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Why an Executive Summary?
Yesterday, as I worked on trying to simplify some of our websites before republishing them I realised one major reason why so few people spend long about various sites. It is not because what I say is wrong. It is because it all too complicated for them. I make the mistake of trying  to give too much of a complex story and adding elements of live updates, contemporaneous coincidences which authenticate so much of what I am trying to say.

Few people have the minds to even begin to grasp the complexity of it all. Even fewer care. There are so many demands on their valuable time and so many sites that are really entertaining when they are not busy with really important stuff like Angry Birds or Facebook status updates, let alone the ever constant summons from the Android which tends to control so many lives. Even worse, all there is to do on our sites is read - and think. There are no videos.

I have made the mistake of trying to explain too much. So here is an ‘Executive Summary. This used to be a brief statement at the start of my comprehensive technical reports on wastewater treatment for the people who paid for the reports but all too often, could not be bothered to read them properly. Generally, they just wanted my conclusions as to what the situation really was, or what they should do next. They did not care how I reached my conclusions Often they could not understand what I had said anyway. It was far too technical and they did not want to learn. They paid me to tell them. They found from experience that I told them the truth. That is why one senior manager said he preferred to employ me rather than a large firm of consultants. He knew he could trust me. I was never touting for more business for another arm of the company.

Anyway you cannot get away with lying in science and engineering.  Either you are right or wrong.  If you are incompetent you tend to get found out.  It is not like studying the arts and especially psychology, where one opinion is pretty much as good as another.  The truth tends to find you out.  If you get it wrong with an effluent treatment plant, the effluent turns to shit.  If  you get it wrong as an engineer the results can be even more spectacular, when the building falls down,  as the CTV building in Christchurch did on 22nd February, 2011.  Both the building  and the Christchurch City Council were tested by God during the earthquakes.  Both failed dismally, as the current Royal Commission of Enquiry  is proving.  Or the mine blows up as it did at Pike River or the plane crashes as did the Air New Zealand A320 Airbus.   Politicians, lawyers and businessmen can get away with lying for years.  Scientists and engineers have to work to rather higher standards, because in the end the truth comes out, sooner or later, one way or another; and it is usually sooner.  

Kipling got it spot on in  his 1925 poem, The Secret of the Machines.

....We are not built to comprehend a lie
We can neither love, nor pity, nor forgive
If you make a slip in handling us
You die.

Now I will try to summarise simply the results of 25 years work.  As in any science, the proof is in the experimental results.  Unfortunately, there are no mathematical theories to explain any of the phenomena I am about to discuss.  Man's understanding has not progressed that far.  I suspect it never will.  This is a purely empirical science.  I make observations and I draw conclusions.  To a very limited extent I have been able to make predictions.

There are a number of significant phenomena which have been experienced by many people in the world today, as indeed they have over millennia. The two principal phenomena are meaningful coincidence and communication from or an awareness of the spirits of the dead. These two topics are not as unrelated as they might seem. One scientist, the French astronomer Camille Flammarion noticed a connection back in 1899. He saw that there was a tendency for meaningful coincidences to occur particularly in connection with death-clustering if you like. But the atheists will still tell you its all just chance. In fact the situation in that respect today is virtually unchanged from what it was in 1899 in that respect. The ignorant under the guise of rationalism are still the opinion formers.

The atheist claims are simply self-serving, to promote their own narrow interests. The world has many such influential power groups. Anything will do to stop the truth coming out. It is just as it was with tobacco manufacturers and lung cancer statistics for decades. There was no correlation; it was not scientifically proven; any clustering was chance. The purveyors of that addictive poison, evil filth, are still at it now crying about the loss of intellectual property rights with plain packaging-anything to keep the profits rolling in; who cares about corpses rolling out all or the cost to so many health organisations around the world? Certainly not Mister Big Amiable Tobacco. Vested interests control all things, but only in thus world. There is another.

