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A New Zealand Echo of Bram Stoker's inspiration in The Jewel of Seven Stars

This page originally came out of The  Threads and Powers of 557 but was later expanded to elaborate on many connecting threads in the Codes of Fate

On 31st July, 2001, the final effluent flow-meter at Waikato By Products showed 557,000m3 just before 4pm.  (5:57:42pm 3rd August, 2013as I add in the section I had missed. .   ) Why is that significant?  Because it proves destiny and intelligent design over centuries. (5:58:43) In Bram Stoker' s inspired 1903 novel The Jewel of Seven Stars (6:00:13)........This morning I realised I had left out one of the c major 'Powers of 557'.  I come to reorganise this site at just the right time to start adding this missing power at 5:56pm  Now it is.....6:02:57- the times there indicate 'AO' , 'Second Coming', ' example re  Diagrams of Truth') .  Only this morning I wrote a long article about the meaningful coincidences woven over the past few days of 2013, around that important anniversary......... the Great Experiment takes place at 3am in Cornwall on 31st July, 1903 when Mr Trelawney at al. attempt to restore to life an ancient Egyptian Queen, dead for 37 centuries.  That novel is as much a foretelling of the future as was Morgan Robertson novel of Futility of 1898 the book which so accurately foretold the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.  In that 1903 novel, Bram Stoker predicted my future.  The only difference is that I alone was chosen to witness the bringing back to life of a real Egyptian Queen, Ankhsoun pa my Chelsea flat in 1986.  There were Egyptian artefacts around, but only copies and there was no chanting of spells or summoning of spirits. See Ankhsoun , Daughter of Ra.  

Her spirit  was just sent at the appointed time to the appointed place - sent by Ra, the Creator of space and time.  Ra was her name for God.  It all happened in my SW3 flat, just off Cheyne walk, an area associated with royalty in Tudoe  times (An interesting typo there.  I meant Tudor times of course but my time as Head Chemist was at Tudhoe Mill sewage works , Spennymoor 1974-77 - quite relevant to what comes later in this article re melamine)  In January 1986, I had bought my own flat and had moved from the World's End one in SW10 where my London experiences began in July 1985.  But Stoker's original ending for The Jewel of Seven Stars is closer to the truth of what is yet to come not the 'happy ending version' issued by his publishers shortly after Stoker died, just one week after the Titanic sank. And in that original edition Stoker had a whole chapter about spiritualism which was subsequently deleted from the 'happy ending' edition.  I comment on this point in particular because I spent a lot of my time at that World's End SW10 flat investigating Spiritualism.  I came to see with hindsight that it was clearly all part of God's plan.  Everything had been prepared even to getting the right ticket numbers when we flew Egyptair to Cairo in October, 1986. 

And the 'happy ending edition'  was the only version published for most of the next century.  But that wasn't Bram Stoker's inspiration any more than a 'happy ending' was Evan Wright's inspiration in Down to a Sunless Sea 76 years later.  The American publishers changed the US version a year after its English publication because yanks just have to have happi(er) endings.  There is no record of what Evan Wright thought of that.  I suspect he took a pretty dim view of it.  So the US version loses the last paragraph of the penultimate chapter and all of the final chapter.  But what do publishers understand of inspiration - bugger all.  What do they care about it ?  Ditto.  All they care about is sales.  Happy punters lead to better sales figures and bigger profits or so the theory goes.  The same thinking went into the heavy US censorship of another inspired novel The Hermes Fall.  .And by chance I read The Hermes Fall just weeks after I first read The Jewel of Seven Stars, both just weeks before 9/11.  I was meant to. They are all connected ion the threads of space and time

It is all other pages waiting to be typed, or other book chapters waiting to be produced.....are these the things of which Ankhsoun spoke in her story of 1986.....'that none may know, save one'.   But then who really cares about reality or truth, today, or a real God for that matter.  Where is the profit in God?  You can't move in 'Universities' for wretched courses in non-subjects like social studies, business studies, media studies, fashion or tourism, even luck!.   That's where the punters are and today's universities are like all the rest of today's big businesses, totally money driven.  All that matters in this world is profit and what greedy investors want.... and it is always more...more...more....ever more ... and for absolutely no effort on their part whatsoever, other than 'seeing the opportunity'  .....  Some years ago, a relative summed up the belief system of those people who so control today's world.  "I've worked hard for my money.  Now I expect my money to work hard for me."   You can bet a pound to penny that that quote came from one of her  'investment advisors' - far too sharp for a lawyer. .

