas of destiny, held by the ancient Greeks, have a basis in reality. So perhaps the reference to Zeus above is indeed serendipitous. Even the 2012 Fox TV series Touch, contrived as it was, had the idea of threads in life and meanings in numbers that could sometimes predict future events. The series is pure fiction of course - and yet some of the code numbers in that series echoed my real-life experiences and my code numbers over the previous 25 years. So was there indeed inspiration coming externally into the minds of the script writers of those programmes?

No one else would seem to see the threads of destiny in the real world-or care for that matter. I have had a website for 14 years putting forward these ideas-with proofs. It attracts relatively little interest. Our experience of prophecy codes began in earnest really began with Lockerbie in December 1988. That was a major British air disaster coming nine days after a bad train crash just south of London. Both were predicted by my meaningful coincidences but with Lockerbie the precision was absolutely incredible. Although really, the very first disaster involved in the prophecy codes I later came to realise was the Challenger Shuttle disaster in January 1986. But at the time, that was just one strange coincidence or so I saw it then.

I will not bother going into a more detail, because few people are interested and even fewer are helpful. I have probably wasted my time writing these three pages because in New Zealand the average journalist has an attention span of three paragraphs. These ideas are just too complex for most people. And its so obviously rubbish. Hey who cares about evidence? Nobody important is saying its right; and the sheep follow the leaders.

The majority of people are not smart enough to understand - More and more its smart phones but dumb people. And most of the rest are too busy ‘enjoying life’ anyway to care. It is all too intangible. In any case, does it really matter whether God exists or whether there is life after death? There is nothing to impress investors in any of this, only warnings. And almost everyone is too scared to dwell on it. It all too spooky. The implications are too disturbing for most people. They prefer the signs on London’s atheist buses in early 2009. There is probably no God. So stop worrying and enjoy your life. Four Airbus crashes were designed to contradict this campaign. Nobody noticed. Journalists in New Zealand didn’t want to know, even though the first Airbus crash was an an Air New Zealand one.

But unacceptable as the coincidences may be, they are very real. The only question is whether my interpretations are correct. Only feeble minds could accept chance as a valid explanation for so many experiences over nearly 30 years. But the academic world of today would seem to be awash with them. Journalism certainly is.

No, the idea that we are ‘in charge’ in this world is an illusion. We are being warned.

So I would be very grateful if you could at least answer my queries. Where did you get the 12:56 AM ‘start to roll’ time for the train from? And do you know or can you get details of the five locos involved, types and road numbers? I would appreciate any help you can give me.


Dr Brian Cocksey

13/07/2013 12:26:31 a.m.

PS I did then write quite a long postscript about the likely cause of the accident. . It was as though the cause of the accident was confirmed to me on Sunday 7th July. I also wrote about  Ed Burkhardt and his role in the privatisation of New Zealand's railways. I explained why the evidence suggested there was not a word of truth in anything he had said with his first explanation of vandals. And now 24 hours later his supposed latest version of ‘truth’, at least the third, is remarkably close to what I wrote 36 hours ago. 13/07/2013 12:29:59 a.m.

But now he has tried to blame the loco driver when it is very clear that doubtful practices were the normal arrangement on his railway. Loco drivers here in New Zealand can’t believe that a train could just be parked up like a truck in a lay-by and just left with nobody on it. It contravenes all the regulations here and New Zealand is hardly a country noted for its zeal for safety. The Pike River mine disaster of 19/11/10 (Another Cassandra puzzle) showed the benefits of ‘light-regulation’ in the mining industry...Only in the last few days has a judge ruled the now bankrupt company must pay damages to the 29 victims. But there is no money..... “She’ll be right” is the NZ national motto. It means “Its good enough, why worry, who cares”. Perhaps Burkhardt picked that up from his involvement with privatising New Zealand’s railways.

It seems like Erebus all over again. Blame the pilot. It reduces the financial liability.

Book 5596 11th July 2013 Lac Megantic EDoc13

(The PPS below  was added to a later version of the e-mail sent to Jessica Reed who had commissioned the Meaningful Coincidence is a Myth article from the knowledgeable Cambridge Professor, published in the Guardian on 6th December, 2010. Once again meaningful coincidences came as I wrote to her. Just after I had found that article, one day in September 2012, I heard a steam engine whistle from my home near the NIMT railway line in South Auckland. I went to investigate and ended up back at Glenbrook just in time to see a newly refurbished JA1240, in light steam, being pulled into the depot by DE507. The JA has been named JESSICA. Its maker’s plate reads 363-1946 The date was 29.9.12 - 29.9 a repeat of code 22.9+7. For what I said to Jessica Reed before I appended the original WSJ article see below.)