More evidence of that is to be seen in another less obvious phenomenon, that is the strange way that life sometimes imitate art. The most widely known example is Morgan Robertson’s 1898 novel Futility which in essence described the loss of the Titanic in 1912. The parallels between the novel and the sinking of the real ship 14 years later are quite astonishing. That example of ‘strange synchronicities’ was done to death in 2011 and 2012 by so many journalists around the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Many of them took information from a page I had put up in 2003, with no acknowledgement and no desire to look any further. Thanks to its Google ranking at the time, the number of visitors to light-eternal.com increased threefold during April 2012, but all most did was read our Titan and Titanic page. They did not really want to know about the many further examples of external inspiration revealed in our research over two decades, from Lockerbie to 9/11 to the massive earthquakes that crippled Christchurch and North East Japan. Then the sheep were hurried on by the media to the next ‘must see’ fad of the moment; site accesses fell right back during May 2012. Morgan Robertson's curiously prophetic insight is of course dismissed by the sceptics as lucky guesses. It is the only possible answer that can emerge from their sterile belief system.

But Morgan Robertson is just one of quite a number of authors. I been led to discover quite a few more over the past two decades. People have written novels which either have uncanny parallels with lives in the real world, viz Dan Brown's symbologist trilogy describing in retrospect our own lives and Arthur C Clarke's predicting the future for mankind in the form of very precise codes in a number of his novels. The codes are intentional in Brown's novels, but a lot deeper than even he realized. They were not intentional at all in the novels written by Arthur C Clarke, published in 1973 and 1993 nor in a book written by Bram Stoker, published in 1903. Such instances of prediction, even if unwittingly as in all these cases, for Brown too has curious elements of prophecy in Angels and Demons, suggest that the future is already known – at least to Someone.

The first direct proof of that precise knowledge of the future came for us with the Lockerbie air disaster during December 1988. Code 557 was emphasised to us 19 days in advance of the plane crash at Lockerbie 55° 7’N. But the proof of intelligent design only came with our cracking of the full chassis code on a car which I was offered by a local Scottish borders garage 19 days before Pan Am 103 hit the ground. That Montego estate car rolled of the Cowley production line in Oxford at the end of 1987. On it was encoded not only Lockerbie 55° 7’N, but also which plane would crash there, when and why.

That series of coincidences is at least as striking as the parallels between the Titan and the Titanic, but not a single journalist has ever written about it, not even the one on the Edinburgh Evening News with whom we were in discussions immediately before that disaster came.  He was quite intrigued with our experiences which linked to his own, on the occasion that he first flew on a Pan Am jumbo jet to the USA c1970. But he did not dare write about our experiences because it might offend too many people. After all there were 270 dead and some of them lived in Scotland.  So they all died in vain. Even worse their deaths were turned into a vendetta by Britain and particularly America ending in the blackmail of Libya.  But at least the relatives got $10M dollars each.  But their machinations couldn't save Pan Am, for so long an archetypal symbol of America - and that is an omen for the future. 

I got exactly the same response from NZ journalists after the crash of the Air New Zealand Airbus in 2008.  They are so sensitive, thoughtful and caring aren't they?  They don't want to cause offence.  After all people have died.....No they are just a lot of half-witted equally-scared two-legged sheep. 

You might think that chance should be wearing a little thin, for any but the most intellectually-challenged sceptics. But if it is not chance, it has to be design - and what is more design by Something that lies beyond time and space; for that Something would appear to have a detailed knowledge of both, apparently choosing to orchestrate both elements at will. Such an entity well fits with man's concepts of God at least in ages past, before the arrogance and ignorance of today.

Lab Assistants and Lab Assistants
But alongside a knowledge of the future comes the implication that if the future is already known, our destinies are already predetermined. That aspect has become a principal focus of my research in the past three years, ever since Jenny's death. I did not point my research in that direction. I am just the lab assistant. It is funny that that analogy comes to me as my first job was in Newcastle upon Tyne, at the Tyneside Joint Sewerage Board in February 1973 as a Lab Assistant, the lowest of the low. “We are not prepared to pay you for a research degree” they said “as it is not the research job.” Within a month they were proved wrong. They were completely bungling a research project but did not even realise it until I carried out an experiment the proved all the results that they had had to date were absolutely worthless. The brilliant success of their equipment was entirely an experimental artefact just like Haber’s extraction of gold from seawater to pay Germany's war debts.

