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All of our sites were deleted on 6th August 2012 in accordance with the wishes of the Voice. The Voice had been unusually insistent, saying very strongly { Delete All } .  The date that the Voice came and the time when the action was accomplished, proved to the second that what I hear comes from an independent external reality beyond my mind, indeed beyond time itself.  'Delete All'  describes in the language of the smart-phone/ iPad /Facebook/Twitter generation God's intentions towards mankind in a little over two years time from now.  Unfortunately, there are no Apps to link to the Voice of God.  You are on your own.  God has neither a Facebook account nor a Twitter account.  What is more, only God's creations are sensible to His voice, ie via the mind of man.. 

Why did the Voice choose 6th August to tell me to do this, suddenly out of the blue?   I realised the answer later that afternoon.  It was very neat.  The answer is because it is the anniversary of the date when the Americans first tried to play God, when an all-American hero pressed 'DELETE ALL' over the city of Hiroshima at  8.15am on the morning of 6th August 1945.  The Americans finally got the power of God but sadly without His wisdom.

Since then, I have been caused to revise the sites, trying to simplify them, and republish them in an effort to reduce their complexity, which is beyond the comprehension of most people anyway.  They are certainly beyond their attention span.  Few people bother to read much of what is written.  There are no videos to entertain  the lazy, the unthinking.  To get any enlightenment from our sites, you have to read and to think.  One young woman recently told me she had looked at my site but it was too hard to understand.  I asked what pages she had read.  She could not remember but she said she preferred videos anyway. Some people just steal my research and republish it as their own work, without acknowledgement. I have found very clear examples from our pages on Ankhsoun pa Artenn and   the Titan and the Titanic.  There are far too many immoral people, in the world, immoral in every way possible.  That is  one of the reasons why the End has finally come. Man has finally reached Boundary Road........thus far and no further.

I am still in the process of revising the sites but in the meantime I have published some new pages.

You can read the most recent updates here: , The Purpose of Anders Breivik  and The Aurora Shootings and the messages to be seen in New Zealand's unusually impressive Gold medal performance  in the London Olympics of 2012.  This is only a tiny fraction of the intricate web of destiny that has been woven over the past two months.  There is also a new Executive Summary to try to explain the interconnection between the various aspects of our work. A new book, The Cassandra Codes will soon be available with more detail of the latest updates...God's continuing warnings to mankind that the End draws ever closer.  But who cares?  Very few if any, that's for sure. 

After all, the NASA experts tell them that there is no need to worry.   NASA insists that the probability of an asteroid impact with the Earth is very low indeed.  But do not forget these are the same 'experts' who calculated that the probability of the total loss of a space shuttle was one in 100,000.  Of course that was before they lost, not just one, but two of them.  The actual risk turned out to be very close to one in 50.  I am pretty sure their accuracy will prove just as good as far as  their assessment of the risk of an asteroid impact on the Earth is concerned.  It needs just one asteroid to wipe out mankind, not two.  But there is a very significant error in their risk assessment calculations.  NASA's experts assume that such an unfortunate impact would be totally random.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The last two days have emphasised this to me  in an astonishingly precise way.   I just happened to put on the evening television news an hour ago to hear that Neil Armstrong had just died.  The moon landings were part of the 5577 code derived from the collision of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 asteroid/comet train with Jupiter in July 1994.  Code 5577 means heed or perish.  Man has singularly failed to heed...... so he is next.....6.58pm 26/11/12.

8th August 2012  16:51pm
Rev 10th August 2012 12:57pm
Rev 26th August, 2012 6.58pm


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The Codes of Fate site was first published on 10th March 2013 at 5:03pm but some of the pages were previously published on  After a complete re-design it was re-published on 15th October 2013. It remains only partially completed.  It should still  be enough to make thinking people wonder.  As for the rest.....

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