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The Background to the Thread of 507

 I wrote the basis of these pages on 30th August, 2012, as an email to the partner of my medium friend Paul Edghill.  But I decided it was too long and never sent it.  There seemed no point.  Most people don't read long things.  So I just sent a short note. 

Diann's reply came on 31st August a key date in the Codes of fate, the anniversary of  Diana's murder also predicted in the codes of fate 14 days in advance.

But it struck me that the long email gave a good illustration of the way code 507 - the code meaning World's End  had emerged in our lives, long before we knew anything about codes.  It was there planned all along.  But the long draft email was a good basis for this article which I have expanded inadvertently on two different occasions.  I work on so many threads and always more keep emerging as the End draws closer.  I had only got as far as the 5th 507 before I stopped work that night or rather in the early hours of 31st July 2013 just after I remembered an eighth occurrence of 507 that very night and documented the live-update meaningful coincidences that thence flowed.  31st July was the date of the culmination of the Great Experiment in the inspired and prophetic 1903 book The Jewel of Seven Stars.

When I came to add this 507 page to the re-organised Code of Fate website on 14th October 2013, inadvertently,  I went back to an earlier version of this 507 thread page and re-did the fourth and 5th 507s afresh with a different emphasis but less detail.  But then I remembered another  507 which had to be slotted in as the 5th.  But then many more synchronous meaningful coincidences flowed around a railway painting the one linking 507 to 946 on 18th December 2011 and now on 15th October to 229, all codes for the End of the World.  15th October is the date of the first prophecy code cracking success by Professor John Koestler in the inspired and prophetic film 2009 Knowing.  Ironically my email to Diann began with a reference to how my 1st ever 507 was closely linked to the real scientist and novelist Arthur Koestler, a man with a deep interest in coincidence..... That's probably why the scriptwriters chose the name.  But they didn't choose any of the events that unfolded in the real world. 

So I have left both versions in of the later threads of 507.  They are different from The 4th 507.   The 30/31st July version of this page is at The Threads of 507-1 up to the end of the 3rd 507.  Then  The Threads of 507-2a goes on from the 4th 507 and  describes in more detail the events around my first meeting both Paul and another medium Rick Greer and ends up with the meaningful coincidences of 31st July.   The later version of 14/15th October 2013 The Threads of 507-2b also goes on from 4th 507 but expands much more on the connection of the 507 thread to the 946 thread and then ending with the 666 one.

Now finally after three other Code 507 threads linking to or begun by Paul, there recurs a fourth intricately linked within his body, Paul's problem with his newly-discovered toxic artificial hip, itself an illustration of how the medical system is not as smart as it likes to think.  Man's version of a hip is a poor replacement for God's original design.  And furthermore it is a reminder of how disgraceful is the Accident Compensation Scheme in New Zealand.  That organisation was set up with good intentions, to limit medical damages claims swallowing vast amounts of public health services funding as it now does in Britain.  And the huge damages principally benefit greedy lawyers, following the 'no-win - no-fee' system but a great pay day if they win.  It is something else which is highly toxic which has come out of the USA. But over time the ACC itself has become a monolithic organisation concerned solely with its own profitability using any excuse provided by its well-paid private specialists to avoid meeting valid claims.  And those injured are left to fight ACC  without any legal help at all.  Its not how it was intended to be.  But then neither is the world today.  It all about chasing profits, a key theme in the World's End times.

However as I was elaborating a little on the sixth occurrence of 507 with the British railway magazines I suddenly remembered a very important other 507 which came before what I had called the 5th... And out of my elaborating on that extra 507 came more very powerful live updates linking to today, 15th October, 2013, the date of the first successful prophecy in the film Knowing after the code cracking by Professor Koestler.  Everything I do is orchestrated, predestined.  That became clear again as I worked on this tonight,  But then so were Paul's actions, Rick's actions and Pam's actions.  The difference is that I am the only one who sees the whole picture.   Everyone else is far too busy with more important things.

You can read on to the thread of 507 part 1 covering the first major occurrence of Code 507 to the 3rd occurrence. 


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