My promotion was very rapid. The British then unlike the British today and New Zealanders today did not dislike and distrust competence. I was assistant chemist within six months, senior chemist within a year and head chemist three months later. I was then in charge of establishing a brand-new laboratory, appointing the staff, establishing analytical methods, specifying and purchasing new equipment, 16 months after had started at on the bottom rung of the ladder. But I was still at the level where competence mattered more than crawling. There was only one more level of management before I reached the real glass ceiling. I would reach that point by 1980. Now I can see it was all part of my destiny as was what was to come in 1984.

But that was all in the simple world of analytical chemistry, not a bad training ground for my later research in paraphysics, mind. Since, 1984, in this latter field, I have never really progressed beyond Lab Assistant. But perhaps that is because the chain of command is pretty short. My actions are directed by the Senior Demonstrator, who then leaves me to write up the experiment as best I can. I have rarely been able to do that before I find the next experiment is already in progress in the real world of space and time. We could barely keep up with things when Jenny was alive. She struggled to keep up with the typing-up of my writing and the editing of the books, especially in her last year as she struggled with her worsening terminal cancer.. It has been totally hopeless since she died, at least as far as getting much of the experimental material into the public arena. But perhaps it does not matter.  So few care anyway.  But God must have known it would be like this when he took Jenny back after 23 years.

The few things which I have published, the Airbus codes site, and other articles on the End Times Herald site, viz A Tale of Two Daniels, No More Earthquakes for Christchurch, and Japan Truly Apocalyptic are too long and too complex. In each case, as a scientist, I tried to explain the background which led up to each of these important parables for mankind in these latter days. They are all critical elements of the End Times codes.

So there you have the main elements of paraphysics
1. Meaningful coincidence which can give messages to us today
2. Communication from the spirits of the dead
3. Inspiration from an external Source that already knows the future
4. Destiny – At best we are actors on a stage
5. And the only thing which ties it altogether is La Place’s postulated supreme intelligence a.k.a. Arthur C Clarke's nightmare. (See Chapter 4 in his novel Hammer of God)

It seems very clear that God - Ra, Elohim or Ahura Mazda, different names which men, over the centuries have been inspired to give to the Source, orchestrates all these elements, according to His purposes. That Source chooses to guide us through meaningful coincidence or at least to make us wonder if there is more to reality than the material world of space and time. And He sends the spirits of the dead to communicate with us according to our needs, but subservient to His purposes. This is to give us evidence that death is not the end, that there is life beyond this world. The so-called rationalists of simply wrong.  The signs now occur at an ever-increasing rate and the interconnectedness of it all becomes too complex for the mind of man.

The Source inspires writers, musicians and artists as another element in the proof of His existence, both for our education and enjoyment. That inspiration has been largely lacking with musicians for the better part of a century, ditto hymn writers. But who needs tunes and lyrics when you have got a mind-deadening beat, especially when you are enjoying the ‘fruits of freedom’ ie drugs and drink?

There are clear signs of destiny and design in so many lives now in these Latter Days. It is as though God has chosen to increase dramatically the frequency and the amplitude of the phenomenon. Anders Breivik and James Holmes are just two of the latest. Are we back to Arthur Conan Doyle with both spiritualism and Sherlock Holmes? Would that be a case of “Elementary my dear Watson?” Sherlock Holmes had a penchant for cocaine too. So many in the modern world rely on drugs, of one kind or another, to bring excitement to pointless lives. Unfortunately the drugs do not sharpen their minds, quite the reverse.

A goodly number of Olympic athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games have also featured significantly as actors on the stage, over the past month, principally New Zealanders with a few British and two Egyptians. See New Zealand Gold

It is all more signs that everything is predestined.  We are being shown that more and more clearly in these Latter Days for man upon the Earth

24th August 2012




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