Disaster for Emirates Team NZ


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Disaster for Emirates Team NZ

Not long after I got home from Countdown on 4th October 2013, I watched the Prime early evening news at 5:30pm. There was the triumphant return of NZ’s heroic yachties, Emirates Team New Zealand who had so brilliantly snatched defeat from the very jaws of victory. Over some 10 days, they had gone from 8-1 up, when it was so obvious they were going to win the Americas Cup that the bookies stopped even taking bets to 8-8 for the final race on 26th September. And then in race 19, they finally went down 8-9. Why was that? It was meant to be a lesson for New Zealand in particular. Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) had sold its soul to the devil when it made the Faustian bargain to change its name from Team New Zealand in 2007. They have never won anything since.  But ETNZ is just a sad symbol for New Zealand itself, for the whole country has sold its soul to the devil in the guise of efficiency and profitability ie market forces. That evil doctrine has changed New Zealand from one of the most egalitarian countries in the world to one which has the greatest divergence between rich and poor in the developed world, all in the space of less than 20 years. New Zealanders truly are the world’s biggest losers.

But was there not an omen half way through.  Team NZ were on the point of winning when someone made a mistake.  The boat ended up at 44.8 degrees of listThat seemed a curiously precise number.  Nobody commented on it.  They said that at 45 degrees the boat would have gone over suffering the fate of Artemis in the trial period in may 2013...total destruction.  That team never took part in any races and one British sailor died in the capsize.   Odd i thought 44.8  code 448 means Knowing

After the coverage of the great homecoming and the National government’s new promise to throw more hard-earned taxpayers dollars into a rich man’s sport - good money after bad with a vengeance, came the finance figures, NZ stock exchange closing prices. Fletcher Building shares had climbed to $9.46.  It was a stunning echo of Perpignan - air disaster for New Zealand with all the overtones of Erebus and The Fates which comes straight back to the threads of fate of course.  Then the Fletcher Building shares were $5.57.)   And the newly 49% privatised Mighty River Power share price had fallen from $2.65 to $2.26. No killing there for greedy investors - is there any other kind?  946 means The Hammer of God and 226 is the code for Ra, Akhenaten and Ankhsoun's name for God. The first Christchurch earthquake was predicted by code 946 on 15th August, 2010, two weeks in advance of a totally unexpected disaster for Christchurch. Auckland has the unlikely prospect of a volcanic eruption. Wellington, like San Francisco or Los Angeles has the certainty of ‘The Big One’, a devastating earthquake, but only God knows when. But the 'city of the plains' was safe no known threats, or so the scientists imagined.  That's why the city council built whole suburbs on reclaimed land.  Developers made a killing.  Liquefaction turned those suburbs into hell on earth at least twice.  Now they have largely been abandoned - too expensive to fix.  Christchurch was safe the experts said.  The earth hadn’t moved under Christchurch for at least 16,000 years. But when it did move, on 4th September 2010, it was correct to the very day, 508 days after Jenny died and Ankhsoun died for the second time.

The Christchurch earthquake was the first Hammer of God for New Zealand. The America's Cup was a different kind of Hammer of God for New Zealand - a different kind of ‘air disaster’ you might say for a team that had sold its soul to the rich Arabs who own one of the world’s largest and most aggressive airlines.

And now I see The America's Cup - best of 17 !! Two days after the Grand opening hoo ha on 4th July in San Francisco had come a crash on the edge of San Francisco Bay.... Asiana 214, a South Korean Airline.  The plane came in too low and hit the airport harbour wall.  It was written off but miraculously only three people died. ejected from the damaged tail after it struck the wall. It was a Boeing 777, the first 777 accident involving fatalities.  But it was soon to be followed by two more MH370 vanished on 8th March 2014, never to been seen again....bit like the Eagle of the Ninth. 

Then on 17th July 2014 MH17 was shot down by a Russian missile...exactly as Korean Air007 had been in August 1983....MH17 is very much a 'Star of 17' somehow pointing to the importance of 17 in destiny and the End of the World

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