And who was a ‘prime mover’ in the privatisation of NZ Railways in 1993? ( They call the diesel engine that drives the generator to power the electric motors that drive the wheels of these ‘diesel locos’ the ‘prime mover’ - the word just came to me as I wrote this. It was a neat pun- ‘given’ to me - inspiration again). It was none other than Ed Burkhardt, now CEO Rail-World, owner of MMA. The webs of destiny are being woven finely indeed- back to Clotho. In the New Zealand Herald of Friday 12th July, it was reported that Burkhardt is New Zealand’s honorary consul in Chicago USA. Clearly a concern for truth is not a pre-requisite for such a lofty post. But then he is clearly now an honorarydiplomat and aren't diplomats sent abroad to lie for their country?  By chance the NZH edition number that day, 45553, came in the same code sequence as the prophetic ‘Quebec’ via railways, in particular the LMR. 45553 was called Canada.   Everything is already pre-destined already known.  Our free will is limited. We are given just enough rope........ The question is what we do with it.........At best we are actors on a stage. Burkhardt is now being exposed in all of this for what he really represents. With three attempts at truth, it would seem he must have been on the same training courses as the ‘Public Affairs ‘ people at the White House and the Pentagon. They are taught to be economical with the truth, in fact positively parsimonious.

Edited 13/07/2013 12:12:31 p.m.
Final edit with clarifications 15/07/13 3:14:49pm

2. Meaningful Coincidence Not a Myth - Live update
To Guardian - Jessica Reed - Sent 5:47pm 13/07/13

I came across the article you commissioned from David Spiegelhalter (6th Dec 2010) about nine months ago. It was followed by a very curious JESSICA coincidence a day or two later for me, revolving around railways. I recently sent the piece below to the Wall Street Journal in response to an article on the LAc Megantic rail disaster.

Spiegelhalter is simply wrong. My coincidence experiences are not on-offs but multiple interconnected sequences of events which appear to suggest external orchestration. Chance, although comforting for many is not an explanation. It's a pious hope based on a false religion - scientism. I have been involved in this study for 27 years. In fact I came in to see the Weekend Review editor ( I can't remember its exact title or his name. It'll be in my notes ) just a few days before the first anniversary of the Lockerbie disaster. So it would have been c17th or 18th December, 1989. He took me for coffee to your canteen and I explained about our Lockerbie experiences. He told me they had already set the paper for the weekend but that if I was right, it scared the hell out of him. (16:26:47 13.07.13) It was clear that he was hoping I was wrong. The last 23 years have proved I was not. Lockerbie turned out to be just the first of dozens of events almost all disasters, earthquakes, tidal waves. 9/11 and many air disasters. 'prophesied' by 'jigsaw pieces'. ( See The Cassandra Calendar ) No I don't know what the event will be. But Something does. Its a kind of code, like solving crossword clues in three dimensions and time but with insufficient information. Its purpose is to warn that there is Something behind everything. Old ideas are closer to the truth than modern 'wisdom'

Why is it like this you may wonder? Well for one thing the future is not meant to be changed. Man corrupts everything he gets control of. He will never get control of time. But meaningful coincidence suggests that Something is in control of time. Your reply to the comment that Goldacre had had a similar column a few days before Siegelhalter's was 'a coincidence' because you commissioned it before Goldacres article appeared. But were you caused to commission Spiegelhalter then to produce the coincidence because Something knew Godacres article was due to appear?

Prior knowledge and orchestration feature strongly in the article below which I have sent to the WSJ to explain why I am asking them for the railway information. It is significant that the Observer is part of your group. That is what it is all about- observing and making sense of strange and very meaningful coincidences. I wrote to the Editor of the Observer in early 1989 and got quite a thoughtful response. I now have 23 years more evidence in a field which is anathema to the academics. Its just too hard. You can't control the experiment. It all happens in the real world far from the Ivory Towers. And there is no money in it, so no sponsors....


