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Summarise parallels  13 - Blairs - prophecy re now Even date 1984 beginning




( And now in July, 2013, Edward Snowden - another actor on the stage - another Chosen One - his name fits so precisely in the threads of the  Codes of Fate - reveals the latest high tech version of the FLR9 - geostationary satellites, a brainchild of Arthur C Clark, no less and Prism......Google Facebook and even the Australians are all doing their bit to keep the NSA and the people who really matter, safe.  Big Brother really is watching you.... George Orwell - another inspired novel-1984 , predicted the future with a chilling accuracy back in 1948. Was it chance that Eric Blair, Orwell's real name, wrote with such insight into the times ushered in so smoothly by one Tony Blair.  Or were the ideas put into Orwell's mind by the Great Mind that knows the future with an absolute precision?  The only difference is that the clocks don't yet chime 13, apart from metaphorically.  For 'The time of 13 ' in the Codes of Fate, refers to the Second Coming, when the bells in the square toll for the End of Time.

Will Prism do any better than the FLR9?  Somehow I doubt it.    Evil may have succeeded in controlling the minds of men through so many clever ploys, but God holds the final ace.  Evil can only control men.  God alone can control the planets and the stars....and asteroids. 16:39  29th July, 2013.

What an irony!!  Snowden, the American whistleblower was forced to seek refuge in Russia, thanks to the cowardice and complicity of the Europeans, so clearly exhibited with the incident of the Bolivian Presidential plane.  And it comes just as the trial concludes of a Russian whistleblower, the 'evil' man who exposed a $230M dollar tax fraud by Putin's mates.  Unfortunately this criminal died in jail before his trial.  But the Russian political system does not let death stand in the way of justice.  The dreadful criminal was duly found guilty.  The problem was sentence.  Whatever sentence he was due had already been assigned by God.   Ras Putin can rest assured that his sentence will be far heavier, when the Spinner of the Years calls time on his particular mortal coil.  Now Snowden is trusting in the mercy of the man who has whistleblowers tortured.   Americans would never do that would they?  It goes against all their principles........ the interests of national security, of course.  You couldn't actually insert a sheet of paper to separate the 'principles' of Russia and America.  No wonder Putin talks of 'our American partners'..... in  what ..... spying.... and any other evil that suits 'national interests'?? ) Now back to Chicksands and prophecy ..... plus ca ca meme chose.  16:58:43 T= Alpha which is Omega- He Alpha )



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