As for priests of any hue, pastors,rabbis or the multitudinous 'clerics', they are all into rituals or sacrifices of one kind or another.  There is little sign any of them believes in a real God, not a comfortable and convenient human substitution, createdor adapted by man for man, for his comfort and convenience.

But however little the world at large cares, fresh threads have been woven in the past month around our local newspapers - The Papakura Courier for instance on 31st July had a photo of a student at  local school who is actually called Nefertiti.  She is named after Ankhsoun's mother from 33 centuries ago .......and the New Zealand Herald had as its front page headline for 31st July - The Hand of God in New Zealand Schools.  Wasn't Nefertiti just such an example of  the real 'The Hand of God' in New Zealand Schools?.  It was really an inspired headline.  It was meant to be.  The NZH piece was actually an article aimed at trying to eliminate religion from  New Zealand's schools, part of a campaign by vocal atheists.  Have they not done enough damage already?

..... And it was a woman  by the name of Kara who told me about this local  Nefertiti, who was in her son's class at school.  She had the title role in the school production of Cinderella.   I met Kara 'by chance' as I tried to delve into the Papakura's past regarding the South Auckland mileposts.... And the connection only came about through a connection in death - her husband and my wife-  Or was it chance at all?  Was it not just powerful proof of destiny?  Tjhe 'South Auckland mileposts' thread came from an earlier article in The Papakura Courier  - more human error and Code 626 - Down to a Sunless Sea.  And what role did Kara's son play in Cinderella?  Why he was The Courier of course.

And why is Kara significant?   In 1981 a film was made loosely based on The Jewel of Seven Stars.  It was called The Awakening .  It transposed Bram Stoker's to tale to modern day London and various major changes were made to the characters and the background.  Almost all of the beauty and ingenuity of Bram Stoker's story was lost.  Amongst the many changes was the name of the queen.  Tera became Kara.  ka Ra in Egyptian means 'the soul of Ra....'  By 'chance', on 31st July, 2013 the NZ Herald edition number was 45569.  On 1st August it was 45570 nd 45570 in the Codes of Fate is New Zealand.  It has been since 1948.  See The Thread of Coherence of 557  the.  The reasons are simple.  Its not 'out by one' as at first it seems. Note the 45570 link in the second power of 557 above - 5570. 

Note the same Waikato By Products connection in the preceding 'Powers of 557.  That linked to Mary Magdalen  Destiny and Easte  557,000 some four years later, linked to Ankhsoun. 

One final thing to think on:  The Waikato By Products flow meter had to be 557,000m3 on that date at that time in 2001.  In Bram Stokers's book Queen Tera is restored to life.  Seven weeks  after the flow meter read 557000 m3, the War of Terror began.... Think about it - Its the same sound -  Tera...... Terror.......And nuclear war is to come.... the final outcome from the War of Terror... The emphasis now on Down to a Sunless Sea is a chilling pointer to a terrible future for very, very many.

31st July and another Great Experiment ?

Social Engineering in China and New Zealand

And 31st July was when NZ's dairy giant Fonterra first became aware of the butulism botch -up, in a batch opf whey concentrate.  They had known for months there was a problem with that batch but nobody bothered much.  Its standard New Zealand - 'She'll be right'  ie Why worry? nobody else cares - why should I?  It'll probably work out ok.  And if it doesn't its never anybody's fault anyway.   Not that Fonterra were in any hurry to admit the devastating analytical results.... So there was no revelation in the NZH for 1st August in Edition 45570.  Instead the NZH got wind of the scandal and the story broke in edition 45572 on Saturday 3rd August.  What was the LMR Jubilee 45572 called?  Eire  a sound remarkably similar to error as in Font-erra perhaps? 