Dr Brian Cocksey

I was just about to send this to you when a large insect landed on the curtain next to my computer. It just sat there. I photographed it and was surprised to see on looking at the image that it was the closest thing you can get to a scarab beetle. Remember Jung and synchronicity? Egypt features very strongly in our research. That's how I came to meet my second wife, Jenny in 1986. It was as though we had to meet on a particular day connected both to Egypt and our future together. And she died on one too. It was our 19th Wedding ( 5.15pm Now I hear rain on the roof I look out of the window and there is the end of a rainbow . It links to her death sand so much of our work in relation to the survival of the human spirit beyond death.)  Anniversary. 14.4.9 It was all an echo of Cranmer's words in the funeral service in the 1549 Book of Common Prayer. The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away... So 449 is Jenny's 'Death Number' Is it chance my car in the drive now has the mileage reading 257449? I came back from the supermarket yesterday with some groceries and the NZ Herald whose edition number ties directly into Lac Megantic. What is more 257 means destiny in my Codes. I know it is not chance. I could explain a lot more but it probably isn't worth it.

This afternoon, I was doing some work on my highly neglected garden - it used to be Jenny's pride and joy- when 'The Voice' told me to come in and write to you. It seemed strange. It seemed better to use the daylight to do the garden. I could write to you after dark. But 'the Voice' knows best. And in the hour this has taken me the sun has just set in the rain clouds of dusk. The scarab came first (17:10:21 -43 " ie 5:09:43pm ) and then then the rainbow (17:15:55 -43" ie 5:15:22pm) as if to confirm that the Source that orchestrates meaningful coincidence controls insects animals, birds and even (5:22:31) and the heavens, the heavenly bodies such as comets and asteroids in particular.

You can dismiss it all as wishful thinking if you want. I am a scientist. I have been for 52 years. I draw conclusions from evidence, observations over nearly thirty years. Spiegelhalter and Dawkins have no evidence from which to derive their nihilistic conclusions. So here once again there is a 'Live update' in an email as I write it, just as there was with the WSJ. I didn't use Dragon for this. It was just going to be a couple of lines. But Something else knew better......

3. Trains of Coincidences

On 13th July 2013 I sent the first e-mail above to the Wall Street Journal. It asked for some information with respect to the time and the locomotives involved in the Lac Megantic disaster. That WSJ article had been the first I had seen to give a runaway 'start time' and any indication of the locomotives on the ‘death train’. Coverage in the NZ Herald had been minimal.  It went instead for extensive coverage of the Asiana disaster. As I wrote that e-mail to the WSJ, another strange coincidence occurred further cross-connecting these two disaster which had both been ‘predicted by that minor railway accident in New Zealand on 5th July. It all further proves my thesis that sometimes meaningful coincidences are orchestrated to warn us of future events and to serve as parables so that we might understand messages in disaster.

The key one from Lac Megantic is that privatisation, greed writ large, coupled with incompetence in many places and so-called 'light regulation' rips the heart out of society.That is the state of the world today, where the Mega-rich, utterly devoid of morality, get ever richer and vast swathes of mankind become ever poorer. It is no chance that railways and train codes are at the heart of the Codes of Fate. They have been for 50 years. Lac Megantic is just the latest and most dramatic example.

Before converting this e-mail to a web page I had another look to see if my search for loco numbers produced any more information. It did, but not for this disaster, but for one from 18th January 2012 exactly the time when I was involved in a real-life Celestine Prophecy Journey set around the Glenbrooke Vintage Railway in New Zealand. That Journey had been begun by a phone call from a spiritualist medium on Advent Sunday, 27th November, 2011. Only a month ago, on 3rd June, Paul inadvertently reminded me of this when he rang to ask me why someone had told him his phone number was interesting. You know about numbers he said. Yes, I do. I had told him on a number of occasions, but like most people , he had forgotten. It meant nothing really to him. He is too busy telling people’s fortunes now. More and more people are flocking to have him tell their futures. But his phone number linked very precisely to that Advent Sunday and the first Airbus crash, the Air New Zealand at Perpignan 27th November, 2008.

That was how my CP journey began - odd how I abbreviated it  CPR ( Canadian Pacific Railway used to own that piece of line leading from Bury through Lac Megantic to the St John’s oil refinery in New Brunswick - the destination here also coded 5557 via the LM- I realised that when I looked at an oldish map.  My first inclination is to look at books not the web.) My CP journey  began at a pre-determined time in a pre-determined place. Over next six weeks I was led from person to person each giving me clues to the next stage in my journey of discovery. And it all revolved around railways, both in New Zealand and in Britain (4492). The only difference from the novel was that none of these people had any idea they were actors in a play. I did try to explain a bit of it to a couple of them but they were only really interested in playing with a large scale model trainset, 12inches to a foot scale. The idea of their toy having a role in a much greater picture was of no interest whatsoever. They just wanted to pretend to re-create the past.

