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The Celestine Prophecy - Film

By ‘coincidence’, or was it design, the film The Celestine Prophecy was shown on Maori TV on Saturday night  2nd March before that death in the forest.  I never knew the film existed until the title caught my eye under an illustration I could not really make out.  That was in the NZ Herald TV listings on Thursday 28th February.  I never bother to look what is on Maori TV.  Its not my culture.  But their schedulers were caused to pick this obscure 2006 cinema flop at just the right time.  The 1993 book did very well, 20M copies, the film, far too late, did very badly.  Neither TV1, TV2 or TV3 would ever have shown it because the advertisers wouldn't like a box-office flop.  And they control the programming for the unthinking masses, the advertisers prime target audience. After all, those who think tend not to go out and buy as instructed.  What advertiser is interested in them?  That is why there is almost no intelligent television broadcast in New Zealand today.  The  idea of public service broadcasting went out of the window with the election of the National  party in November, 2008.

That 2006 The film is a drama about nine insights into life, fairly closely following the 1993 book. It is intended to be a parable. After the first insight it tends to go sadly astray, getting lost in New Age garbage. There is some truth in Insight number 2, some in Insights 7 and 9 too, but it is the first insight that really matters: meaningful coincidences have a purpose and relate somehow to destiny. They are not chance; they are designed. I have proved that over the past 28 years. And it is strange how it is all linked now into the Pope’s abdication, (11th February, 2013) by 'chance' the first 'free-will abdication since Celestine V in 1294AD. The future is known with absolute precision by the Source of intelligence that lies beyond space and time.  The pope due to be elected by the Conclave later this month is the last one on Malachi's list.  Then comes the End of the World........

The Celestine Prophecy - Original Novel

Meaningful Coincidence is significant  - A good start but downhill all the way then.  Interesting ISBN


The Celestine Prophecy Railway Journey  Advent 2011

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Write up

Note added 6th May 2013 Founders day

Another Celestine Prophecy Journey - The South Auckland Mileposts

June 2013 - So Many Threads of Fate .......Nefertiti and Kara in Papakura, South Auckland...... Manurewa........The Mileposts on the Road to war .....Judgement on Death........The Rainbow.....Queer Marriage... See also The Hand of God in South Auckland Schools


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The Codes of Fate site was first published on 10th March 2013 at 5:03pm but some of the pages were previously published on light-eternal.com.  After a complete re-design it was re-published on 15th October 2013. It remains only partially completed.  It should still  be enough to make thinking people wonder.  As for the rest.....

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