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You can only tell the Saturday  edition of the New Zealand Herald is 45626 because Friday 4th October carries the printed number 45625 and Monday 7th 45627. But it is all destiny - in the coincidences - in the codes - in the numbers - in the ever-increasing complexity of the threads in the webs of fate. By coincidence 45626 is a Jubilee, an ex-LMS steam locomotive which used to run in England when I was a young train spotter in the late 1950s.

Down to a Sunless Sea
But the key code on Saturday 5th October of  45626 carried the sequence 626, a number sequence which has repeated again and again through 2013

 It is one of the two codes in David Graham's inspired novel Down To A Sunless Sea. He wrote that novel during 1978 and 1979 and it was published around February 1979. Flight Air Britain 626 is a Boeing 797 and it is the last flight out of a New York City which is even more anarchic than the city that exists today. In the novel, World War III had just begun as that last transatlantic flight left for London - also pretty anarchic - so very different to the London of today, of course. Overnight what is laughably call civilisation today disappears. More and more, as time has passed since 12.12.12, that book has been drawn to my attention repeatedly. I have come to the conclusion that David Graham was most definitely inspired. That novel needs to be added to a growing list of books where men and women were given elements of the future without their realising it.

After running out of options Flight AB 626 lands at the remains of Lajes AFB in the Azores on the morning of 7th October, 1985, the 615 souls on board representing most of what will soon be left of mankind. In a way that Boeing 797 is a kind of technological ark. So is it just chance than on the 7th October 2013 the New Zealand Herald edition number is 45627. That is 626+1-a code reference which I was first led to deduce via the first Christchurch earthquake in September 2010. I had puzzled for a day or two why that earthquake came 508 days after Jenny's death and not 507. After all 507 means Worlds End. I cracked the code 2 days later, on 6th September,2010. That was very much a destined day. I saw the light because of the mileage of my car when I arrived at Firestone Tyres to get a puncture repaired. 508 is too late. 507+1. It was too late for Christchurch and it is too late for man. The ‘Firestone’ - Sekhmet - the Doomsday comet - was already en route. (and I created this page out of The Inevitability of Nuclear War on 8th May, 2014.  I didn't set out to.  I was trying to improve one page and one thing  led to another.  In Us dating 8th May 2014 is 5:08:14

But now it seems that before Sekhmet  comes nuclear war. And there is the very same code again on 7th October 2013 in the edition number of the New Zealand Herald. 45626+1 It really is too late.....

But Don't forget the fourth Airbus crash was IY626 Yemenia and look at the disaster Saudi Arabia has created in Yemen 915th June 2018}

But this was just one of a recurring thread of 7th October links between 12th December 2012 and May, 2014

Code 508 It really is too late.  God has warned in vain, through a variety of messengers  over the course of  at least ten millenia.  And now we are at Boundary Road set between Gaylands Place and Snowden Place...back in 1979.  Everything is already recorded.



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The Codes of Fate site was first published on 10th March 2013 at 5:03pm but some of the pages were previously published on light-eternal.com.  After a complete re-design it was re-published on 15th October 2013. It remains only partially completed.  It should still  be enough to make thinking people wonder.  As for the rest.....

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