My work warns of the future. The meaningful coincidences screamed World’s End. It echoed Lockerbie in 1988 where the first clues had been at a preserved railway station in the Scottish Borders. (2/12/88) Now it was at another preserved railway station, Glenbrook a little to the South of Auckland, half a world away. (2/12/11) And the code had changed from 557 to 946. Now the Code was not predicting a plane crash but the End for man - World’s End. Further on in that particular CP Journey, on 1/1/12 the service train broke down. The steam loco failed just as it reached a pre-determined point, the End of the Waiuku by the Z Station. An old diesel had to be got out to rescue the train. It was DE 507. It is never used on passenger trains... except for that one day when I ‘happened’ to be there to see the last trip of the day. I only saw because I was getting petrol at the Z petrol station. 507 has been the code for World’s End since 1985 ( See Koestler and World’s End) Then my CP journey continued as I tried to find out more about this mysterious diesel loco whose existence I had never known of until that breakdown.

And now I find today, 14th July, 2013 (4:49:23pm) as I try to identify the Lac Megantic crash locos, I find instead something equally significant.  another  element connecting to that CP journey of 2011/2012, a train crash in Canada which fits so well into my threads of destiny from over two years ago and others from back in December 1988. So often now I find that coincidences are there, waiting, set along the path, there to be discovered when the time is right. My wife Jenny used to call it Ra’s Treasure Hunt. She was spot on.

The site:   has the following image

I was astonished to see the lead loco of three in that disaster at Hanlon, Alberta was CN 5637.


That was the old LMS number of the one Jubilee class loco missing from my Ian Allen 1959 locospotter’s guide.

Those abc s are a key element in the Codes of Fate.  By chance when I went to photograph a handy abc a few minutes ago the crystal sphere in the window was casting rainbows around the room.  It seemed most  appropriate. (15:03 hrs 16/7/13)

That loco was missing because 5637 Windward Islands, now renumbered 45637 was the lead loco in England’s worst ever rail disaster at Harrow station on 8th October, 1952. The train engine was the brand new Princess pacific rebuild 46202 Princess Anne. That too was scrapped, although more of it was recognisable from the mountain of debris produced when the down Liverpool - Manchester express ran into an immovable object at 60mph, than was recognisable of the Jubilee. That immovable object was the overturned Coronation pacific 46242 City of Glasgow, which was at the head of an up sleeper from Perth. The Coronation had run through red signals in fog and hit a local stopping train in Harrow station. It turned over and blocked the down line just a minute or so before the down express arrived. 112 people died.

And it was the number of one of those LM Jubilees that was emphasised to me outside my home in South Auckland just 15 minutes before the Lac Megantic runaway began. The number was 5555, which 'by coincidence' was once, long ago, a Jubilee class loco called Quebec......It was followed 15 seconds later by another’ message’ on the next passing car ‘Design Impact’. And the Lac Megantic disaster was all about cars - tank cars - and doubtful operating procedures on profit-chasing, cost-cutting, privatised railways leading to an enormous impact.  And the 72 tank cars were carrying 6000 tons of crude oil from South Dakota.  Oil is the beast of the Apocalypse, something we realised during the Gulf War in early 1991.  But it was way back in 1986 that the Herald of Free Enterprise Disaster had given the warning of what free enterprise brings... instability, disaster and death. We tried to point that message out to people. But they thought we were mad. Look at the state of the world today. Its more and more clear that everyone else was mad. Market forces is the Gospel of the End Times. It rules the world for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

There are so many other elements I see now in that Lac Megantic disaster, so many curious echoes of our Lockerbie experiences. So, once again, as I begin to convert the email to a web page (5:10:23pm) another meaningful coincidence has appeared. Some people claim I look for them. No, but I do notice them. And I understand them.  It is as though as they are presented to me by Something which knows the future with absolute precision. That Something has taught me to read the Codes. No one else can. Nobody ever wanted to learn. Now it’s too late.

