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Daniel Lado & Lion Rock

Daniel Lado was born on 25th August 1994 and he died on Palm Sunday, 28th March, 1010. I never met him but I had met his mother on 25th January, 2010. Jasmine was one of the main purposes behind my meeting Jan, I later came to realise. That is not her real name but as she was never named in the media at the time of Daniel's death I have chosen to respect her privacy. Jasmine is a common enough name in Egypt. She is an Egyptian woman, born in Aswan. The trip mileage on my car that night, outside her house, was 229.2. It happened to be just down the street from Zeus Place and Zeus of course was the king of the Greek gods. I puzzled at the time why my car mileage was not 2297, because I could see that it was intended to be clearly a link between Egypt and the end of the world. also present that night was an Iranian who called himself Sam. to begin with Sam and Jan chatted about their respective sons. Then suddenly out of the blue, Sam suddenly asked do you believe in 2012? He was referring of course to the disaster film and the suggestion that the world would end in 2012. After that we had a long discussion about prophecy, destiny, the existence of God and the deteriorating state of New Zealand society. I found that I had much more in common with this Moslem than I had with most New Zealanders. But I never thought to mention the trip mileage on my car standing just outside the window of the room in which we were speaking, the warning that the end of the world was really not far way.

After Daniel drowned at Piha, on Palm Sunday 2010, I suddenly understood that the mileage on my car had not been out by 0.5 at all. It had been absolutely precise, the way God intended it to be. It was another code repeat. It was just as it had been that night at Aswan ( The place of Jasmin's birth) in The Seven Stars Bazaar. That night, 15th June, 1990, I had picked up a travel guide that showed a picture of the great temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel. Below it the caption informed me that the rising sun shone directly down the 65 m length of the great temple, illuminating the high altar for just a few minutes on two days every year. That ray of light, the light of Ra, penetrated the inner gloom of the temple at exactly 5:58am. I puzzled to myself why was it 558 and not 557? Why was it out by one minute?

For Code 557 had been the first precise evidence for the existence of God, the existence of a Source that knows the future with absolutely incredible precision. Code 557 had been being used to predict the Lockerbie air disaster 19 days in advance. See Lockerbie and 557. Now 18 months later, in Egypt, here was a strange reference to 558. It turned out it was not out by one at all. It was the next code in the sequence, astonishingly clear proof of 'external' intelligent design and a precise knowledge of the future. The Lockerbie code could not really be satisfactorily explained as chance except by the narrow-minded intellectually-challenged sceptics. The Lockerbie disaster had come for the Christians just four days before Christmas in 1988. Now the Mecca tunnel disaster had came for the Muslims at the conclusion of the Hajj in July 1990. The inference that it was all somehow connected with God was almost inescapable , especially since the Mecca disaster came 558 days after Lockerbie, four days after our return from Egypt, a return that was timed precisely to the minute with the downfall of the Prince of Wales. Was it just chance that code 558 was also inextricably woven into the death of Princess Diana? It is not only the Egyptian Secret Service that murders people, but that coming assassination was known to God as early as 1991 when He chose to show me a several crucial signs. At the time I just did not put then together at the time. I was too busy commissioning sewage works in the Royal Duchy.

But that code 558 predicting the Mecca tunnel disaster shows that man's concept of time is totally inadequate. That code 558 implies that the builders of the great temple of Abu Simbel were also inspired by the same source 32 centuries before us. The Source new even then what one of the purposes of that temple would be. For the woman who is a key element in the End Times codes for man, the wife of Tutankhamun, had by then been dead already for the better part of 100 years. Mind you, her husband had already been rendered a non-person, already removed from the 'history books'. His name is not to be found on the King list in the temple of Abydos, the list commissioned by Ramesses II's father, Seti I. That list shows Ramesses as a young prince, beside his father. It is the first clear example in the history of mankind of the official rewriting of history by the victors at the time.


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