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The End of the Line for Prince Charles

..................Thus far and no further 

Our evidence for the reality of meaningful coincidence beats Jung's oft quoted experiences of synchronicity into a cocked hat. People insist on quoting his scarab story, almost in awe.  Yet Jung had barely begun to scratch the surface. ( Almost a year after I wrote that page (The Hermes Confirmation Codes), on 13th July, 2013 - a royal destiny day - ref Princes of Wales -1911 - I had my own 'Scarab coincidence'  The nearest insect you could find to a scarab  in NZ  suddenly appeared and landed beside me on the curtain beside my computer.  I was writing to Jessica Reed the Guardian sub-editor who commissioned the Meaningful Coincidence is a Myth article - 6th December, 2010. I was writing to her about the Lac Megantic rail disaster prophecy coincidences , But  then suddenly I got a rainbow as well in the window beside the curtain.  Using insects or signs in the heavens, it makes no odds to the Creator of space and time.  What's more it was mid-winter.  There are almost no insects around.  It was as though it was intended to say to Reed "You are all wrong" - Correcting 404 errors- missing image files - hermes2 and hermes3 gifs - computer error in original copy-over -now recurrent theme - Note added 26/7/13 - a different Prince of Wales Destiny date- 1958.  What is more this morning I wrote about all  the coincidences and threads of fate of recent days, connecting the 'new prince', the spirit of  Princess Diana and spiritualist seances to the End of the World and specifically - The Hermes Fall.  I am caused to glance at my computer clock - It shows 1742 - 1742 a carriage on the World's End Train Set which has at the end the old motorman car 1746- Culloden- the End for another t Bonnie Prince Charlie.   742 is another Armageddon Code - 26/7/13.  I bring up the DT box.  It shows 5:42:29.  Print screen gives 5:42:30.  Its too late... for the Prince of Wales.  Why the Prince of Wales?.  Because today is the 55th Anniversary of his being created Prince of Wales by his mother. -  Cardiff 1958.    After his 'marriage' , the the Codes of Fate revealed he had a new choice - abdication or death.  As ever, he couldn't make up his mind.  This code now confirms another JESSICA code at the Coronation Jubilee Party 11th July, 2013  626BS.  It's World's End time for Charles, his mistress and his mother.)

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6.11pm 26th July, 2013


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