The Font-error was very significant for New Zealand's ever growing dairy exports to China of baby formula milk powder. I found myself wondering why there was this huge demand for infant formula in China.  Had Chinese women been genetically modified so they don't have breasts any more?  But the answer was not quite so extreme.  They had only been brainwashed by the Chinese politburo, ever concerned with its citizens welfare and of course their productivity.  So Chinese women were encouraged into believing that bottle feeding was best.  That way they got back to work sooner, for the benefit of the state and put a great demand on the rather fledgling Chinese dairy industry, which couldn't cope.  And then the market forces effect in China led to the melamine poison scandal, so neatly tied into the first Airbus crash, Fonterra being a key element in that code.. 

Well entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities aren't they?  If you thin down milk powder with an inert filler, you can make a bigger profit and who's to know?  People would never notice the odd 10 or 15% and that probably added 25 or 30% to the profits as the production costs are the same.  But the only snag came with the analysis results.  Some untrusting people did analysis for protein content and that revealed the scam. But a wily Chinese chemist came up with a cunning answer  - even outdoing kiwis for ingenuity.  Melamine is a cheap industrial chemical with a high nitrogen content.  If you added a carefully calculated amount to the 'doctored' milk, the standard Kjeldahl nitrogen test used to estimate protein content, boiling with caustic soda solution, couldn't tell the difference between the two different kinds of combined nitrogen and confirmed that the milk powder was fine....only it was wasn't.  For although the simple chemical analysis test couldn't tell the difference, the rather more sophisticated human kidney could certainly tell the difference between melamine and milk protein.  Tens of thousands of babies suffered kidney damage and a few even died.  One of the worst culprits was the Chinese dairy company Sanlu some 40% owned by Fonterra.  Naturally a few people were executed, Chinese justice style, but Fonterra emerged pretty well unscathed.

The result was that Chinese shoppers stopped trusting Chinese -made milk powder and demanded imported milk.....So it was all about social engineering and now NZ incompetence suggested their faith in imported milk was also misplaced.  The don't have these problems with breasts but they are so old-fashioned. 

And to cap it all, it  turned out there was no botulism there in the first place.  The NZ government- run labs got that bit wrong.  Well they couldn't actually analyse for botulism themselves so they sent the samples to Australia.  And they got the results wrong.  It took the Yanks to discover the truth.  Once again just as with Jenny's cervical smears New Zealand Labs weren't exactly the 'World Class' organisations they are made out to be.  Some companies suffered large commercial losses, because of product recalls but thank God not for Fomterra.  Egg on faces all round.  And it was so neatly woven into the Codes of Fate  31st July Great Experiment and 45570.  But was it another reference to the fact that the great New Zealand experiment of 'lightly -regulated'  market forces( ie no regulation at all - profit is the guiding light for all decisions) is nothing but a disaster? 

Mind Fonterra had been significant in the Codes of Fate  already, their melamine disaster time so closely tied in to the Perpignan Airbus Disaster and another very significant NZH article.  The Fonterra share price on 26th November 2008 closed at $5.57 just as did the Fletcher Building share price that very day.  It was the anniversary of the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb and the day Air New Zealand changed over ownership of its Airbus fleet between companies.   Code 557 predicts air disasters.   I saw that conjunction of 557s on the front page of the the business news of the NZ Herald at c1pm on 27th November.   The Air New Zrealand A320 Airbus crash came just 16 hours after at 4:46pm local time.  But was it intended to be evidence of destiny because by then the time in New Zealand was 4:46am on 28th November, the 29th Anniversary of Air New Zealand's only major disaster, the destruction of the sightseeing flight TE 901 on Mt Erebus.  257 people died. 

But there is another connection between Fonterra and Fletcher Building.  The latter company had not long before bought out the Formica company.  Formica is a plastic laminate made under heat and pressure.  The decorative surface is a melamine resin....  Its all chance of course.....or is it?  And where was Fonterra based in NZ.  They had a big factory here in Papakura, the centre of so many Threads of Fate

 Does it all serve a deeper purpose?  Is it all intended to make the relatively few people who still have minds use them the way God think... to wonder... not to blot out reality with drink or drugs or  be 'entertained' soaking up Hollywood crap or the mind-numbing , mind controlling rubbish that now goes under the name music.

3rd August 2013
Edited 11:50pm 16th October, 2013



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