But wait there’s more, as the Wolverhampton Wanderer used to say. That Harrow disaster came between the death of King George VI and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. My finding 5637 this afternoon is a reminder that this year is a time of Justice for the House of Windsor, 946 years since 1066, the Battle of Hastings. It is a justice they richly deserve. (5:15:31 DEs for Royal Train - Hastings (NZ nb 2:57pm 15.07.13 - final edit ) to Palmerston North to New Plymouth - 7/1 and 8/1/1954 DEs 514 and 515. And that Coronation visit to New Zealand is tied in very much to the prediction codes for Lac Megantic). So, read what I said to one of the journalists who wrote what, for me, had been a very informative  article. (5:22:07pm) 14/07/13.  Now in May, June and July, 2013 the Codes of Fate keep echoing Diana.  The Windsors may have airbrushed her out of the family snaps but she is still as large as life where it really matters.  See Diana, Death and Destiny and Penrose and the Murder of Diana

4. Latest Train Crash Update 15/07/13 - Re France
The New Zealand Herald today 15th July 2013 - 150713- Note World’s End code 507 embedded - and it will be Edition 45555 - Quebec and will carry the news of the French train crash on Friday 12th July at Bretigne sur Orge, 20km south of Paris (15:14GMT). How does that connect in to the Codes of Fate? I don’t yet know. For a start there is the French connection ( Quebec) and being an express crashing in the middle of a station, it has overtones of Harrow. But my first internet foray, a Google search on ‘French train crash’ this afternoon led me to the BBC TV item, fourth on the list. ( That 15.07.13 edition of the NZ Herald actually had only a tiny item about that French train crash but it did carry a full page review about a new British comedy alien apocalypse set around a pub crawl'  The film is called World's End.  My local pub when I lived in Chelsea just as my research was beginning in 1985 was called The World's End.  My address was 507A Kings Road.  The area has long been known as World's End.  Hence the pub name.   For more see Koestler & World's End.    By 'coincidence' the US ambassador to New Zealand was thrown from his cinema seat on to floor by a major  Wellington earthquake on 21st July.  He was watching that very film......He left the cinema as the film was abandoned and went via the Countdown supermarket back to his official residence - Woburn..... Woe Burn?????   So many strands in the Codes of Fate would appear to be being brought together now.  Perhaps it really is the time long appointed.  28th July 2013 11.37pm.)

My eye was just immediately drawn to the BBC report  file number 23294630 which contains the interconnected codes 329 Doomsday and 946  the Hammer of God .

  See: .

Why is it all trains, you may wonder. Perhaps it is because of an analogy I have long used: The Armageddon Express is now at full speed.

It is running under clear signals, double-pegged on the down main, all the way to Doomsday. The passed cleaner, Blair stoked the fire until the valves were blowing. The passed fireman, Bush opened the regulator onto second valve, on the bank. But the riding was very rough; its what you get with low-maintenance, privatised railways and badly maintained locos. Both of the idiots fell off the footplate. And then the loco was over the top and soon the train was hurtling downhill....... like at Lac Megantic..... Now nothing can stop it....

Nuclear war is not far off, after the American nuclear power station disaster, as inadvertently predicted in that 1980 novel, The Dorset Disaster. The Codes of Fate have repeated that warning of nuclear war again and again since 12.12.12 as inadvertently predicted in another inspired novel from 1979, Down to a Sunless Sea. Both authors just thought they were writing novels...... On 14.12.12 Adam Lanza was chosen to re-echo the imminence of The Dorset Disaster. Man has chosen most unwisely.

But Sekhmet, the Doomsday asteroid, is still in the wings. In computer terms, nuclear war will produce a Delete All for millions or perhaps billions. Sekhmet will completely reformat the drive. The dinosaurs were God’s first mistake: Creation 1.0. Man is his second mistake: Creation 2.0. When and where will 3.0 be? Only those who pass the Judgement are likely to discover that. They will be in a distinct minority.

As I said, everything is already known. The Creator of Space and Time is warning so strongly that the ‘Wise Men’ of today are anything but. And the women are, if anything, even worse.

15/07/2013 15:47:20.
Final Edit 15/07/2013 15:57:21.
Published to Codes of Fate (9:04pm 16/07/13)
Order of items changed round for better clarity and more images added.  {Put watch time} 11:11:11am 17th July 2013. 

Today the NZ Herald edition number is 45557  by coincidence the same number as the LM Jubilee New Brunswick.  It is Camilla Parker Bowles 66th birthday and the 96th birthday of the House of Windsor aka Saxe Coburg Gotha-Battenburg.  And it is 19 years since Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter.  Parker Bowles is the doomsday comet for the House of Windsor. It was her destiny.  The JESSICA codes now show that it is now World's End for Charles, his mistress and his mother.  That became very clear on 13th July, 2013, very much a 'Royal Destiny' day  certainly for Princes of Wales.

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